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By Brendan Xan's Note: I added some screenshots. Some of this quotes are taken from UESP. Argonian Compendium Argonian Compendium
'Art' & Stuff › Darya's Blog 'Art' & Stuff › Darya's Blog Star Wars: Rebellion Two promo posters I did for the release of Star Wars: Rebellion, a script for a never-made TV show covering the beginning of the Rebel Alliance, written by Elder Scrolls developers Kurt Kuhlmann and Michael Kirkbride. You can read the script here. The top is composed primarily of scanned counters from the West End Games’ Star Warriors roleplaying game.
Cathartis' Modding Exploits In a strange flash of inspiration late one night, I decided to start creating my own mod, independant from TR. After playing the questline for Great House Redoran and building their stronghold, I felt it was a little bit uninteresting and insubstantial for such an ancient political faction. Messing around with the redoran and pycave pieces, I think the results are quite interesting, so I plan on building a largeish stronghold for the player in the ashlands. Once the actual exterior/interior/NPC modding is complete, I'll probably release it to the public on PES or TESNexus, and then if I'm feeling really daring, I will have a go at making it constructed in stages via quests, as is the case with the Great House faction strongholds. Cathartis' Modding Exploits
Scamp's Grotto Scamp's Grotto Oh my! Long time no see! Or no read, rather. Can you believe it? The mesa is back! The infamous monstrosity is returning in an ever so glorious manner!
Lord Andres Indoril's Manor.
Tes3Dialogue.TXT Tes3Dialogue.TXT About Document Formats Microsoft published the specs for XML file formats in 2003 and licensed them to competitors. Over the years there has been a push toward an open standards environment, and currently Open XML and Open Document Format (ODF) are at the forefront. The XML format is very much in favor because data in a file can be reused.
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Something for Nobody • View topic - [MW] Dissecting the 36 Lessons of Vivec Being blind the netchiman's wife wandered into a cave on her way to the domains of House Indoril. It so happened that this cave was a Dwemeri stronghold. The Dwemer spied the egg and captured the netchiman's wife. They bound her head to foot and brought her deep within the earth. Given the earlier mention of Azura's Coast, not to mention the Ashlands, it might seem confusing that the netchiman's wife could walk to the lands of the Indoril. At this point in the history of Morrowind, though, the Inner Sea had not yet formed, and Vvardenfell was still connected to the mainland. Something for Nobody • View topic - [MW] Dissecting the 36 Lessons of Vivec
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17 Jan Nago Even I have interest towards the roleplay possibilities TESO would have (Because other characters aren't limited by AI) I'm not sure if I'm going to try it. Dark Creations Modding Community Forums Dark Creations Modding Community Forums
Elder Scrolls Forum: Mnemoli's Gate, The Hurling Disk Elder Scrolls Forum: Mnemoli's Gate, The Hurling Disk Hmmm, I feel like a babe amongst the giants by posting this but, here is my working attempt at a Formal Research Fellowship. Mnemoli’s Gate, The Hurling Disk: A study of the Hurling Disk as a state of the model of the universe that is The Wheel and its various aspects. [A Research Fellowship for the Theoretical Whirling School of Vivec by Solin] What is the Hurling Disk? “Like many things they cannot explain, the middle dawn is merely another excuse to declare good omens and portents, but unto you it should be known as the Hurling Disk, numbered seventeen…” (Excerpts from the Book of Hours v. 6 , Vivec)
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The Elder Scrolls The Elder Scrolls The Elder Scrolls is a series of action role-playing open world fantasy video games primarily developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The series is known for their elaborate and richly-detailed open worlds and its focus on free-form gameplay. Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim all won multiple Game of the Year awards from various outlets. Development history[edit]
Posted: July 26, 2012 [On PcpowerPlay.com.au] by: Jamie Dalzell 'Those watching on from the docks scream out, “All you’re good for is Slaughterfish food!” while I jump from Tel Mora’s pier. But their cries can’t hold me back. Planet Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Guides, Mods, Files, Wiki and News
Arkngthunch-Sturdumz Expansion
Tel Sturdumz Enter a brand new Telvanni Stronghold unknown to the coasts of Azura, unscoured by the ashy winds of Molag Amur, free of the winds of blight. Enter a tower poised on the edges of Vvardenfell, a tower whose roots are lapped by the Inner Sea. Set yourself in opposition and counterbalance to Master Aryon and Tel Vos in the east. Take up residence in the labyrinthine passageways of a giant mushroom and an ancient ruin. Enter Tel Sturdumz, the tower of the west.
----------continued----------- return endif " If you remove the 'else return', then the rest of the script appears to execute normally. I've only just started playing with this mod, so can't promise that removing the 'else return' doesn't upset other things, but I think it's safe (rusty morrowind modder here!) To locate the script, I went through the silly steps of finding the 'Gnisis, Arvs-Drelen' interior cell, double-clicking the centurion, and then clicking the '...' button next to the 'scripts' dropdown. Mechanized Minions
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