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The Epithalamium of Arimatha - Elder Scrolls Lore. Goodbye, Unknown.

The Epithalamium of Arimatha - Elder Scrolls Lore

Thendr blazes against the black; 17th degree, 33rd azimuth. Mhara weeps across the waves; 0th degree, 2nd azimuth. Nirn inflects negatives beneath me, and Magnus inverts dilation. I look out from the ports of Vogram, from Vogram the port of all your unknown conception, and I write a goodbye you will never read. This is the night we wed, Unknown. For most of my endurance, I thought that this abstract would be a joyous thing.

As I will now. But now - now I go different. I have never been as dissatisfied as I am in this moment; I have never been as real as I am in this moment. Tomorrow the incompatible will be combined. But you will never know me, Unknown. Khurakhem Arimatha Kthumach Salutations to the Unknown from Jhunal's seventh degree (33rd azimuth), Akhat's thirteenth degree (729th azimuth), and Mhara's initial degree(0th azimuth). Obviously, effectiveness requires that I establish myself in your mind, Unknown. Arimatha Kthumach. Tsirelsyn's Bound - Elder Scrolls Lore. A letter written in uncertainty.

Tsirelsyn's Bound - Elder Scrolls Lore

(Foundational document of old-as-earth Altmeri edaphological philothea, submitted in tribute to all you sundered lovers out there. We feel ya.) Dear love, The dawn is beautiful, is it not? The horizon. I wanted to write this letter because I have something to share with you. There’s no guarantee that I can. I see your skeptical eyebrow, my Mother, and raise you a confession: my vehemence is little more than a mask for my heart’s niggling seed of self-identity with the things I denounce.

It may seem strange. So often we live in dreams. But not all the world remembers its tragedy. But I have tried that, and found it impossible. DECRETAL DEHISCENT - Elder Scrolls Lore. Oh look, what's this?


Funny what you find lying around your room when you're (not) studying for finals. ; Being the Crux! Kernel! Crack! And Echoing! ; transcribed from the Skirl! ; herein confined to Clauses! [1:0-6] ; “Liberty is a lie. . [1:12-18] ; “Being is thus blameless. . [3:5-9] ; “Such is sourced in the sister-concept of Liberty: AMBER! [7:1-6] ; “Now to injunction: kill the Cause of causes. . [7:15-19] ; “Therefore forego your cess-scalpels and crescent wrack-racks and go unto the Law. . [7:23-28] ; “You must be the hypocrites of history. . [7:33-36] ; “Especial attention owe to Man, for His is the cross-purposed potential. The Chandler. (2/19/12) Commentary: As of today, this is finished (except for the little bitty epilogue), so I thought I might write a bit about what I was trying to do here.

The Chandler

This story began in my biochemistry class, interestingly enough; we were talking about lipids, and it struck me that some of that stuff begged to be used in fantasy narrative. After kicking around a few plot ideas, I opened up the CS and took a look at Vos. And I noticed something interesting - there's an Ashlander Wise Woman just out and out living in Vos in 3E 427. I mean, what? She doesn't even have any unique dialogue or by the by explanations, she's just there, unashamed, living out her life in a house. And so it is my utmost hope that you enjoy, {*style:<b>Chapter XI </b>*} Vos was a town caught, like a scrib’s pale carapace in an alit’s acid slaked fangs. Of the year. But like the scrib’s chitinous exoskeleton, Vos was no comfortable morsel to have between one’s teeth. And Maissel did not usually think of the villagers. In Pedo Impedimenta.

Or In Soil Stymied Table of Contents Prologue Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII Chapter IX.

In Pedo Impedimenta

DECRETAL DEHISCENT - Elder Scrolls Lore. The Editorial Initiative. The Zeroth Directrix The heart of good writing is simple: Vocal Individuality.

The Editorial Initiative

You don't need to write like Michael Kirkbride; we have the man himself for that. All that aping his style does is rob your work of its own soul. Now, that's not to say that you can't take elements from his style or from the style of other authors and recombine them creatively; it's essentially inevitable, in this business. If something works, we use it. The Axis of Apocrypha We are here to expand upon Tamriel.

The Two-Hearted Dream of Creation Heart the First - ExplorationOur lore creations can be viewed as a method of exploring the world. Heart the Second - PurposeOne of the keys to producing an effective piece of lore-expansive writing is to have in mind exactly what it is you wish to create. Three Elements of Effective Inventive Terminology.