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Contact and connect. Blog it. Bookcrossing. Paper Trails- bookcrossing blog. 43 Things. Dooyoo? I am free, and have been free from my 'meds' for about..... 10 months and 2 weeks.


Yes I know I have written a review about it (see Pill Popper) but that was then and this is now..... My experience of depression, the basics are...... I got postnatal depression after having my baby, who will be 4 next Friday :) Nobody believed me, I honestly thought it was all in my head and I was going to have my child taken away from me. I suppose going on the 'meds' did help in a way, but that's when you are on it. DeviantART. The One Million Masterpiece. Post a live replay of this image on the web Use this code to paste a replay of this picture into any MySpace profile or comment.

The One Million Masterpiece

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