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The 10 lies ​about Black Friday's consumerist circle of hell. Ladies and gentlemen, we have started our descent.

The 10 lies ​about Black Friday's consumerist circle of hell

From now until closing time on Christmas Eve, we are destined to fall towards an existential abyss. Some of us are fated to experience an unpleasant altercation with another shopper on Black Friday over the last discounted PS4 in a warehouse on the North Circular. Others will be on our knees in Hamleys begging the assistant to check again in the storeroom to see if they have that on-trend Zoomer Chimp, a £119.99 plastic robotic ape that comes complete with voice command recognition and – please God, no – 100-plus tricks. And then, sometime around 10am on Christmas Day, our nation will be united by a warm fuzzy feeling. What’s that feeling called again? 8 Ways To Practice Mindfulness When You Have NO Time To Practice Mindfulness - FinerMinds.

I’m not going to lie to you: I am really, really stressed out right now.

8 Ways To Practice Mindfulness When You Have NO Time To Practice Mindfulness - FinerMinds

Like, I’m so stressed out that, if I don’t watch it, I might find myself close to tears, crying, “I can’t do it all!” Right in the middle of my day. You see, I am a mother of three young children. I live in a foreign country, with no family anywhere close to me. My husband is also gone during the week. Yep. All this juggling can sure leave a woman frazzled. If you’ve read my blog on mindfulness, you might be thinking, “How is it possible for you to be stressed out and frazzled if you practice mindfulness?” The thing is, mindfulness doesn’t take stress away, but rather it helps you accept it. Major Historical Events Illustrated With Their Date Numbers. Unique Beauty Of Freckled People Documented By Brock Elbank. Lond-based photographer Brock Elbank is on a journey to photograph 150 freckled people for his next exhibition in 2017.

Unique Beauty Of Freckled People Documented By Brock Elbank

He wants to celebrate beauty and, since mid-2015, he has succeeded with 90 striking portraits. Show Full Text. Artist Turns Shadows Of Everyday Objects Into Fun Illustrations (10+ Pics) Vincent Bal makes art with shadows, but as you can see, there's nothing dark about his playful doodles.

Artist Turns Shadows Of Everyday Objects Into Fun Illustrations (10+ Pics)

Show Full Text The Belgian artist and filmmaker has always enjoyed drawing, but last year he discovered a unique outlet for his skills. "While I was working on a new script last April, I noticed how my teacup made a nice shadow on a piece of paper," Vincent told Bored Panda. Erik Weihenmayer: The only way to climb Everest is to go do it. Your Kid's Willpower Can Make Or Break His Future. How to Go From a Nagging Parent to a Master Motivator - A Fine Parent. Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure. As constant travelers and parents of a 2-year-old, we sometimes fantasize about how much work we can do when one of us gets on a plane, undistracted by phones, friends, and Finding Nemo.

Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure

We race to get all our ground work done: packing, going through TSA, doing a last-minute work call, calling each other, then boarding the plane. Then, when we try to have that amazing work session in flight, we get nothing done. Fishtreeblog.tumblr. 11 Things Happy Teachers DON'T Do. We all have them.

11 Things Happy Teachers DON'T Do

You know what I am talking about. Those habits that hold us back from being the best teacher that we can be. I mean, there is not a single one of us who is perfect, however we do a lot of getting in our own way too. 10 Ways to Search Google for Information That 96% of People Don’t Know About. In our era of advanced technology and high-speed Internet connections, you can find information on virtually anything.

10 Ways to Search Google for Information That 96% of People Don’t Know About

In the space of just a few minutes, we can find recipes for the tastiest pie or learn all about the theory of wave-particle duality. But more often than not, we have to sift through a vast body of knowledge to get the information we need, and this can take hours rather than minutes. This is why Bright Side has put together a list of the most effective methods for searching Google to help you find the precious material you’re looking for in just a couple of clicks. 1.

Either this or that. Što se događa? Pola milijuna Japanaca ne želi izaći iz kuće - Društvo - Express. NEUROSCIENCE CONFIRMS: It's Unbelievable How Much The Subconscious Shapes Our Reality! Groundbreaking neuroscience confirms what Sigmund Freud first theorized: “what we believe to be the objective reality surrounding us is actually formed by our subconscious.”

NEUROSCIENCE CONFIRMS: It's Unbelievable How Much The Subconscious Shapes Our Reality!

David Eagleman, who wrote and filmed a 2015 PBS documentary on our “inner cosmos,” explains: “Neuroscience has drifted off a little bit from the directions that Freud was going in terms of the interpretations of whether your unconscious mind is sending you particular hidden signals and so on. But the idea that there’s this massive amount happening under the hood, that part was correct and so Freud really nailed that. And he lived before the blossoming of modern neuroscience, so he was able to do this just by outside observation and looking at how people acted.” Rick Mereki, Director/Producer, Reminds People Why Learning Is Beautiful [VIDEO]

Ideas for planning Small Group Instruction. Ideas for planning Small Group Instruction Small Group Instruction At this point in the year, many of us have gotten a sense of our students as writers, and we can begin to see common strengths and growth opportunities.

Ideas for planning Small Group Instruction

It’s a time when small group instruction becomes an effective tool for maximizing instruction since minutes are precious. Small group instruction is highly effective when a group of students will all benefit from instruction on a specific skill. Groups of 3 to 4 students can be formed based on common strengths or weaknesses as determined by student writing or some other form of assessment.

Students can be brought together while the rest of the class is working independently, and the teacher should be clear about the reason for bringing them together. Covjek je dužan da bude inteligentan (D. Lihacjev) - BebaMur. Moderna vremena. Teacher's Guide To Coping With Stress Is The Reading We All Need. 10 Tips for Surviving and Thriving Your First Year Teaching. Dear New Teachers, This blog post is for you.

10 Tips for Surviving and Thriving Your First Year Teaching

Ako želiš početi voljeti sebe, pročitaj ovaj tekst. 3 Things I Wish I Knew About Classroom Management. When I first started teaching, I was passionate and loved my subject area, but I was clueless when it came to classroom management. My teacher preparation program gave me no specific strategies, so I went into the classroom thinking that if I had a well-planned lesson, classroom management would take care of itself. I, like many teachers, learned about classroom management the hard way, through trial and error. Now, after ten years in the classroom and five years coaching teachers, I want to share three things I wish I had known. Babbel. 13 Common Sayings to Avoid. When I was a new teacher in middle school several centuries ago, I occasionally said things to students that I later regretted. In the last few years, I have witnessed or heard teachers say additional regretful things to students.

Recently I asked students in my graduate courses (all practicing teachers) if they ever told their students anything they regret. After hearing these regrets and talking with children about what teachers said that bothered them, I compiled a list of things that never should be said. I've narrowed my list to 13 representative items. Some of these are related to control issues, others to motivation, and still more to management. 1. 11 Habits of an Effective Teacher. Carrie Lam , Academic Director, Teacher & Workshop Leader, Canada Posted 07/05/2014 10:12AM | Last Commented 08/12/2016 7:57AM I really appreciate teachers who are truly passionate about teaching.

The teacher who wants to be an inspiration to others. The teacher who is happy with his/her job at all times. Stop! Don’t opt out. Read this first. – Wrench in the Gears. Schools in every state are buzzing this year with talk of “personalized” learning and 21st century assessments for kids as young as kindergarten. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and its innovative pilot programs are already changing the ways schools instruct and assess, in ways that are clearly harmful to our kids. Ed-tech companies, chambers of commerce, ALEC, neoliberal foundations, telecommunications companies, and the government are working diligently to turn our public schools into lean, efficient laboratories of data-driven, digital learning. In the near future, learning eco-systems of cyber education mixed with a smattering of community-based learning opportunities (ELOs) will “optimize” a child’s personal learning pathway to college and career readiness.

Opt out families are being set up as pawns in this fake “assessment reform” movement. 5 Communication Habits That Are Making You Look Nervous. I've already talked at length about various body language cues that could be undermining your confidence. And, it's true -- often, what we're not saying speaks even louder than our words. Škola 21. stoljeća: svako dijete je genij. DESIDERATA: Pored sve prljavštine i jadikovanja, svijet je divan. To End Victim Blaming, Artist Draws Illustrations Explaining Why It’s Wrong. Rude vs. Mean vs. Bullying: Defining the Differences. A few weeks ago, I had the terrific fortune of getting to present some of the bullying prevention work that I do to a group of children at a local bookstore.

As if interacting with smiling, exuberant young people was not gift enough, a reporter also attended the event a wrote a lovely article about my book and the work I do with kids, parents, educators and youth care professionals. All in all, it was dream publicity and since then, has sparked many conversations with people in my town who saw my photo in the newspaper and immediately related to the examples of bullying that were discussed. The Thinker Builder: Turning Around a Turn and Talk. 6 Opening and Closing Routines for New Teachers. Routines and consistency matter greatly and are necessary for creating a smooth learning environment in your classroom. Routines help with creating community, checking for understanding, and managing the classroom.

25 Best Psychology Books From Derren Brown You Must Read Before You Die. Every single person in the world is confident that what they see and hear is true. 12 Basic Life Skills Every Kid Should Know by High School. As parents, we love our kids so much we want to protect them, help them, and cultivate them into perfect, happy humans. Unfortunately, this overparenting has the opposite effect, leaving our kids unready for the world and life as adults.

3 Methods To Motivate the Unmotivated. Learning Models Archives - TeachThought. 5 Characteristics Of Project-Based Learning That Works - The Padagogy Wheel - It’s Not About The Apps, It’s About The Pedagogy - 9 Habits of Empathetic Children. Danish schools have figured out the best way to teach empathy Denmark teaching Klassen Tid class time — Quartz. Instead of Teaching Your Kids To "Be Nice," Teach Them This… - Dr. Shefali. VIDEO: Morala reagirati i policija: Pojava rijetkog Pokemona uzrokovala stampedo. Dr. Gabor Mate - When the Body Says No - Cost of Hidden Stress. STORYHIVE - I [heart] Bullies Project Page. 12 životnih lekcija čoveka koji je video 12.000 smrti. Zeigarnik efekat: Kako prevazići otpor prema novim navikama. Alinea d.o.o. - Poučavanje s mozgom na umu (Educa) Helping Students Start the School Year With a Positive Mindset.

This is Not Pretend: Teaching from the Inside Out. Why Teachers Say Practicing Mindfulness Is Transforming The Work. Yes, Differentiation Is Hard. So, Let's Get It Right. What Character Strengths Should Educators Focus On and How? How Memory, Focus and Good Teaching Can Work Together to Help Kids Learn.

6 Scaffolding Strategies to Use With Your Students. 7 Common Mind Traps That Affect Our Thinking – Learning Mind. What Keeps Students Motivated to Learn? 10 distinctive features of the Japanese education system that made this nation the envy of the world. TAJNE ODGOJA Poznati psiholog otkriva kako odgojiti samopouzdano dijete -Jutarnji List. Teaching Is a Skill in an Art Form. Ten ways to Ditch that Reading Log - Middle School Minds.

Ten ways to Ditch that Reading Log - Middle School Minds. How Reading Logs Can Ruin Kids' Pleasure for Books. What Doesn't Work: Literacy Practices We Should Abandon. Spavanje i učenje – tko tu koga uvjetuje? – Matrix World. 10 otrova koji šire zli “sitni” ljudi: Evo 10 protuotrova koje svi trebate! Teaching Children How to Think Instead of What to Think. The 7 Critical Elements Of A Great Book. The Role of Metacognition in Learning and Achievement.

When We Listen to Students. Give a Child the Gift of Science - Collections. Prometej. “Dokle god mislite da je za sve netko drugi kriv, puno ćete patiti.” – mudrosti Dalai Lame. Fini finski odgoj: Sretna djeca u školi punoj radosti i igre – u odjeći iz second hand shopa! Opraštam, ne zato što zaslužuješ oprost, već zato što ja zaslužujem mir. Karmen Jerković Yücel. Razlika između Svjesnog i Nesvjesnog shvaćanja sebe. C.G.Jung: Ne može se naučiti širenje pozitivne energije – ne može iz čovjeka izaći ono čega nema. Josif Brodski: "Izbjegavajte na svaki nacin da pripisujete sebi status žrtve" - Darovi Ljubavi. Osho: Srce je uvijek dijete, a razum je uvijek starac. Vérification de sécurité nécessaire. Ko je prvi počeo? – avanturejednedomacice. The Innovator's Success Formula: Lots of Courage and a Solid Plan. The 13 most innovative schools in the world. What School Is Like For Kids.

15 Timeless Life Lessons From Aristotle. 7 beliefs about teaching routines that will cause you to lose your mind. 7 beliefs about teaching routines that will cause you to lose your mind. Best Bird Training Videos. 5 Ways to Build a Bridge of Understanding - The Wellness Universe Blog. How to Become and Remain a Transformational Teacher. Kako znamo da je došlo vreme da zatražimo pomoć psihologa… Najava radionica za školarce: Učimo učiti - Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. What the Most Successful People Do in the Evening. 2 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Body Language [VIDEO] 2 Words Every Great Leader Says Constantly. The Secret to Staying Motivated Is Simpler Than You Think. 3 Daily Habits of Very Successful People.