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Frank Friedland

I, Frank Friedland, am the owner of DiningEdge Technology (DET). This company was founded in Boca Raton, Florida. See more at

Easy To Use Accounting System - Account Edge Software. Food Service & Beverage Industry Complete Software Solution. Software Solutions For FoodService & Beverage Industry Gain Competitive Advantage For Your Restaurant With tailored IT Solutions… DiningEdge Technology, USA, is a cloud based interactive platform to revolutionize and modernize the food service industry.

Food Service & Beverage Industry Complete Software Solution

Cloud Based Food Cost Accounting Software. Cloud based accounting software with inventory: A software that automatically connects to your bank accounts, to help save time in completing transactions.

Cloud Based Food Cost Accounting Software

A strong accounting foundation is a key ingredient for any successful restaurant or hospitality establishment/business. From inventory to POS to cash-flow, it’s like having to learn a new language but with DiningEdge’s food cost accounting software, Accounting Edge everything is simplified. Your cash is king. Bulk Ordering Is Now A Cakewalk With Order Edge. Benefits in Food Sector With Innovative IT Solutions Dining Edge Technology with its Internet based application suite that specializes in enhancing efficiency and helps fast track profit maximizing.

Bulk Ordering Is Now A Cakewalk With Order Edge

It helps to facilitate business owners to keep their fingers on the pulse of the business operations in real time with the competence of Cloud Based Food And Beverage Software. Dining Edge Technology’s order edge software provides an interactive platform to make bulk orders for food and beverages and connect with all the different purveyors without running from pillar to post or getting involved in the nitty-gritty of managing all back office orders. Robust menu analysis Software. The Most Robust Menu Engineering Management Software – Your ticket to help design the most complete and cost effective menu.

Robust menu analysis Software

In the Food & Beverage industry, the menu is akin to the face of the restaurant. Tasks such as menu analysis, nutrition analysis, menu engineering, and food costing can be headaches for many restaurant operators in this specific industry. Best Purchase Management Software by Dining Edge Technology. Web Based Purchase Order Software Simplifies PO Creation, Management and Tracking to help you earn big bucks… One of the most precious resources the restaurant and bar owners have is time.

Best Purchase Management Software by Dining Edge Technology

DiningEdge Technology’s Web Based Purchase Order Software Solution can help you save long hours by eliminating back house tasks like order placing, accepting deliveries, handling paper work, and chasing credits. DiningEdge Technology’s purchase order management software is an easy to use, secure cloud based purchase ordering system. DiningEdge Technology’s latest innovative Vendor Price Matching Software. Partner with an Advanced Vendor Management System to Elevate your cost Control strategies A restaurant or any catering business depends on 3 major factors, with each factor being equally important in contributing to its success.

DiningEdge Technology’s latest innovative Vendor Price Matching Software

First are customers, Second are operations, and the Third, and perhaps the most important are partners. When it comes to partners, Food service distributors are one of the most important partners for any restaurant, bar, club or any other business when it comes to purchasing food through purveyors. simplifies time intensive price comparison, so businesses can see true cost savings. Accounting Management Software. Accounting Management Software. Online Inventory Management. Keeping a real time or perpetual inventory is a key component in determining just how much profit is generated according to your food cost.

Online Inventory Management

How often do we walk our dry goods, freezers, kitchen ? Once a week? Once a month? Online Procurement Solutions. DiningEdge Technology (DET) is a user friendly internet-based software that has been developed for establishments that specialize in providing food and beverage for their patrons.

Online Procurement Solutions

It can be used in restaurants, bars, country clubs, catering , schools, Casino’s, Hotels and any other location where purchasing food is an operational task, from small to multi-unit chains. DET offers much more than a Purchasing platform, we offer you a complete suite and opportunities for your business. We will help you cut costs, control, streamline and organize your complete business, this we guarantee. DET is designed to assist in every aspect of the ordering process and much more, from planning to reporting across all departments involved.