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Interesting Countless New Features of iOS 10. iOS 10 brings in key enhancements to iOS 9 and it has transformed the way the device wakes up!

Interesting Countless New Features of iOS 10

Besides, Apple has created new dedicated apps to make the things easier. iOS 10 is Apple’s latest mobile operating software system for iPads and iPhones, announced in June 2016. Apple fans were excited about the launch of the iOS 10 which are loaded with exciting features. The public beta version is out and the software is ahead of its final release later in the year. With the release of iOS 10, iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices can run on iOS 10. iOS 10 provides a more responsible notification which look and work differently on the new operating system. Being the company’s very own chat app, iMessage comes with rich features. The Photos App on iOS 10 has facial recognition. Maps get a new design on iOS 10, as it looks simpler and cleaner and the controls are easy to access.

Apple’s latest release gives the option to remove Native app icons. Google will start pushing Android notifications when new devices are added to your account. Working on handheld devices made easier with Android's Docs and Sheets add-ons. Tech giant Google has launched new features for Android Sheets and Docs, enabling users to work more conveniently on their hand-held devices.

Working on handheld devices made easier with Android's Docs and Sheets add-ons

The new add-ons are available on Google Play store, where they can be easily downloaded, or directly used within the Docs and Sheets apps. Why Coding can be a Plus for UI & Web Design Professionals. For a very long time now, the core requirements to become a user interface and web design professional has been tangible skills such as mastery of Photoshop skills or being a hardcore jQuery expert.

Why Coding can be a Plus for UI & Web Design Professionals

However, the market is changing, and web design is becoming more and more like web development. To become a successful UI or web design professional, one needs to have more than just the right equipment or an impressive grasp of the design aspect of development. Coding is one of the most important skills for building a professional repertoire today.

Here are ten reasons why every designer should learn to code. Trending Stories of Mobile App Development: How Google's AMP Technology would benefit Mobile publishers? Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages technology would create more opportunities for product developers in the mobile segment.

Trending Stories of Mobile App Development: How Google's AMP Technology would benefit Mobile publishers?

Every mobile publisher would need revenue in order to sustain the business. AMP technology would improve it further. It is important to have such kind of technology because users are least interested about ads while accessing content via their mobile devices. The presence of AMP technology is only to make sure that ads doesn't take much time to load. The other lay-man's term of AMP is that, every website needs to be well optimized and responsive. It is every product developer's dream to make sure that his or her product is second to google. Publishers needs to take AMP technology as the first step in providing better service to the end users, despite knowing the fact that users are least interested about the ads being placed.

Trending Stories of Mobile App Development: Are Internet companies stashed with liquidity like Rocket Internet? The recent interview by WSJ (The Wall Street Journal) with Oliver Samwer of Rocket Internet has clearly shown the real picture of Tech and Product developers in the Internet space.

Trending Stories of Mobile App Development: Are Internet companies stashed with liquidity like Rocket Internet?

Very few internet companies have the means of coming up with the product or a business concept that can take it to the next level. I don't know whether copying a business model would be the right idea or not. Trending Stories of Mobile App Development: Are Technology companies supporting Progressive Web Applications? Progressive Web Applications are good as long as developers don't depend on them for revenue generation.

Trending Stories of Mobile App Development: Are Technology companies supporting Progressive Web Applications?

What makes iOS apps to set apart from other mobile apps? An app can play and perform over a variety of devices that can be a laptop, a desktop, an android enabled mobile phone, an iPad or an iPhone.

What makes iOS apps to set apart from other mobile apps?

So, the great challenge is building it for working on all platforms. The best idea is to start building an app for one platform. When there is a choice of building an app in a platform, there are two main entries in mobile app category that occupy around 90% of the market share for app (IDC, 2014) development. One being iOS and the other is Android. Building your idea to turn into an app for commercial purpose is equivalent to one of the ways to build your business and establish it in accordance to its market. iOS market share dominates android market share for app developers as iOS has a bit of edge in the market and the corresponding users.

Top Reasons why you should stop looking for VC funding. Venture Capital funds give a wealthy investor the chance to invest in a company’s startup stages with a long term growth perspective, as startup companies have potential of explosive growth.

Top Reasons why you should stop looking for VC funding

These investments are capable of high gain and returns but they are also associated with high risk as liquidity is very less. Since it is a ball game of high stakes, the investors or Venture Capitalists (VC) have the power to influence major decisions of the companies as their capital is at stake. In the past three decades, lots of companies especially in the Information Technology have evolved with VC funding. United States is the creator and leader of the Venture Capital industry and Silicon Valley bring the hub. The Venture Capital Industry has gained traction in the past few years with explosive growth in E-Commerce. During this age of startup companies, it is extremely important that idea needs to become a reality at the earliest. Venture Capital funding comes with lot of riders.

Trending Stories of Mobile App Development: Is Google the right platform for enterprise? Coming to this answer whether Google is the right platform for enterprise or not, let us first have a look at the trend of technology adoption.

Trending Stories of Mobile App Development: Is Google the right platform for enterprise?

Adoption of technology by the enterprise has been slow in comparison to the adoption made by the end users. The presence of third-party networking websites and mobile apps like foursquare, biznik, cofoundr, founderdating etc has helped entrepreneurs and enterprises to be more educated about the importance of technology. Indirectly, Google has helped a lot. Is the IT sector saturated with enterprise applications? An Enterprise Application (EA) is a big business application.

Is the IT sector saturated with enterprise applications?

In today’s corporate world enterprise applications are complex, distributed and mission critical applications running on various platforms across the corporate networks, intranets or internet. These enterprise applications satisfy the business requirements of large companies and not of small groups or individuals. Large companies would include corporate, schools or governments. Trending Stories of Mobile App Development: Is it wrong for Apple to take a 30% cut on in-app purchases?

The recent war of words between Spotify and Apple music has finally reached the public. iOS development companies and Android App Developers needs to be aware of the guidelines of different platforms namely, Google Playstore and App Store. After going through certain details; a 30% cut on every subscription or in-app purchase, is a reasonable amount for better quality service. This cut is being done not just for spotify or other live music streaming apps, but for other apps belonging to different categories.

What are the reasons of a 30% cut on every in-app purchase? Overhead cost of the platform maintenanceQuality content discovery within the app storeEnhancing user experience. Trending Stories of Mobile App Development: The Right Platform for UI Designers! The presence of photo sharing app like instagram, has encouraged many youngsters to take UI design as their career. Instagram is a wonderful platform where users share not just their photographs but anything and everything related to UI design. Apps like Pinterest, also functions like Instagram but can't be compared.

In other words, Instagram has become a tool built for those who would like to share info in the form of visuals or infographics. These are the latest means of communication. With the advance of technology, graphic design has become more accessible and there are other platforms where one can showcase his or her work. Besides Tumblr, a content sharing site; is the right platform for creative persons to showcase their work. Lima - Build your personal Cloud in seconds.

Unlimited, Automatic Backup for Your Computer and Phone - Pogoplug. Learn HTML5, CSS3, Javascript - video style tutorials. Your Online Code Lab. Your Online Code Lab. Trending Stories of Mobile App Development: How Android App developers should approach product development? Before we provide certain guidelines to the developers, let us analyze the actual scenarios of Android App Development:- The launch of different kinds of devices and 170 plus number of android phones in the market has made android app development a challenge for many Android App Developers. The features differs from device to device. The keyboard forms, screen size, camera buttons, etc is something that needs to be taken into consideration.

Unlike an iPhone, where Apple set its own guidelines which are universally applicable in all devices having an iOS platform. Software fragmentation is one of the challenges where by upgrades are happening a lot in the android platform. Trending Stories of Mobile App Development: Challenges faced by iOS Development Companies. iOS Development Companies are facing shortage of UI designers and UX developers who understands the true meaning of user experience.

Apple doesn't compromise on user experience, and every app being developed by iOS developers goes through a screening process. If an iOS app fails to provide better UX, it would never make it to the app store. There are certain guidelines in which iOS development companies are aware of. Trending Stories of Mobile App Development: Hire A Mobile App Development Company! Hiring a mobile app development company is one of the most economical way of starting a venture in Technology business. It is not viable to hire a team of UX developers and UI designers to start your work on product development. The reason is because your concept needs to be tested in the market despite a thorough primary market research being done from your end, irrespective of the product being a market-fit or not. Trending Stories of Mobile App Development: Chemistry of Colors in UI Design for Android App Development.

Trending Stories of Mobile App Development: The Right iOS Apps in Food Tech-Startups. Many iOS development companies have diversified their work. In a dynamic internet business environment, where everyone wants to access the best content in a single tab; everyone would like to come up with the right solution and the best solution for all users irrespective of the age group. Besides food-delivery apps, restaurant booking apps like Table Grabber and many others have ventured but some failed to capitalize on the market. The reason might be uncountable. How to Retain your Clients by Developing a Thoughtful Mobile App. Use of iBeacons in Retail and Education. Apple’s latest invention, the iBeacon technology is redefining many sectors and education and retail are no different. iBeacon are basically low cost, low powered signal transmitting devices which are essentially GPS for indoors.

10 Things to Consider When Developing Your Mobile Web Design Strategy. When designing a mobile website, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. Role of Smartphone Applications in Education. We have seen that children these days are very comfortable with electronic gadgets. Some of us may have already experienced a 14 year old teaching us how to score big on an iPhone game or how to operate a particular app on a smartphone. The need to use these gadgets and equipment’s in teaching is evident from such examples. It is an accepted fact that children learn quickly through games and good sporting activities. Now a days App Store and Play Store on smart phones are the way to go for. There are thousands of applications out there to help teachers and students both. Modern Day Education through Apps Normally teachers are good at creating, organizing and conducting educational activities.

Using apps for learning and teaching reduces paper usage and it is cost effective as well. Apps for School Management School management face different kinds of tasks every day. 5 Amazing hidden accessibility settings for Android users. The 7 Best Ingredients of a Perfect Android Mobile App.

Eight apps to learn Swedish. Nio appar för att lära sig svenskaPinned: 23 Feb 2015 Sfichatt: ett nytt och annorlunda lärarrum! Flash card apps: All 148 apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Notegraphy. 21 FREE Android Apps For Teachers. First Day of School Activities for Big Kids. Every time I mentioned Back to School on my Facebook page at least one person mentions that it can't possibly be time yet!

I know, I know! It's much too soon...but the fact is that it's coming. In fact, a district a few miles away from me starts school THIS FRIDAY! Throughout the summer, I have been compiling some brilliant first day of school activities from around the blogosphere. I always feel like I hear about the great activities too late--it's either a day or two before school starts or I hear about them AFTER school starts. I highly encourage you to click on each picture or the link below the picture to visit the blog post with more details! She's crafty: Get to know you games. Back To School "Rules" Game by Teaching 4 Real. Back to School Printables. All About Me Worksheet. 15 iOS 8 Tips Every Apple Fan Should Know. Useful Android App Development Tips & Tricks - Keyideas Infotech.

iPhone & Android developer directory. Where Technology meets Art. GNOME 3 - Made of Easy. Your iPhone Parking App! Dimensions — The Sonic Adventure Game From The Makers of Inception The App. Create Mobile Apps. Free stock photos. Pieces of Bad Advice You Should Ignore for Your Mobile App to Succeed. The preferred Enterprise Web Application using Cloud Apps. The 5 Must-Have Utility Mobile Apps for Enterprises & SMBs. 3 Steps to Creating an Awesome Virtual Museum in Class. The Power of Creativity: How Game Design Changes the Way We Think - Brian Waniewski - Life. Is the IT sector saturated with enterprise applications? Trends that Dominate the Mobile App Development Industry. How accurate are the Health Technology mobile apps?

Web Application Development Structures and Standards. What are successful offshore custom software development Processes? Apple iBeacon iOS Retail Apps – Brimming With Potential. Develop your very first iOS iPhone App. Mobile App Development Tips for Developers & Starters. Basic Information on Smartphone & Mobile Apps Development.