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Itunes Plus Music. 80 sitios para descargar y escuchar música totalmente gratis y legal. En muchos países, la descarga de música de manera ilegal es castigada con muchos años de prisión.

80 sitios para descargar y escuchar música totalmente gratis y legal

En Japón la pena es de dos años pero en Reino Unido aumenta hasta diez años. Algunas personas han recibido hasta 25 años por descargar series, películas y música, otros se limitan a cerrar sus sitios de Internet para que nada les ocurra, porque viven con el miedo constante de tener que ir a la cárcel. España ha cerrado webs que tienen enlaces con contenidos por los que no poseen derechos de autor. Francia, Reino Unido y Suecia persiguen incansablemente a artistas que intercambian archivos con Copyright y después intentan multarlos o desconectarlos totalmente de Internet. En Estados Unidos, una mujer tuvo que pagar una multa de 222 mil dólares por descargar canciones de manera ilegal, por violar la propiedad intelectual. Deezer Uno de los mejores servicios para encontrar música popular y con un centro de búsqueda bastante sencillo de utilizar. 8Tracks Groove Shark Loud Crowd Jam Legend Noise Trade. DISCOGRAFÍAS 320. How to improvise great solos on a guitar.

Before I go straight on to scales, I am going to tell you about how to get the right notes to fit a particular chord, and also the circle of 5ths.

How to improvise great solos on a guitar

If you know these, skip to step 2. Generally, The songs you will improvise too will follow a widely used chord progression pattern, which should stay the same for most of the tune or just for a section (chorus, verse, bridge etc.)I am going to give you notes that will fit into the particular chords. This will work with MOST styles of music, but not for others. You don't have to follow this, it is just to give you an Idea of what will fit.Note: the following chords can be moved up or down, with the notes. you will have to compensate for the accidentals/key sharps/flats that are going to be added. Chord: cmaj (C major)notes that will fit: C, E,F,G,A,Bb. Circle of 5ths.Sounds complicated but actually isn't.

10 Essential Albums for Starting a Jazz Collection. If I’ve seen it once I’ve seen it a hundred times.

10 Essential Albums for Starting a Jazz Collection

Someone just getting into jazz ventures online looking for some music to start with, and is instantly inundated with about 500 different choices. Everyone has their own ideas about the best places to start a jazz music collection, and it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. I know because I was one of those neophytes. So as a public service to all you new jazz lovers out there, here’s one man’s list of recordings that are essential for any new jazz collection. This is not an attempt to chronicle the best jazz records ever. . #10. To start a jazz collection with any artist other than Satchmo would be foolishness. I know that this style and sound (usually referred to as Traditional Jazz) is not for everyone, but it’s critical to hear where the music started in order to appreciate where it went. And hey, you never know, you may love it for more than its prime historical value. Buy This Album! #9. Buy This Album! #8. Buy This Album! #7. The Nostalgia Machine. NME Music News, Reviews, Videos, Galleries, Tickets and Blogs. The Landfillharmonic. Unhear it - get that damn song out of your head! Music Reviews, Ratings, Charts, News. TuneIn: Listen to Online Radio, Music and Talk Stations. Free Music with Neverending Playlist.

Best Albums of the Year, Best Tracks of the Year, Best Albums of the Decade, Best New Music. It's been another spectacular year for music, but what were the highlights?

Best Albums of the Year, Best Tracks of the Year, Best Albums of the Decade, Best New Music

Here's our... As featured in the January New Music Issue of NME, here are the 20 acts we're... Stuck for ideas this Christmas? Got loads of people to buy for but lacking inspiration?... It's NME's favourite time of year, as we herald the dudes du jour.... Indispensables para Melómanos. Ibiza Radio : Sonica 95.2 : Internet Radio - Live Music Online : Cultura Sonica.