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Download Free Repeat Patterns. 36 Must Have Backgrounds and Patterns Resources for all Designers. Searching for that perfect background for your design can be pretty difficult, from these resources you can browse through 1000s upon 1000s of backgrounds and patterns.

36 Must Have Backgrounds and Patterns Resources for all Designers

Hopefully this will make your search that little bit easier, mind you with this number of resources it may make it harder. Happy browseing!!! Huge Magazine – Desktop Patterns and Tiles. Seamless Studio. [CG Textures] - Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop! Royalty Free Textures and Background Images - Image * After - currently 27037 free textures and images available. [CG Textures] - The worlds largest free texture site. Free Textures from TextureKing. Top 10 Sites To Download Free Photoshop Textures.

Textures are indispensable if you do any kind of design compositions.

Top 10 Sites To Download Free Photoshop Textures

Not only do they provide an environment or background that you can use in your designs, a skilled designer can use them to set the overall feel and mood of the composition as well. If you have a decent camera, you can mostly create the textures you want using a photo of the desired object and some Photoshop magic. Here are some sites you can look up to find free Photoshop textures in case you are feeling lazy or don’t have the appropriate resources to create your own textures. The sites are in no particular order. Texture Warehouse.