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It's Nice That. Reverse Image Search. PingMag : Art, Design, Life – from Japan | About Design and Making Things! If video games were pulp novels, they’d look like these » Lost At E Minor: For creative people. Colossal | An art, design, and visual culture blog. Graphic Design & Tech | Design Bolts. Design daily news. Collection. Design Inspiration. Graphic Design Trends. For many designers, the word 'trend' has a negative connotation, tarred with images of blind imitation of whatever's hot at any given time, rather than genuine innovation and independent creative thought.

Don't forget to read about the latest features in Photoshop CS6! So rather than serving you up seasonal, flash-in-the-pan trends that you'd frankly be a fool to follow, here we've provided an essential overview of 20 longer-lasting styles and movements that have genuine impact on creative professionals. Notable in 2012 is the trend for pared-back minimalism, which cuts through the noise with considered use of white space, clean type, bold, simple shapes and limited colour palettes, rather than ladling on special treatments and effects – and we've covered several applications of this here.

Likewise, the current consumer desire for authentic, unique products that give a sense of heritage rather than bland mass-production manifests itself in several smaller ways too. Back to basics. Design You Trust. World's Most Famous Social Inspiration. My Modern Metropolis. CreativeFan - Inspiration, Resources and Tutorials for Creative Professionals. The Dieline - DIY Doily Lamp. Ad-free print and graphic design inspiration. Business card, flyer, poster, logo and package designs. | Stationery STYLE.

DESIGN A EMPORTER - Timba Smits. Welcome. EverybodySHOUT | shout | Evolved creative collaboration to make ideas happen. Curiocity - Toutes les curiosités créatives. Design Gallery, Deals, Tutorials & Community | Design Shack. Creative Techniques for Graphic Designers. I am always looking for new creative techniques to help come up with ideas for graphic design and I have read several books on creativity. The only downside to some of these books is that they don’t always easily lend themselves to graphic design and are far better for coming up with product or business ideas. Worst still I have read one creativity book that in my opinion was complete B.S. which included the idea that if you raise your eyebrows it helps put you in a positive frame of mind and increases your flow of ideas (hands up who’s now raising their eyebrows – got any cool ideas yet?).

I decided to put together my own list, to share ideas of creative techniques that I have either used, or that I think will work to help stimulate graphic design ideas. It’s as much a check list for myself as well as for anyone else who is reading this post. 1. Brainstorm with Mindmaps (concept) This is the classic way of brainstorming that no doubt you will of heard of. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Illusion 360 - The World's most amazing Art, Design, Technology and Video. Inspiredology - Design inspiration lab. Reform & Revolution / R² Adobe Illustrator Group News. For those who love whisky. As part of their design of a new 'experience space' in Shanghai for whisky brand Johnnie Walker, creative agency LOVE created a series of commemorative edition bottles, referencing the Chinese decorative style of blue and white porcelain...

In LOVE's first project for Diageo Asia, the Manchester-based agency worked with interior designers, Asylum, on the look of the Johnnie Walker House which is set to open in Shanghai. The four story house will be used to market Scottish whisky to Chinese consumers and tell the story of the brand's history through interactive installation made from materials used in the whisky-making process.

Other features of the House include a copper sculpture of the distillery process (below); various illustrations by the TOY agency made in the material; typography etched into oak floors; and even a "peat wall art feature", no less. Thanks for reading the CR Blog but if you're not also reading Creative Review in print, you're missing out. 28 Comments.