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Steve Fraschini — Art Director : Portfolio. Annie Atkins - Graphic Design for Filmmaking. Brand Redesign for Caffe Umbria. Yiannis Divolis Brand & Graphic Design - Yiannis divolis. The work of Steven Bonner. Corporate Communication — Delia by Design. Paul Mitchell Kelly - Art Direction and Design, Sydney. Simon villet. Radim Malinic Brand Nu - Art Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design & Web Design. Loren Klein - Graphic Design Portfolio - Print.

Almonds Packaging Picower Center A group at MIT that is devoted to research on the brain Convergence International Arts Festival Poster 24" x 35"

Loren Klein - Graphic Design Portfolio - Print

Freelance Graphic + Digital Designer. Siminki - Designer and front end web developer based in Manchester. Margarida Maltinha. Olly Moss. Designbum: Living Today's Tomorrows. Jonathan Zawada. Web Design Company + Mobile App Developers l Lounge Lizard. Janelle Flores Designs. Jirka. Print. Milton Glaser.

Drawing&sketch like

Minimal. Retro&vintage. Vector&pixel based. Branding. Dark. Danny Blackman // est. 1985. Dale Harris - Creative Branding & Graphic Design Bendigo Victoria Australia. Portfolio 2009 » 2008 Graphic Design Portfolio.