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Olfaction, Olfactory Art

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Auger Loizeau: Smell+ This project explores the human experiential potential of the sense of smell, applying contemporary scientific research in a range of domestic and social contexts.

Auger Loizeau: Smell+

The current low status of smell is a result of the revaluation of the senses by philosophers and scientists of the 18th and 19th centuries. Smell was considered lower order, primitive, savage and bestial. Smell is the one sense where control is lost, each intake of breath sends loaded air molecules over the receptors in the nose and in turn potentially gutteral, uncensored information to the brain. At the same time our bodies are emitting, loading the air around us and effecting others in ways we are only now starting to understand. loading... Smell control system description Diagnosis of illness by smell Dog smelling for cancerous cells Cooking calibration through smell Momentum has recently been gathering in smell related research.

Wellbeing This area is closely related to health but could be viewed as 1. 1. 1. 1. Olfaction: The Sense of Smell. Each olfactory neuron expresses only a single type of receptor.

Olfaction: The Sense of Smell

Some evidence: Gene probes for a single type of receptor bind to only 1 in a 1000 sensory neurons in a normal olfactory epithelium. However, rats made to express a single type of receptor in large numbers of their olfactory neurons responded much more vigorously to a single type of odorant than to any of the other 73 tested.

Scent-ography: a post-visual past time - Amy Radcliffe. Scent-ography: a post-visual past time & The MADELEINE...

Scent-ography: a post-visual past time - Amy Radcliffe

Click here to take survey A SPECULATIVE scenario for domestic odour capture and synthesis based on an existing technology - not a fully functioning service Scent-ography: A post-visual past time Our sense of smell is believed to have a direct link to our emotional memory. How to succeed with your MADELEINE... The Madeleine is, to all intents and purposes, an analogue odour camera.

Memento. Glass Petal Smoke: What Does Your Sense of Smell Mean to You? Many people feel self-conscious when it comes to talking about their sense of smell.

Glass Petal Smoke: What Does Your Sense of Smell Mean to You?

Though objectivity is highly valued in our culture the realm of the senses is subjective. There are no wrong answers when it comes to personal sensory impressions; feelings and emotions count. It's easy to understand this concept in principal, but until you experience it for yourself what you've just read is simply a notion. Glass Petal Smoke has designed a sensory questionnaire to help readers get more comfortable talking about their sense of taste and smell.

It is posted on Scribd and can be uploaded by clicking here. The beauty of the exercise is that you can take it as far as you like. Sensory Questionnaire Results for Michelle Krell Kydd, Editor of Glass Petal Smoke. 1. 2. My father was a weekend fisherman and developed a recipe for bait that was a magnet for carp. 3. Accademia - Lorenzo Villoresi - Made in Italy perfumes Florence.

Florence, the city of “Genius” par excellence and launch pad for a multitude of cultural innovations, will soon house a unique and extraordinary centre, the first of its kind, dedicated to the world of Perfume and Fragrances, as wished for by Lorenzo and Ludovica Villoresi.

Accademia - Lorenzo Villoresi - Made in Italy perfumes Florence

This “Museum of Scent” will make it possible to get close to this fascinating and sometimes mysterious world, via a journey through the senses which will stimulate our deepest emotions and bring them to the surface. In the ancient family Palace in Via de’ Bardi 12, born from the union of two pre-existing 15th century houses, Lorenzo Villoresi has created his very own “wunderkammer” - a highly accessible and inviting place, open to the world and all those who seek, through the senses, their own inner peace and tranquillity. Art Scents: Perfume, Design and Olfactory Art. Claims that perfumes are art have been made before, but a recent art museum exhibit of a dozen perfumes under the title ‘The Art of Scent’ has raised the issue with a new insistence, although with an absence of theoretical justification.

Art Scents: Perfume, Design and Olfactory Art

Part 1 of the paper develops an aesthetic case for perfume as an art form by answering Beardsley’s and Scruton’s arguments against odours (and implicitly perfumes) as the basis for aesthetic objects and works of art. Part 1 concludes that perfumes can in fact manifest the required structure, temporality, symbolism and expressivity for art status. Part 2, on the other hand, develops a contextualist case against perfumes as works of fine art by analyzing a typical contemporary art practice involving a perfume and arguing that, by contrast, typical perfumery practices lack crucial elements required to make perfume an art form and that perfume should be considered one of the design arts. 1. The Aesthetics of Smelly Art.pdf. 274 The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism the odor with a hand fan, one side of which was let- tered with the word ‘actual’ and the other side with the word ‘odor.’

The Aesthetics of Smelly Art.pdf

Ellsworth mingled with other mu- seum visitors and for continuous periods of time sat in the projection space of Token City. Most. "Smeller"-Maschine - Eine neue olfaktorische Kunst. Von Dörte Fiedler.

"Smeller"-Maschine - Eine neue olfaktorische Kunst

Olfaction - A Review. Olfaction - Page 1 General Physiology of Olfaction Trigeminal Sense in the Olfactory Epithelium Olfaction - Page 2.

Olfaction - A Review