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Dimensions is specialized in providing BIM solutions to architecture,engineering and construction industry across the globe.We offer outstanding BIM services throughout the project life cycle: including BIM Implementation,mep-clash-coordination-services.BIM Clash coordination services, Training, Content creation, Modeling, Coordination, Fabrication and Shop drawings, 4D Construction Scheduling, etc.

Indespensibility of Revit as a parametric modeling tool. The implementation of parametric modeling in building projects has increased the success probability of construction professionals in meeting client’s requirements.

Indespensibility of Revit as a parametric modeling tool

Owing to the strong mechanism of developing parametric models that is inbuilt in Revit BIM architectural modeling services, it is possible to generate models as per the requirement of clients. Before the advent of Revit, the 3D models for commercial or residential real estate projects were created by using AutoCAD or ArchiCAD. Revit is offered by the company which offered AutoCAD. However, AutoCAD falls behind Revit because it does not offer a parametric modeling mechanism. Factors that make Rebar detailing services a key component of the construction process. A basic block or steel bar, Rebar finds application in reinforced masonry and concrete structures.

Factors that make Rebar detailing services a key component of the construction process

Made from carbon steel, the rebar finds its use as a reinforcement or reinforcing steel. Rebar detailing services is all about creating shop drawings and fabrications drawing of the steel reinforcement for the construction process. The architects and engineers make design drawings based on the parameters like diameter, length of bars, and diameters provided by Rebar detailing service.

This helps in avoiding wastage and delays and speeds up the entire construction process. Methodology of Rebar Detailing Based on design drawing requirements, each rebar is detailed while representing a certain length, diameter, and shape. Why should you use Mechanical BIM services? At the heart of any building construction project is the MEP (an acronym for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system).

Why should you use Mechanical BIM services?

Traditionally, however, the construction projects suffered due to clashes in the MEP system during the construction phase. However, the application of BIM brings several radical benefits to the MEP industry. By using , the AEC stakeholders can collaborate better on the same platform. Some of the other benefits offered by BIM are- Source of competitive advantage There are a lot of businesses that still refrain from investing their resources or money in BIM. Why do HVAC component manufacturers need to create Revit families? – Ivan Dimensions. In the AEC industry, every project is special and unique.

Why do HVAC component manufacturers need to create Revit families? – Ivan Dimensions

The industry deals with special clients having special requirements. How point cloud services benefit renovation work in the construction industry? – Ivan Dimensions. Along with being time-consuming, traditional methods in the construction industry were also prone to mistakes.

How point cloud services benefit renovation work in the construction industry? – Ivan Dimensions

Thus, we could not expect accurate results in every single construction project. However, we have BIM now which can be used to analyze the 3D model of the project in the design phase. Thus, it becomes easy to identify and address errors in the design phase leading to smooth functioning during the construction process. Thus, the application of BIM can significantly reduce construction time and cost. However, problems can arise while restoring, refurbishing, or modifying an already constructed project.

Benefits offered by Revit to MEP – Ivan Dimensions. The words BIM and Revit seem synonymous as Revit is the software that brought BIM into existence.

Benefits offered by Revit to MEP – Ivan Dimensions

Since its launch, it is slowly graduated into becoming one of the most powerful software for virtual construction modeling. Through this software, it has been possible to boost productivity, address onsite concerns and other timeline issues. Along with helping to build a 3D model of the construction project, REVIT can also be used to extract other building-related information. Extracting building information easily For instance, Revit can be used to extract information related to quantity, 2D constructability views, and shop drawings.

The Various Types of Clashes Detected Under Electrical Clash Coordination Service. The process of Electrical clash coordination services begins with the detection of clashes.

The Various Types of Clashes Detected Under Electrical Clash Coordination Service

Clash detection is similar to working as a detective to find out clashes between different trades of a virtual building design model. It is important to mention that there are five different types of trade in any project and these are-structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and architectural. If we consider the analogy of a human body, then the architectural system can be referred to as the skin, the structural is the skeletal system and MEP is the cardiovascular system. So, clash detection is basically about finding out whether or not these different systems are interfering with each other.

This would ensure that the system can function to the peak of its energy efficiency, sustainability, etc. These clashes are detected by the electrical clash coordination services provider or plumbing cash coordination service provider. The way 3D visualization services supports BIM modeling. The phenomenal benefits of Architectural BIM Services – Ivan Dimensions. Architectural BIM services offer immense benefits.

The phenomenal benefits of Architectural BIM Services – Ivan Dimensions

Advanced modeling software has revolutionized the way architects approach a new project. BIM has come up as an extremely powerful tool to help create dynamic and streamlined structures that withstand the test of time. Before we go on to discuss the benefits of BIM, let’s first have a common understanding of what is BIM? So, what is BIM? BIM is an acronym that stands for Building Information Modeling. What is the difference between CAD and architectural BIM services? For decades, engineers, planners, and architects have relied on CAD services to generate detailed 2D drawings of the projects.

What is the difference between CAD and architectural BIM services?

Now with the arrival of Building Information Modeling (BIM) into the picture, the question that arises is are these two things the same? The negative answer to the above question further raises the question “what is the difference between CAD and architectural BIM services?” This central question will be delved upon in the course of the following pages. Before talking about the differences between CAD and architectural BIM services, let’s first figure out the scope of CAD. CAD is an acronym for computer-aided design and refers to the documentation and design process executed through the help of computer technology. Realizing the immense benefits offered by CAD including reduced time-to-market as compared to hand drawings, there has been wide-scale adoption of CAD over the past two decades. Steps involved in MEP clash coordination services by Dimensions IECS. How architectural BIM services can streamline construction projects?

Recently, the headmaster of a school was faced with a typical problem.

How architectural BIM services can streamline construction projects?

The roof of his school building leaked every time it rained and even after working on it for weeks, the roofer was not able to figure out the actual issue. Ultimately, a leading architectural BIM service provider was called in to check the issue. The company employed an advanced laser imaging tool and Revit software to create a 3D model of the inside of the attic and it easily revealed the crack through which rainwater was seeping in. This small example listed above demonstrates the awesome power of building information modeling. From small issues like the leaky roof to the execution of massive construction projects, BIM and other cutting-edge technologies are helping engineers, contractors, developers, etc. to save time and money on construction projects. By having a visual depiction of what they can expect the client can determine if the design meets their requirements in advance.

The phenomenal benefits offered by electrical BIM modeling services. By offering complete visualization of electrical services, BIM helps the electrical contractors have an error-free electrical installation. Further, BIM engineering services also help in reducing rework and minimizing wastage on the construction work. As a catalyst BIM is helping in uplifting the businesses. Electrical contractors are specifically making use of electrical BIM modeling services to create models of cable trays, lighting fixtures, conduits, etc. Further, BIM engineers are also creating detailed electrical room models depicting the connection between electrical panels and transformers through Revit BIM modeling. BIM also offers electrical clash coordination services and electrical design validation services to ensure efficient project delivery. How leading BIM service providers can help in the successful execution of construction projects?

The arrival of BIM has meant that civil engineers, architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, etc. have to no longer deal with 2D sketches. However, considering BIM technology as one that only delivers a 3D model of the project does not paint the complete picture of BIM’s capabilities. The 3D model generated by BIM offers only the tip of the iceberg while the entire capabilities offered by BIM lies beneath the water. Simply, speaking BIM offers a lot more benefits than only a 3D model.

The need for architectural BIM services in small firms. Using MEP BIM Modeling to Reduce Costs. It is pretty expensive to own a building in New York City. Along with prohibitive upfront costs, the owners have to shell out a considerable sum for the operation and maintenance of the asset. However, all these expenses can be reduced by taking smart decisions during the design process. By applying building information modeling to mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and firefighting systems; it is possible to obtain smart building designs.

MEP BIM modeling can also be used to reduce costs. As a modern engineering design approach, BIM goes beyond the use of conventional construction plans to specify and represent a project. Such a 3D model offers detailed information about the different system components and helps to create a virtual reality version of the building before its construction. Specialized software is often used to handle BIM tasks due to the complexity and huge amount of data involved. Further, by helping calculate material lists, BIM can help in saving valuable man-hours. 3D Visualization Services. Fire Protection Design Validation Services - Ivan Dimensions. MEP clash coordination services. The application of BIM to mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire fighting installation makes it possible to design buildings smartly and in a far more effective manner.

Through MEP BIM modeling, it is possible to generate a 3D model that offers far greater insight than the traditional 2D models. A brief overview of architectural BIM services. How BIM can help in MEP design validation – Ivan Dimensions. Before the arrival of superior technologies, first pencil and paper and then software was used for generating a 2D drawing of the project. Applying BIM services to transform the construction industry – Ivan Dimensions. Savage competition along with a rapidly changing technological landscape has increased the demand for better services in the construction industry.

Acting as a stimulant, these factors have pushed the industry towards adopting innovative methodologies. Ivan Dimensions-Architectural BIM Engineering Services. Dimensions Client Reviews.