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Dimensions is specialized in providing BIM solutions to architecture,engineering and construction industry across the globe.We offer outstanding BIM services throughout the project life cycle: including BIM Implementation,mep-clash-coordination-services.BIM Clash coordination services, Training, Content creation, Modeling, Coordination, Fabrication and Shop drawings, 4D Construction Scheduling, etc.

Why You Must Exploit BIM for Unparalleled MEP Clash Coordination – Ivan Dimensions. As any AEC company can attest, MEP clash coordination services are a vital element of the BIM modeling process.

Why You Must Exploit BIM for Unparalleled MEP Clash Coordination – Ivan Dimensions

Clash detection and coordination emerge from the fact that BIM modeling does not accommodate just a single model but multiple models are incorporated over time into a consolidated main model. Clash detection and coordination are not novel concepts. Let Your MEPF Engineers Be Future Ready With BIM – Ivan Dimensions. The MEPF- an acronym for the four fundamental parts of any building- is what makes any building livable.

Let Your MEPF Engineers Be Future Ready With BIM – Ivan Dimensions

But, as most veterans in the construction industry would agree, these are also the most difficult components to design and construct. These systems of pipes run through constricted spaces. The challenge for the MEPF engineers is to ensure that there are no clashes-hard or soft between the components. All You Need To Understand About Scan-To-BIM For Construction Projects. Why Should You Use 3D BIM For Infrastructure Design. Crafting a Better Future With Structural 3D Modeling – Ivan Dimensions. In today’s era, everyone wants a building that is aesthetic and appealing.

Crafting a Better Future With Structural 3D Modeling – Ivan Dimensions

While concentrating on the external design is good, the structural aspect of the building should not be overlooked. In this respect, structural 3D modeling services offered by leading BIM providers describe the application of Building Information Modeling to design and model structural elements. The structural BIM model offered under structural 3D modeling services is actually a complex and detailed model of a building’s structural elements. It is an internal view of the building that focuses on the structural components like beams, columns, bolts, etc. Although these components are not visible to the naked eye, they are integral components of a building. The Best Way to Execute MEP Coordination Modeling. An important stage under MEP Bim modeling is MEP coordination.

The Best Way to Execute MEP Coordination Modeling

Under MEP coordination the models of the mechanical plumbing and electrical components are integrated together in an efficient manner. Thus, MEP coordination helps to ensure that there are no classes among these components in the construction phase. MEP coordination modeling, therefore, forms an important step of MEP Bim modeling. Key Things You Didn’t Know About MEP BIM Modeling and Coordination – Ivan Dimensions. When working on a building construction project, a comprehensive MEP strategy results in far superior outcomes, than when designing every system in a vacuum.

Key Things You Didn’t Know About MEP BIM Modeling and Coordination – Ivan Dimensions

Synergy among the systems of a building is challenging to coordinate in cases where the designing is done in isolation and there are bound to be conflicts in terms of equipment distribution among locations. Taking into account the elaborate level of MEP system plans, today’s construction companies use MEP BIM modeling to optimize the design process. BIM brings in automation of monotonous and tedious tasks, allowing MEP experts to concentrate on reaching the most ideal decisions. To sustain the synchronization among these different system designs, it’s vital to systematize the latest design versions of every trade involved through BIM engineering services. Every trade should be accurately knowledgeable about the positioning of other elements in the course of the modeling phases. How Structural 3D Modeling Can Benefit Engineers? – Ivan Dimensions.

Architects, not engineers, have long been in charge of creating 3D models.

How Structural 3D Modeling Can Benefit Engineers? – Ivan Dimensions

But, thanks to the advent of modern technologies, Civil and structural engineers also can start reaping the benefits of 3D designs. The possibilities given by 3D modeling are boundless, whether you wish to create architecturally ambitious skyscrapers or design intricate concrete reinforcement. So, let’s dive deeper into how 3D models offered by Structural 3D Modeling Services providers can benefit engineers. How can a Civil/ structural engineer benefit from the 3D model? Leveraging Revit To Enhance Plumbing Design Efficiency – Ivan Dimensions. Building information modeling or BIM is a ground-breaking innovation for the architecture, structural, and construction sectors.

Leveraging Revit To Enhance Plumbing Design Efficiency – Ivan Dimensions

The heightened awareness about BIM’s advantages is moving the AEC organizations to take advantage of the BIM method to boost efficiencies of the current design mythologies. What’s more, with the rise of advanced upgrades of BIM, experts are now using BIM to carry out straightforward as well as intricate design activities. BIM is now more and more being leveraged for designing MEP, i.e., mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Furthermore, Revit BIM architectural modeling services have proved instrumental in propelling the future implementation scenario of the BIM design process.

How To Circumvent Construction Conflicts With Clash Coordination – Ivan Dimensions. The realm of the construction process which needs cooperation between varieties of trades specifically, structure, MEP and architecture there are bound to be a few clashes.

How To Circumvent Construction Conflicts With Clash Coordination – Ivan Dimensions

It is estimated that material waste and rework account for around 7.25% to 35% of overall project expenditure and also extend the duration of construction. For instance, it could be an exhaust vent duct going through a load-bearing wall, insufficient space around a vital element, or even a clash of work schedules. How Rebar Detailing Services Streamline Your Entire Project. Introduction Rebar detailing services with BIM are leveraged for optimized positioning and fitting of fabricated bars within the concrete as well as a thorough reinforcement requirement.

How Rebar Detailing Services Streamline Your Entire Project

Rebar detailing is used in a wide array of structures: Commercial buildings Residential projects Highways Bridges Stadiums Parking spacesRole of the Rebar Detailer Rebar detailers are the ones who interpret the drawings that a structural engineer has created. Once that is complete interpreting, they, in turn, make rebar shop drawings, which need to be further interpreted by rebar placers.Robust Reinforcement Design Software for 3D concrete modeling has the capacity to identify volumes and shapes as objects. Why Architects And Engineers Need To Use 3D Visualization. 3D modeling takes into account the procedure of generating a precise version of a 3-dimensional shape or object by means of sophisticated software. 3D visualization services in construction are extensively gaining recognition due to the array of benefits it provides.

Why Architects And Engineers Need To Use 3D Visualization

Digital trends for instance BIM (Building Information Modeling) and further alternatives for generating simulated visualization models are widely utilized by construction companies all over the globe. 3D modeling in construction. Useful Project Planning Tips For Point Cloud Services: ext_5712807 — LiveJournal. Does your firm have the expertise and tools for BIM modeling and 3D capture? Do you want to offer point cloud service to the clients? But it is easier said than done. There are many moving parts in point cloud services and you cannot figure them out on the go. In this blog, we will be along with you project-planning tips that can come in handy. A Look At BIM’s Energy Performance Modeling For Sustainable Designs. There is a prevailing movement towards energy-efficient and renewable construction processes that is being propelled by emerging technologies, turning these goals into a reality.

BIM technology offered by leading BIM service providers is the major force behind enhancing energy efficiency in construction. The technology empowers construction managers to every phase of the construction process, ultimately optimizing processes and reduces the carbon footprint. Sustainable design centers on a few main aims: A Look At BIM’s Energy Performance Modeling For Sustainable Designs. Optimize Your Precast Concrete Process Using BIM. Despite the fact that precast concrete is a vital aspect of most building projects, the detailing process can often be quite expensive and labor-intensive. Inconsistencies, drawing mistakes, modifications, calculation discrepancies, and the usual inadequacies of 2D processes that are paper-driven lead to time and money wastage as well as rework. Opting for BIM precast concrete modeling allows project stakeholders to eliminate these problems effectively. What’s great about this solution is that you can essentially ensure that processes like scheduling, fabrication, design and shipping are all seamlessly performed.

Nonetheless, owing to the wealth of BIM-based 3D modeling tools on the market, you may find it a challenge to decide which features you need. Reduce Project Coordination Time With 3D Visualization Services – Ivan Dimensions. 3D visualization services can offer numerous benefits. Most importantly, using 3D visualization services the clients can see the project as it is getting constructed. Using this service, the clients/ project stakeholders can have a glimpse into the future. Four Ways 4D Construction Simulation Can Transform Your Project – Ivan Dimensions. Construction sequencing carried out during 4D construction simulation services is the process of including an added level of data scheduling to a model for building construction projects. The added layer is included in various construction components and will then be built as the project progresses throughout development.

By means of this, a phase-by-phase visualization of the project’s progression can be carried out. To put it more simply, in order to facilitate the visualization of each step and phase in a construction project, 4D BIM (3D models together with project schedule included) is used. Thanks to this, everyone involved is able to receive a comprehensive view of the established ‘plan of action’ and can remain on the same page when on site. System Hierarchy and Clash Coordination in BIM – Ivan Dimensions. The Power of MEP BIM Modeling To Minimize Construction Project Costs – Ivan Dimensions. Leverage precast concrete modeling to make the impossible possible – Ivan Dimensions. Optimizing Precast Design & Detailing With BIM Technology. Revolutionizing Railway Signaling through BIM.

Why Revit BIM Modeling Software Is Critical For Successful Projects – Ivan Dimensions. Landscape Architecture through BIM Engineering Services. Why Do Toilet Detail Modeling Services Providers Use BIM To Boost ROI. Top Advantages of Revit Family Creation For The Plumbing Sector. Using BIM for Designing Office Spaces – Ivan Dimensions. MEPF Design in BIM – All You Need To Know About It – Ivan Dimensions. How leading BIM service providers are using BIM to offer kinetic buildings. Digital Twins: Giving Life to MEP Models Offered through MEP BIM Modeling. 3D BIM Modeling Services for Efficient Management of Construction Lifecycle. How The Construction Industry is using Cloud Computing to offer Brilliant Projects? – Ivan Dimensions.

The Value of 3D Visualization in State-Of-The-Art Construction – Ivan Dimensions. Using BIM Services for Smart Project Management. Importance of MEP BIM Modeling in Construction. How Electrical Design Validation Services Lead To Seamless Construction. A Brief Overview of Electrical Clash Coordination Services. Shifting To Higher Efficiency With BIM And Sophisticated Rebar Detailing.

Ivan Dimensions — Revit MEP Plugins to level up MEP BIM Modeling. Why should HVAC Contractors use Mechanical 3D BIM Modeling Services? – Ivan Dimensions. The Benefits Of 7D Facility Management For Building Maintenance. The Process Followed by Rebar Detailing Provider. The Vital Function of BIM Modeling Services in MEP. Why You Need To Use Precast Concrete Modeling For Your Construction Project – Ivan Dimensions. Leveraging Point Cloud Services for Futuristic Construction Surveying. Way to make the best use of revit bim architectural modeling services. Drone Mapping to Boost the Prowess of 4D Construction Simulation Services. Benefits offered by Revit BIM services in house building projects. Applying BIM and 3D laser scanning for managing quantity in construction projects. How laser scanning is bringing a paradigm shift in the construction industry? Reimagining construction through the digital paradigm. Transforming project construction with 4D construction simulation services.

The rise of the integrated software platform in the construction industry. Revit’s List of Dynamic Adaptive Components. Shielding your construction business from climate change risk. Harnessing location intelligence data to transform the real estate sector. Using BIM Services to Shape the Future of School Infrastructure. Increasing property value by making them energy efficient with BIM – Ivan Dimensions. Application of MEP BIM modeling in adaptive reuse of existing buildings. Improving construction efficiency through structural 3D modeling. Using Rebar Detailing Services to Avoid Common Challenges in Rebar Detailing. Improved construction material management using BIM. BIM the ultimate future of the construction industry. Steps in Multidisciplinary BIM Coordination. Ways to Enhance The Creation of Revit Families under Architectural BIM Services. Making our buildings smart and environment responsive – Ivan Dimensions. Mechanical BIM Services to Match Mechanical Contractor’s Construction…

Optimizing the building envelope with BIM – Ivan Dimensions. Sugarcane waste as a sustainable building material – Ivan Dimensions. Ways BIM services can help avoid time delay in construction. Making our buildings blast-resistant – Ivan Dimensions. Benefits of Using MEP Modeling in Adaptive Reuse Projects. Leveraging BIM services to streamline airport design and construction.

Using 4D Construction Simulation Services to enhance project tracking and construction schedules. 3D printing with raw earth: the solution to housing and climate crisis. How MEP BIM modeling can help in designing the MEP system of a school. Architecture and design solutions to prevent light pollution – Ivan Dimensions. Importance of structural modeling services in the structural industry – Ivan Dimensions. Strategies for a resilient construction business. Redesigning washrooms in the realm of the Pandemic. Robot master builder to boost construction project productivity – Ivan Dimensions. Factors to be considered while creating sprinkler system modeling. Revolutionizing the construction industry by expanding the focus to microbial scale – Ivan Dimensions. Ivan Dimensions — How BIM management software can improve... Using MEP BIM modeling to validate MEP design data : ext_5712807 — LiveJournal. Indoor lighting upgrade to give your buildings a facelift in the post-Covid era – Ivan Dimensions.

Upcycling paper: Using paper as the raw material in building construction – Ivan Dimensions. Giving an afterlife to construction and demolition waste using technology – Ivan Dimensions. Using precast concrete modeling to address the construction industry’s new challenges – Ivan Dimensions. Using Virtual reality to add value to the output generated by point cloud services.

Redesigning commercial and residential projects to support the e-commerce delivery boom – Ivan Dimensions. Why should you opt for a BIM execution plan from a leading BIM services provider. BIM: Facilitator of Gender Diversity in Construction. Why should you use Rebar Detailing service? Indoor lighting upgrade to give your buildings a facelift in the post-Covid era – Ivan Dimensions. Futureproof Your Office Design with BIM. Delivered spool drawings for a hospital project using Revit SysQue BD Spooling – Ivan Dimensions. Leveraging BIM engineering services to increase the safety of construction workers. BIM: The solution to address your unsold building inventory problem – Ivan Dimensions.