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Mushroom and Chickpea Stew. This stew is such a winner!

Mushroom and Chickpea Stew

I first made it about a month ago and have been thinking about it ever since so I thought I should make it again so that I could share it with all of you, as I knew you’d love it! It’s so warming and hearty, perfect for a chilly winter evening. It’s a one pot wonder too so there’s limited washing up and you can make a big batch one night to last you the next few weeks, just keep a few portions in the fridge/freezer.

It’s full of warming spices, garlic, chickpeas, mushrooms, lemon juice and carrots which simmer in a beautiful coriander infused tomato sauce. I love serving this with quinoa or brown rice to make it extra satisfying but it’s delicious just on it’s own too as it’s bursting with flavour! Serves 6 – 8 carrots – 3 boxes of mushrooms (about 30 mushrooms/850g) – 3 400g tins of chopped tomatoes – 2 400g tins of chickpeas – 600ml of boiling water – 7 tablespoons of tomato puree – a big handful of coriander, about 50g – 2 lemons plus 3 more to serve.


Arizona companies hiring 100 or more in September. Looking for a job?

Arizona companies hiring 100 or more in September

We've got you covered. More than a dozen Arizona companies and hospitals are hiring 100 or more employees this month. Marriott Hotels, Olive Garden restaurants, Great Clips and Dominos pizzerias are among more than a dozen Arizona companies hiring more than 100 employees. John C. Lincoln Health Network, Scottsdale Healthcare, Phoenix Children's Hospital, United HealthCare and St. Here are 10 companies hiring 100 or more: The company is hiring positions ranging from cashiers and store managers to pharmacists and senior microstrategy analysts.

The company is also hiring business advisors, a director of clinical services and engineers. For more information, go to: Domino's Pizza locations across Arizona, including Gilbert, Casa Grande, Phoenix, mesa, Avondale and Peoria, are hiring delivery drivers, assistant managers, customer service representatives and more.

This Guys Digitally Recreates His Dreams. Every morning after waking up, one reddit user tries to digitally recreate the dream he had the night before.

This Guys Digitally Recreates His Dreams

Here are some of his favorites: See more at Truth Seeker Daily Share and Enjoy. Your Outdoor Festival Camping Checklist. Going to a festival this season?

Your Outdoor Festival Camping Checklist

Wondering what the hell you should pack? No worries, DF5K has the ultimate outdoor festival camping checklist for you! This list is comprehensive, which means this is all the stuff that you might need, though you probably won’t need it all. While you don’t want to skimp on necessities like warm clothing and alcohol, bring only those things that you will really use. And please note- this list is not suited for Burning Man, which is a whole ‘nother alligator altogether!

Your Outdoor Festival Camping Checklist: ESSENTIALS – Lock all this in your car except for some of your cash. PHONE + wall & car chargerID + backup IDKeys + backup car key kept in different placeCASH – more than you think you will needCredit card/Debit card – shopping or emergenciesProof of health insurance/AAA cardTickets or printed email confirmationMap or directions to venue! FOR FUN – Give back to your creative community! Camera + extra battery or video camera! LADIES – get a special section: Free books: 100 legal sites to download literature. 16 New Rules For Tipping At Restaurants. Because we are all over the place, and we need to get it together and understand how the whole tipping thing works.

16 New Rules For Tipping At Restaurants

Because, as a former food service worker and huge advocate for Not Treating Servers Like Assholes, I can say with confidence that some people’s lives depend on it. 1. First and foremost, if you are a person that doesn’t tip or — whatever this is supposed to mean — doesn’t “believe” in tipping (as though it were a figure in Greek mythology), you are not allowed to go to restaurants.

You cannot afford to eat out, either financially or ethically, or both. Spare restaurant staff your presence. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


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