Pot Holders, Oven Mitts, and Hot Pads

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Oven Mitt Pattern. If you are still hoping to manage a few handmade gifts, this oven mitt can be whipped up quickly.

Oven Mitt Pattern

Package with some of your favorite recipes for a the perfect handmade gift! Supplies for making your own oven mitt cotton batting 1/4 yard cotton fabric 1/4 yard coordinating cotton fabric Insul-Bright Insulated batting Directions for making a quilted oven mitt Cut 2 each 9″ X 15″ rectangles of the cotton fabrics, cotton batting, and Insul-brite Sandwich cotton fabric (lining) right side facing down, Insul-Brite, cotton batting, cotton fabric (0utside) right side facing up.

Sew together in stitching pattern of your choice. Repeat for other set of rectangles. Oven Mitt Pattern Download – top Oven Mitt Pattern Download – bottom Download oven mitt pattern top and bottom. Stack the two quilted pieces on top of each other, right sides together. Place pattern on top and draw around the pattern. Stitch. Cut. Turn right side out. Cut a contrasting piece of fabric 7″ X 15″ for the band. Fold binding down. Wool Felt Leaf Potholders : Daily source of DIY craft projects and inspiration, patterns, how-tos. Nature Brights Kitchen: Quilted Hot Pads - Sew4Home. I ♥ hot pads! I have tons of them. In fact, I'm zany enough that when I throw a dinner party, I actually coordinate my hot pads with my table setting. Yes... I need professional help. These awesome quilted hot pads are super simple, and each one uses just a 10" x 10" square for the front and back. For more information about thermal fabrics, check out our Hot-Hot-Hot buying guide .

Our Nature Brights projects were made using Patty Young's wonderful Flora & Fauna Collection by Michael Miller Fabrics. Any Sewing Machine (we recommend the Janome Jem Gold 3 ) Even Feed or Walking foot (optional, but makes stitching through the middle of your fabric SO much easier) Supplies and instructions are for making TWO hot pads. Fabric for hot pad front: 10" x 10" square of two different cotton fabrics: Fabric for hot pad back: 10" x 10" square of two different cotton fabrics: Fabric for binding and hanging loop: 1/8 yard of 45" wide fabric: ⅓ yard insulating batting: Contrasting thread (optional) Retro Fun: Quilted Mitt Pot Holders. Our Retro hot pads not only feature a nostalgic fabric combo, they also have the perfect retro slip-on style. Our fab designer, Alicia Thommas came up with this original pattern, and we offer it as a free download.

The Simply Sweet fabrics on the two mitts are so bright and cheery, it made me want to slip them on and wear them around the kitchen, just waiting for something hot to pull out of the oven. After awhile, when no one showed up with a tray of cookies, I reluctantly took them off. This project is a bit more advanced than many we offer here at Sew4Home, mainly because of all the layers and the mitered bias binding. However, don't let that scare you away. A BIG thanks to our new friend, Barbara Jones, the designer of the beautiful fabric collection for Henry Glass & Company . Any Sewing Machine (we recommend the Janome Memory Craft 6600P ) All Simply Sweet fabric is available at QuiltSoup ¼ yard of 44-45" fabric for the front: ¼ yard of 44-45" fabric for the back: See-through ruler. My Backyard Eden: Prettied-Up Pot Holder. See my old sad potholder there?

My Backyard Eden: Prettied-Up Pot Holder

Kind of worn out, huh? See how it’s cozying up to those fabric scraps? I think it’s dreaming of a Spring makeover. First, I gave it a haircut. I never used those hanging loops anyway so I just snipped them right off. I cut two pieces of fabric about a half inch larger on each side. When I stitched the pieces together, I squared off the corners so it would be easier to turn later.

I topstitched around the edge, catching the unstitched opening edges under. I thought it might be cute with a little more top stitching so I went around a few times, using the edge of my presser foot as a guide for the inside stitching lines. Easy peasy! This post will be linked up to some of these fabulous blog parties.

Scrappy Oven Mitts. I’ve been wanting to make the oven mitt from Denyse Schmidt’s book ever since I saw all of these fantastic ones on the DS Flickr Group.

Scrappy Oven Mitts

I started by piecing together the FABULOUS scraps from Amy’s parcel to create fabric sheets. I used one layer of Warm & Natural batting and one layer of Insul-Brite. I waited until today to post this because I tested the Insul-Brite’s heat reflecting capacity with last night’s dinner. I made this easy and absolutely delicious crab recipe (first one in the article) which required my oven to be at 500 degrees.

The potholders did a fine job. I made the first mitt using the DS pattern. I also save all of my left over binding strips from quilts I make. Microwave Mitt Pattern. After playing around with my microwave fingertip mitts pattern I've decided to revise it.

Microwave Mitt Pattern

For one thing the measurements I was using made the mitts too large for my liking. So here are what I consider better instructions On a piece of butcher's paper or on a blank piece of paper draw a rectangle 7 ½” x 4 ½”. Then cut out on the lines of the rectangle. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise and then again widthwise and cut an arc. Fold your fabric right sides together and iron the butcher's paper template, wax side down, to your fabric.

Cut one more shape from cotton batting, and another from Insulbrite. These end pieces will now become your template for the finger pieces of your mitt. Open the binding out and pin to your mitt end. Fold and pin the binding around the straight end of your mitt and edge stitch down. Optional: If you wish you can add a magnet to your mitt so that it can be hung on the side of your microwave (if it's metal) or a nearby appliance such as the refrigerator. How to Sew Oven Mitts. Oven Glove Pattern A sewing pattern for oven gloves is often one of the first projects offered to sewing beginners because it sews up quickly and is fairly easy to make.

How to Sew Oven Mitts

This free oven mitts sewing pattern is no exception, with step-by-step photos and simple sewing instructions to follow. Oven Mitt Sewing Instructions: First, download the PDF oven mitt pattern and print it out. Alternatively, you can trace around your hand in an oven mitten shape, or trace around an existing oven mitt, to make your own pattern. After you have made a paper pattern, follow the instructions below: Step 1. Step 2: Quilt the layers together by topstitching through all four layers. Step 3: Zig-zag stitch around all the edges. You can see the quilting stitch and zig-zag binding on the lining side more clearly.

Step 4: Now place the two pieces together, right sides facing each other, and starting at the long side, stitch half way around. Step 5: Make a hanging loop out of bias tape. Dishtowel Potholder Tutorial - artsy-crafty babe. For this project, I usually use 100% woven cotton dishtowels from the dollar store.

Dishtowel Potholder Tutorial - artsy-crafty babe

It’s best to use something that isn’t too bulky. 1.Start with a standard sized dishtowel, preferably one that is not terrycloth. 2. Cut off the hems and any tags from the back of the dishtowel. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. At this point you can leave the potholder as is, which is nice if you have a pretty printed dishtowel, but if you’d like to jazz up a plain dishtowel/potholder, the possibilities are endless. Be sure to check out more great ideas at Cotton Spice! ScrapBusters: Two-Handed Pot Holder. Today in our ScrapBusters Series, we're cooking up a great kitchen project.

Hot pads are perfect for scraps because they are small, simple shapes that cry out for mixing and matching. We 'stretched' our possibilities by making a long, two-handed version. Kind of like those 'idiot mittens' you used to have as a kid; one mitten on the each end of a string running through the arms of your coat. However, we didn't think 'idiot hot pads' sounded very good. I don't know about you, but I set down my pot holders on opposite sides of the kitchen so when I need both to pull something out of the oven or off the stove, I never seem to have two within reach.

We suggest you use a thermal batting, such as Insul-Bright to insure you can handle hot pots and pans without yelping. As with yesterday's project, today's also uses the gorgeous Pretty Bird by Pillow & Maxfield for Michael Miller Fabrics . Any Sewing Machine (we recommend the Janome DC5100 ) All purpose thread to match fabrics See-through ruler. Oven mitt pattern. This free oven mitts sewing pattern was inspired by our new KitchenAid range.

Oven mitt pattern

Bye bye cheap-o Frigidaire …momma’s got a double oven now with a griddle on top. And it was just begging for some nice oven mitts. I made this free oven mitts sewing pattern shape by eyeballing oven mitts for sale online and then drawing around my hand. I like the oven mitt shape overall but be advised that it’s size medium-ish – if you want more room just increase the size a bit on a copier. I didn’t want the quilting to show on the outside of the mitts – I wanted the smoother fabric look on the outside – so I quilted the inside first and then on the outside fabric. It’s easy – I’ll show you how. WANNA MAKE IT? Supplies for making a DIY oven mitt: Like it? How to sew a DIY oven mitt: Print my free oven mitt sewing pattern template – or just eyeball some oven mitts for sale online and trace about 2-3 inches around your own hand like I did. Cut out your pattern pieces. For each oven mitt cut out these pieces: