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Children's Clothing

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Fleece Mittens Pattern. Needle artists, you know we love you!

Fleece Mittens Pattern

You’re ready to make your mitten commitment, and we’ve got an adorable and easy pattern from Make it and Love it for child-sized cozy fleece mittens to get you started! What you need: scrap fleece ribbon velcro scissors thread sewing machine 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Countdown to Christmas – Day 11. A Bear"y" Cute Hat Tutorial. The last of hats for my baby: A “beary” cute hat.

A Bear"y" Cute Hat Tutorial

I must say, she’s been a good sport for me with more than normal photo shoots last week. That being said, I think she had had enough when it was time for this one. This is the only, the ONLY, pic I could get of her where she wasn’t crying or protesting or falling over! Sewing: Couture Skirt (Tutorial for a Time...Pattern Always) The Pharma Blog. New Blog Sponsor: Tie Dye Diva Sewing Patterns and Giveaway. Easy Ruffled T-shirt Scarf. Today was one of those rare, laid-back Sundays.

Easy Ruffled T-shirt Scarf

I was even in my Sunday school class before all my little students, which almost never happens! :o) And since we had no plans after church, I took the opportunity to make this little scarf that popped into my head as I was making lunch. I intended to make it for myself, but I didn't have quite enough material from these two old, ill-fitting shirts of mine, so I made one for Paige! It was so easy. All you do is cut three strips, the same length, but each one a little wider. For Paige's, I made three 55" strips in 3", 4", and 5" widths.

Then you lay them on top of each other. largest on bottom, smallest on top, and pin. Wind your bobbin loosely with elastic thread: Set your straight stitch to the longest length, and sew two rows, on either side of the middle strip, back-stitching at the beginning and end of each row. Modkid boutique. Asian-inspired shirt and dress sewing pattern Sizes 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6 and 7 Chic and sophisticated with an Asian-flair, Kyoko will soon become a favorite in your child’s wardrobe.

modkid boutique

Aquarius Swimmer ~ Swim Diaper Tutorial. Fresh Linens: Fig Tree Threads' Amelia & Me Sun Hat. My husband has freckles, which means my kids have freckles, which means if left out in the sun for any length of time, the whole lot of them looks like a carton of speckled eggs.

Fresh Linens: Fig Tree Threads' Amelia & Me Sun Hat

We have all learned the benefit of good summer head coverings! This adorable floppy sun hat is a pattern from Joanna Figureoa's Fig Tree Threads collection. It uses very little fabric, and so is a perfect way to use up some of your favorite scraps. Positively Splendid: Ruffled Easter Egg Tee Tutorial. Tutorial ~Little Girl's Tunic with Tank Top~ A couple of weeks ago, I scored these for $1 each at a thrift store.

Tutorial ~Little Girl's Tunic with Tank Top~

Two of them were brand new and still had the original tags, and the lime green one was used, but in nearly mint condition! Easy Elastic Waistband for a Little Girls Skirt. I hate elastic waist bands. Little Girls Scalloped Skirt size 18 month-2T. Retro Fun: Toddler's Laminated Project Apron. Keep your tots tidy with this adorable apron for art projects and more.

Retro Fun: Toddler's Laminated Project Apron

We used laminated cotton for a easy, wipe-clean finish. Everyone who's anyone is adding this wonderful substrate choice to their new fabric collections. We give you some tips for sewing with it (it's really easy), and a toddler-sized pattern to download. Depending on the child's build, it's meant to fit a toddler up to about a 4T to 5T. Whip one up, then whip out the poster paints. Laminated cotton is simply a regular cotton coated (laminated) with either vinyl or a clear polyurethane on one side, which means the back is still soft cotton. This substrate is quite nice to work with, but you do need to remember a few things. Do NOT iron the laminated side. Contributors. Made By Rae: Tutorial by Rae: Dragon Slippers. I thought I’d kick off our month of boy with a tutorial for these extracute dragon slippers.

Made By Rae: Tutorial by Rae: Dragon Slippers

Elliot is really into monsters and dragons lately. When he asks me to tell him a story at night, the usual request is for the kind I make up about “Prince Elliot and his friend Drew the Dragon.” Nothing special, just a boy and a dragon and their silly adventures, but he loves it. How to make a child’s chef hat. These chef hats were gifts for a couple of sweet girls.

How to make a child’s chef hat

I packaged them with cookie decorating supplies (and hopefully will make them matching aprons in the future). Chef Hat Instructions Supplies: 1 - 18″ circle 1 - 8″ X 24″ rectangle 1 – 8″ X 24″ lightweight to medium weight iron on interfacing dental floss 1/2 inch Velcro (about 12″) 3″ piece of double fold bias tape. Dress a girl around the world - shaped pocket tutorial. For all of you who are visiting from LBG Studio, welcome!!!!

dress a girl around the world - shaped pocket tutorial