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Residential_real/The concept of Shantigram. Perhaps the most wonderful aspect about Shantigram is that it is a microverse that is open to all.

Residential_real/The concept of Shantigram

And so you have Aangan, it’s an affordable comfort housing project that gives its residents a chance to be a part of something bigger and more beautiful than the four walls of home, by giving them a host of conveniences and access to all of Shantigram’s common area amenities. And finally you have the heartwarming The Evergreen complex - a premium residential space for Seniors to live with dignity, companionship and independence post retirement. A space that not only gives them the pleasure of owning their own homes, but which also thoughtfully caters to every possible need a 60+ person could have, right from medical facilities to general assistance, mobility and entertainment.

The Evergreen is truly a chance at a green second innings. Shantigram has been built at par with complexes of international standard. Residential_real/Ahmedabad, the best city to live in, and Shantigram one of its best living options. An Evening with Best Whisky Cocktail Recipes. An Evening with Repeat We came up with 7 new, unexpected and completely whacky, iterations of Repeat Cocktails to help you with beating the heat this summer.

An Evening with Best Whisky Cocktail Recipes

We then invited 13 guests from across Food and fashion industry to taste our ingenious concoctions and give us their verdict on them. The exhibits for the evening were: Repeat-by-the-bay: A tangy mix of Aroma Bay Leaf, Caramel, Pineapple Juice and of course, Repeat whisky. Whisk-Tea: There’s Iced Tea, there’s green tea, and now there’s Whisk-Tea too- a combination of Peach tea syrup, Plain Black Tea and Repeat Whisky. Repeat Your Spice: A spicy cocktail that consists of Fresh Rosemary, Tabasco, Orange Juice, fresh Orange and the all-important Repeat Whisky.

Melon Julep: The tropical cocktail that comes with fresh Basil leaves, Lime wedges, Melon syrup, a splash of Ginger Ale and Repeat Whisky. Risky Whisky: A citrusy brew containing Apricot Jam, Lime, Orange Zest, water and some Repeat Whisky. Digital Marketing Agency India. A Guide to Choosing the Best Pre-Primary School in Pune for Your Child. Kids grow up so fast now.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Pre-Primary School in Pune for Your Child

We start sending them to school even before they are out of their diapers. Before they go off to a proper school they now have to attend a pre-primary school. This is the place where they learn their first words, how to interact with other children and how to behave in front of adults. It’s true that all these things can be learnt at home as well, but the environment of a school, with lots of other children of the same age can be conducive to the growth of your child. Hence choosing the right pre-school for your child is very important. The teacher student ratio: At that young age your toddler requires all the attention they can get.

Best Blended Scotch Whisky Cocktails you Should Try. Media Buying, Social, SEO & Web Development. Tips for the Perfect Summer Whisky Cocktails - Summers are ahead of us and we can only look forward to warm nights and even warmer days.

Tips for the Perfect Summer Whisky Cocktails -

It is necessary to stay hydrated during this season, for obvious reasons and what better way to stay hydrated than to have a cocktail. We know drinking during the day is frowned upon, but when the day only keeps getting hotter and hotter a good cocktail can do everyone a world of good. Making a good cocktail is an art and only a true artist can get the proportions right every time. If you’re thinking of having people over for a summer brunch or barbeque, or even a fancy dinner, you can never go wrong with a good batch of scotch and whisky cocktails to go with the food. Here are some mean scotch cocktail recipes along with some whisky drink recipes to help you plan your next party. 1. Quick tip: Add orange and lemon slices to bowl to give it extra flavour. 2. Quick tip: Strain the cocktail before serving and add a slice of lime and or a cherry to the glass to give it a sweet and sour twist. 3. Tips to make sure your child gets the best education. Enrolling your child in a school is a big decision.

Tips to make sure your child gets the best education

It is like setting a foundation stone for your child’s future. School is where your child with be moulded into an individual, where he or she will learn about the ways of life and also pickup traits that will define them. It is the most crucial decision for your child’s well being and one of the toughest ones a parent has to make. More and more parents are choosing the CBSE board because it seems like it is a more lucrative choice for your child’s future and the CBSE board does provide more opportunities to your child. Why Are Pay Per Click Services Good For Your Business « Why Are Pay Per Click Services Good For Your Busin. Media Buying, Social, SEO & Web Development.

Quick Tips about Web Design & Development Services in India

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