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Digital Popcorn Australia

Digital Popcorn is a Google partnered digital marketing agency, offering enterprise SEO services to businesses across Australia. They aim to provide clients with the perfect digital conditions to help businesses to expand and thrive.

Enterprise SEO Agency. Enterprise SEO Services. Digital Marketing Agency. The world of digital marketing encapsulates an untapped potential that—with the right tools, and with an elite team—promises exponential and infinite growth.

Digital Marketing Agency

The team at Digital Popcorn synergises with your business’ marketing efforts to create the best conditions and achieve the best results. Think about it this way: businesses can’t expand if the conditions aren’t right. Here at Digital Popcorn, we know how to prime your online presence, capture your market, drive web traffic, and help make your business pop. How do we all do this? Digital Popcorn delivers on four main fronts: Flexible, results-driven campaigns.We have a team of experienced search engine marketing experts that handle multiple successful campaigns for businesses—from dominating organic results to creating high-quality and cost-efficient ad campaigns. In a landscape where a vast majority of people search online for nearly everything first, it’s time to make the conditions right.

Digital Marketing Agency Australia. Digital Analytics. Every click on every search result yields a wealth of data metrics.

Digital Analytics

With expertise from our Data Analytics team, we’ll know in real-time if our digital marketing strategies are working for you, and adjust them to achieve the best possible performance. We offer a range of digital analytics services to help you better understand your website’s ongoing performance. Data Measurement and Analysis Our data specialists accurately collect data directly related to your goals.

Whether that’s information about your site traffic, return on advertising spend, or social media engagement, we make sure to only measure and analyse data that are accurate and relevant to further boost campaign performance and ROI. Email Marketing Optimisation. With 3.8 billion email users worldwide, businesses have long been reaping the benefits of marketing to their audiences directly via their digital inboxes.

Email Marketing Optimisation

In fact, 93% of B2B businesses use email to distribute content and 83% of them use e-newsletters as part of their content marketing program. (Source: Hubspot) So, how do businesses make the most of this platform and reach their customers? The answer is simple: integrated email marketing automation solutions. Conversion Rate Optimisation. Much of modern marketing depends on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

Conversion Rate Optimisation

For businesses of a wide range of sizes, driving traffic toward their website is a core priority. This is especially true when you consider that for some industries, a digital shopfront is more useful than a brick-and-mortar. Digital marketing teams around the world aim to bring in more web traffic, which turns into leads, which are then closed by the sales team. Of course, it can be more complicated than that, but when you boil it down, that’s digital marketing in a nutshell. More traffic equals more oppourtunites. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the analysis of certain actions taken on your website. Search Engine Optimisation. In a nutshell, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for enterprise businesses involves optimising a large website to rank high in search engine results while keeping your stakeholders happy through trackable ROI.

Search Engine Optimisation

Increasing an enterprise website’s ranking on the SERPs is a tremendous job, not only because of the large volume of pages that need optimising but also because it’s a multi-faceted process that’s integrated into a larger marketing project. If you’re reading this, then you already know that SEO should be part of any integrated marketing plan, particularly for businesses wanting to gain traction and ensure longevity of performance in the digital world. But it’s not just about ranking number one on Google. The key principle of any successful SEO strategy for an enterprise business is to ensure your campaign is focused on utilising any inherent brand recognition and authority, show up for relevant searches, and meet your users where they are. Social Media Marketing. With the right digital marketing, your business connects you to your customer base in a way that brings dynamic exchange and customer loyalty.

Social Media Marketing

Digital Popcorn is that team. Social media is all about creating human connections and bridging the gap between business and customers. It’s the one channel that you can be sure your customers will always visit. It allows them to stay in contact with your business even when they are not actively engaging your services. This keeps your brand in that highly-coveted, top-of-mind spot. Social media platforms and company profiles also work to humanise your business.

Content Marketing. Looking for a content marketing agency that has the skills to build and maintain a relationship with your customer base?

Content Marketing

You’ve come to the right place. Digital Popcorn has an elite team that specialises in the core areas of digital marketing, and that includes creating good content tied with practical SEO knowledge. As part of a long-term strategy aimed at engaging a target audience with consistently relevant information, content is indispensable. We tailor this service to your team, whether it be one content writer to provide monthly content or a team of writers who refine pre-existing content to ensure it’s in line with digital marketing best practices. In an ideal world, you want customer loyalty before they even make a purchase.

Online Advertising. Technology has changed the marketing landscape over the past decade.

Online Advertising

Now, online advertising is one of the most effective ways for your business to thrive in the digital world. Tap new markets, expand your reach, and diversify your revenue streams. Search Engine Marketing. Don’t get beat by the competition.

Search Engine Marketing

Utilise your brand’s authority to its utmost potential and dominate the online arena with specialised search engine marketing for enterprise businesses. Digital Popcorn’s team of highly skilled Google Ads experts can help you achieve measurable, controllable, and cost-effective results thanks to their knowledge and expertise in the ever-evolving world of search engine marketing or SEM. SEM offers great return on investment for enterprise businesses that partner with the right digital marketing agency. Our results approach is proven to improve brand awareness and drive conversions. What’s more, the results of an effective SEM campaign can be visible almost immediately, making Google Ads as satisfying as it is lucrative.