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About Digital Marketing, SEO & Social Media - Digital Verge. How to Write Compelling Meta Descriptions for SEO. Are you able to create effective meta descriptions for your website?

How to Write Compelling Meta Descriptions for SEO

If you have done SEO for your website, then you might have considered every single search engine ranking factor in-detail isn’t? Now, it’s time to focus on “Meta Descriptions”. 8 Key Components of Successful Digital Marketing Strategy. Now-a-days for any business to succeed, they need to make their presence online, true isn’t?

8 Key Components of Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

These days we are hearing a lot about digital media and marketing online, the businesses that are investing into these marketing channels are growing digitally and gaining profitable returns too. When we talk about digital marketing, a lot of things run in our minds like: what is digital marketing, how to start, which channels to use, and how to be effective? Well, firstly you need to understand the importance of digital marketing and how will your business get benefited from it, because digital marketing works differently for every business.

Why is Digital Marketing Important? About Digital Marketing, SEO & Social Media - Digital Verge. How to Use Hashtags on Twitter. Everyone is aware of hashtags, they are everywhere from personal postings on social media to marketing posts of a business/brand.

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter

We all use them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms too, right? What is a Hashtag? Let’s get to basics a little. It’s a word that is prefixed with a “#” symbol, which turns out that word into a link. How to Set Up Goals in Google Analytics. Every webmaster monitors their Google Analytics data daily, having record of number of sessions, users and pageviews; is that enough?

How to Set Up Goals in Google Analytics

Absolutely NO. Knowing overview of the metrics is not enough to analyze the performance of the website and reaching your goals. Most important thing is to know whether your website is helping your business to grow or not. Social Media Demographics Every Marketer Should Know. Social Media has been changing every second and each social media platform has a different impact on users.

Social Media Demographics Every Marketer Should Know

For every Social Media Marketer, knowing more and more information about new social media statistics, audience behavior and demographics data, would help them build a cracking strategy. Well, every business/brand has their own unique audience that generally belong to their niche, who are segregated differently when it comes to social platforms and react differently for every social activity. In such cases, every business and their social media marketers should be aware of their audience behavior and demographics, it also helps them to reach right audiences at right time. Want to know Social Media Demographics for building better strategy for your social media marketing?

Sprout Social has driven out some amazing demographics of prominent and leading social media platforms and presented in an infographic. About Digital Marketing, SEO & Social Media - Digital Verge. Every Twitter Marketer Should Know. Social Media marketers struggle to manage multiple social accounts of multiple clients, don’t they?

Every Twitter Marketer Should Know

The only way to make their work easy and save time is to use social media management tools. Well, there are plenty of tools that would maximize your time, allowing you to manage multiple accounts and providing you with various opportunities to grow. When we talk about managing multiple Twitter accounts, there is no other tool better than: TweetDeck. How to Link Twitter and Facebook.

Both Twitter and Facebook are huge social platforms, that no business/brand can afford to miss.

How to Link Twitter and Facebook

Sometimes audiences on Twitter and Facebook can be different, like fans on your Facebook page may not be followers on Twitter profile, isn’t? Well, it doesn’t hurt but if you want to showcase your Tweets to your Facebook fans, there is simple way to do it. 5 Time-Saving Tools for Scheduling Instagram Posts. Instagram being second most engaged social media platform after Facebook bearing 400 Million active users, has been providing enormous opportunities for the marketers and individuals to grow their business/brand visually.

5 Time-Saving Tools for Scheduling Instagram Posts

Is Instagram part of your social media marketing strategy? If not, you better start building a Instagram profile and showcase your content on this amazingly powerful platform. Ultimate Guide to Track Social Media Traffic in Google Analytics. Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram have their own analytics that help businesses understand their performance in these channels.

Ultimate Guide to Track Social Media Traffic in Google Analytics

To tailor for more insights and dig-in for more information about your presence and performance on these social media channels, Google Analytics is where you should be. For SEO professionals, Google Analytics has been like mentor throughout the SEO journey providing loads of insights about the website performance, traffic and conversions. About Digital Marketing, SEO & Social Media - Digital Verge. 5 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2017. We all know that, Keyword Research is the most crucial and intricate part of the SEO.

5 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2017

Keywords stand out to be the pillars of SEO and once you get the keywords right, half of the SEO is done. Every SEO professional has their own way to dig out targeted keywords for the website, some follow keyword research tips and some of them take help of keyword research tools. 9 Proven Tips for Writing Clickable Blog Titles. Are you getting your blog titles right? Title is the first thing your visitors would see or you can say title is the trigger point, seeing which visitor will enter your blog/website to read the content. So, basically an awesome and catchy title can make a good impression on the readers. What is the use of an elaborated content, intense reports or valuable information; if your title is not inviting the readers. Whether you are relying on search engines or social media platforms or be it any other online entities to drive traffic; only effectively tailored titles will encourage readers to give their time and read the content.

20 Twitter Statistics Every Marketer Should Know. Twitter is the most influential social media we have today. It is absolutely amazing platform for businesses, brands, celebrities and individuals, who want to connect with the world and tend to interact with like minded people. For businesses, twitter stands out to be exceptionally beneficial, in projecting services/products, connecting with the audience and mainly to interact with the customers directly. Increasing Importance of Visual Content in Digital Marketing. Do you know that our brain processes images faster than text? That is the reason you find images all over your social media feeds.

Get a glimpse of it by visiting your social accounts; be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and so on. 5 Simple Tools to Create Stunning Social Media Images. Sometimes a image on social media inspires us for the day and we all love visual content, don’t we? Do you know, content with relevant images get 94% views more than the Content without visuals.

Without visuals we wouldn’t have platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, on which people are sharing loads of visuals every minute.