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Digital Sushma shares articles, guides, and studies around Digital Marketing (Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing), Content Management, WordPress & Hosting, Various Tools & Plugins, and other topics relevant to the blog.

Latest SEO Trends of 2021 - Digital Sushma. 5 Timeless Tips to Make Successful Investments - Digital Sushma. Top 10 Inbound Marketing Strategies for 2021 - Digital Sushma. 5 Must-Watch Blogging Platforms of 2021 - Digital Sushma. You can handle almost every feature of your website.It is easy to optimize your website for search engines.You can easily add features like contact forms, galleries, etc. to your website.You can include features such as forums, paid membership, etc., and earn some handsome amount with the help of your blog.The next important advantage associated with is the availability of above 50,000 plugins and themes.You require sound technical knowledge to manage your website or blog.All the overhead of backups and security is yours only.The platform is completely free to use.The platform is convenient to operate.Confined set of features to refine your theme or blog.You are not the boss of your own blog.Friendly to set up and useThe availability of a diverse range of ready-templates meeting your varying development needs.Restricted support for third-party apps.The template once selected cannot be changed.Very limited features to establish an eCommerce site.

5 Must-Watch Blogging Platforms of 2021 - Digital Sushma

The Importance of Implementing SEO In Your Fashion Business. Is it True that Even Non-Technical Person Can Also Build a Mobile Application? The decision to take up which of these options to build an app depends upon your business process needs.

Is it True that Even Non-Technical Person Can Also Build a Mobile Application?

If the app needs to perform complex functionalities and requires non-stop updates and technical support, hiring a well-known company will be a good decision. For example, you want to build an app for fleet management services for your logistic business. Such a type of app will require different integrations and functionalities and can be created with the latest technologies only. How to Boost Your Email Marketing Campaign - Digital Sushma. 5 Marketing Trends to Expect for 2021 - Digital Sushma. 12 Things in Your CV that can Disappoint the Hiring Manager. Top 10 Business Application Software 2021 - Digital Sushma.

Cost reductionsTeam growthCohesive business strategyProgrammed repetitive tasksMore productivityIncreased securityHigher control over business Microsoft 365 E3- $20 user/monthMicrosoft 365 E5- $35 user/monthMicrosoft 365 F3- $10 user/monthFree Tools- Free subscription including the core tools.Starter- $45 per month |2 UsersProfessional- $350 per month | 5 UsersEnterprise- $1200 per month | 10 UsersFree- Includes forms, email marketing, live chats, ads preferences, etc.Starter- $50 per month Professional- $890 per month Enterprise- $3200 per month Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)Global Business Management (OneWorld)Customer Relationship ManagementProfessional Services Automation (PSA)OpenAirOmnichannel Commerce (SuiteCommerce)SuiteSuccess.

Top 10 Business Application Software 2021 - Digital Sushma

How to Delete Facebook Account Using Desktop and Android Or iOS. How to Delete Facebook Account Using Desktop and Android Or iOS. The Changing Face of The Marketing Sector With Digitalization. Five Incredible Ways to Grow and Sustain Your Startup. The Best Gaming Routers Of 2020 - Digital Sushma. 6 Amazing Instagram Video Ideas That Astonish Your Followers. Show the product’s final result you are teasing or the process outcome you share in your promoting video.Talking to the device camera to provide an offer or event.Listing features or key takeaways with texts on the screen.Showcase a time-lapse video of product packaging that is ready for shipping to your customers instead of speaking of product sales.Showcase a time-lapse video of getting readying the venue of your event going to happen, instead of video logging the full day and talking of simple details.Showcase a time-lapse video of deliberating a piece of video content or product, instead of going depth into the product’s matter.A demo video of the working procedure of your product.Showing your product to the entire world.A short speech with the customers about how they utilize the product.

6 Amazing Instagram Video Ideas That Astonish Your Followers

What Should You Go For - Long-Form or Short-Form Content? What to Use When?

What Should You Go For - Long-Form or Short-Form Content?

High-end products that require a deep understanding of the product.Products and services that require a commitment to purchase.The B2B cycle is often complex that demands long-form content.Early-stage marketing, where users are unaware of the product.Technical products that require more content to explain the technical features.When readers are familiar with your product and need a little push to buy the product.The product and service are less expensive, or the products’ benefits can easily be defined in short-form content.If the customers are ready to buy the product from you, they require a little more information about the product.Blogs posts and social media content where the audience only skim the content.

Why Content Marketing is Important in 2020 - Digital Sushma. Ways to Get into and Earn More from Digital Marketing - Digital Sushma. Let’s have a look into the tips that will help you to get into and earn more from digital marketing:

Ways to Get into and Earn More from Digital Marketing - Digital Sushma

How will AI Rule the Future? - Digital Sushma. Why do they say that?

How will AI Rule the Future? - Digital Sushma

What do these terms mean in the first place? What is their power that made them such a fearful/astonishing technology? How will AI rule the future world? Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs Success Stories - Digital Sushma. Marketing and Growth Hacking Strategies. Importance of Website Design for your Online Business. Simple Guide to Data Science Vs Artificial Intelligence. Data Science is used for Marketing, Promoting, Advertisings, Search Engines on WWW, etc.

Simple Guide to Data Science Vs Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is used in most industries that need operations to be done through machines like hotels, healthcare, automation, etc.AI is algorithm-based, while Data Science is based upon statistics.In Artificial Intelligence, forecasting is done to understand future requirements. However, data science is a continuous process of collection, observation, forming hypotheses, testing them, and forming theories.

AI involves Machine learning and deep learning. Data Science, on the other hand, uses data analytics.Data Science welcomes data in any form, be it structured or unstructured. Artificial Intelligence has data in the form of vectors and such. How to do Affiliate Marketing for Amazon. Best Whatsapp Spy App for Android Devices 2020. Android Monitoring App for Parents to Protect Kids & Teens. Call logs to spy on inbound and outbound callsSMS tracker to track all incoming and outgoing text messagesMultimedia tracker to spy on all photos, videos, audios and other multimedia filesLive 360 surrounding listeners to listen to voices in the surround of targeted mobileLive 360 camera streaming to view live activities around the targeted phoneSocial media apps tracker to view targeted persons all social media accounts activitiesGPS location tracker to spy on live MAP location and location history as wellEmail tracker to keep record all received and sent emailsGeo-Fencing to pin the safe and unsafe location on targeted person android deviceTOS Monthly XLite Edition cost is $25/month.TOS Monthly Premium Edition cost is $50/month.TOS Quarterly XLite Edition cost is $15/month.TOS Quarterly Premium Edition cost is $31.66/month.TOS Yearly XLite Edition cost is $6.25/month.TOS Yearly Premium Edition cost is $12.5/month.

Android Monitoring App for Parents to Protect Kids & Teens

Top Kindle E-Books - Digital Sushma. How to Delete an Instagram Account - Digital Sushma. You could be spending too much time it.

How to Delete an Instagram Account - Digital Sushma

You are way too involved on Instagram that time is passing by way faster than usual. Now it is interfering with your daily work.Social media is snatching the realistic value of life from you.There are many technological bugs that prevent you from editing reels and uploading videos.Instagram is owned by Facebook. So, you are viewing similar content on both websites whether you use the application or the webpage. It does not matter because both are connected with each other.The environment on your social media is toxic and fires the privacy you used to have.You are entering a social zone where you need validation from others.You have begun comparing your lives with others. That is mentally disturbing anyway.There is too much negativity involved in the news channels posting content. Build Your Own Website Using MilesWeb’s Site Builder. How to Find The Best Wi-Fi Channel for Your Router. Flipkart Big Billion Days Offers - Digital Sushma. How to Advertise on Facebook in 2020 - Digital Sushma.

List of Famous Successful Black Women Entrepreneurs Stories. The Magical Recipe of Successful Entrepreneurship. Power of Video Marketing. Your Search Engine machines love video ads and can enhance your sales to a greater extent.Video messages can convey a lot of information in a short period.People love video ads due to the educational messages that they conveySome of the video ads appear in between other videos, and thus it engages more people.You can monitor the performance of video ads through analytical tools in social media sites.

Effective Business Research Methods that will Maximize your ROI. Social Media Influencers: The New Medium of Effective Marketing. Who is a Social Media Influencer? What is meant by social media influencer marketing? Top social media influencers throughout the world: Huda Kattan: Kendall Jenner: Cameron Dallas: Zach King: Michelle Lewin: Chiara Ferragni: PewDiePie: elrubiusOMG Smosh. Your Best Clickfraud Protection Software for 2020. Pricing: This software will offer you fourteen days of free trial, and during this period, if you face any issues, you can report the same. After the trial period, you will have to pay Fifteen dollars per month for using this Clickfraud protection software. Easy Ways to Make Learning Video Content on YouTube.

Who doesn’t know YouTube? Every day, billions of videos are watched on YouTube. In fact, based on the We Are Social survey, 150 million Indonesians actively use social media (medsos). And from these various social media, YouTube is the most visited or accessed platform, reaching 88 percent of total social media users in 2019. Moz Vs. Semrush: Which SEO Tool Is the Best? Moz Audit site: The audit site is aimed to find and correct problems on your site.

SEMrush checks for the potential threats and alerts you every time the web site is at risk.Tracking position: You can select up to a hundred keywords from the SEMrush pro edition and test your website rates with such keywords in search engines.Moz Forums: If you face issues with the software or need quick help, check-in Moz’s forum to find expert advice and timely responses to queries. Supportive Insights: With the supporting insights feature, you can gain a competitive advantage. A Comprehensive Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization in 2020. A Comprehensive Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization in 2020. 10 Best Clickfunnels Alternatives In 2020. WhatsApp Business App. Microsoft 365 Apps for Business. Best Apps for Small Business. How to Promote Your Youtube Channel. Best Apps That Pay You Back for Android. Beginners’ Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

Top 10 Business Apps for Android - Digital Sushma. Tips for Creating Engaging Content-Twitter. 10 Best Money-Making Apps that Pay Cash 2020. How to Make Money on Instagram.