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Want to learn more about SEO and Digital Marketing or want to generate more sales? Here is all in one platform to grow your business online and rank higher in Google.

6 Things you didn’t Know About Video Downloading Tools. Top 10 Business Application Software 2021 - Digital Sushma. Popular SaaS Trends of 2021 - Digital Sushma. Day After Christmas Holiday: Happy Boxing Day Celebration. How to Make Money on Instagram. 10 Best Money-Making Apps that Pay Cash 2020. Content Management Plan for 2020. What are the Importance and Reasons for Cybersecurity for SEO? Which One is the Best CMS Platform in 2020 Between Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress. It is a platform for open sources Simple license accessibility Facility to use There are several thousand models and topics available You can migrate easilyIt has over a million committed software developers, trains, policymakers, and publishers.

Which One is the Best CMS Platform in 2020 Between Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress

It is a vast open software network. Besides, group members tend to meet in different regions of the world. Drupal also organizes events that encourage users to learn and develop their skills.Easy to use For beginners, it is best considered The plugin and prototype feature has been pre-installed It allows a great deal of adaptation to a subject More than 45000 plugins are availableAll free and open source applications available under GPL are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.These three are primarily written in PHP. They all endorse MySQL as the framework for data processing. WordPress Brizy Page Builder Plugin Fixed a Broken Access Control Vulnerability. The broken access control vulnerability was reported to the authors on 20th May, 2020.

WordPress Brizy Page Builder Plugin Fixed a Broken Access Control Vulnerability

On 2nd June, 2020 a new version 1.0.125 was released. However, because all vulnerabilities were still exploitable in version 1.0.125, the authors were contacted again the same day. In the result of it a new version 1.0.126 was released on 3rd June, 2020.Now the WordPress Brizy Page Builder plugin fixed a broken access control vulnerability which was affecting version 1.0.125 and below that could allow any authenticated user to gain full access to the editor. Few Points to Remember About the Brizy Page Builder Version: 1.0.126Last updated: 2 weeks agoActive installations: 60,000+WordPress Version: 4.5 or higherTested up to: 5.3.4PHP Version: 5.6 or higherLanguages: 30. Top 10 Best Selling Android Phones Under 15000 in India. Bestselling android phones under Rs.15,000 price is essential to the Indian mobile phone industry since it is open to many individuals.

Top 10 Best Selling Android Phones Under 15000 in India

It’s very hard to choose the best android or smartphones which is not only has good features with better camera, battery and more but also should be pocket friendly. You can buy best android phones with lots of features under Rs. 15,000. Here is some selected branded bestselling android phones for you. So, let’s check the list below: Redmi Note 9 Pro Features: Facebook and Instagram Adds New Prompts to Urge Mask During the Covid-19 Pandemic. Facebook will reveal new high-level feed picks on both Instagram and Facebook, with COVID-19 cases increasing in the U.S.

Facebook and Instagram Adds New Prompts to Urge Mask During the Covid-19 Pandemic

People are advised to wear masks when they lose their jobs. Throughout its Facebook and Instagram Adds New Prompts to Urge Mask, Facebook will also be adding messages to enable users to wear a mask. Facebook confirmed by a post on their webpage: “We’re warning with the rise in COVID-19 in the U.S. than Facebook and Instagram Adds New Prompts to Urge Mask would be at the top to alert everybody that their face coverings are wearing and that we’ll provide more CDC preventative tips in our COVID-19 resource center.” A warning will be shown on Facebook’s News Feeds. It will lead users to the COVID-19 research center, which provides additional information through links to the Outbreak Control and Prevention Centers. There has been some concern regarding the use of masks and contradictory details from government sources.

The U.S. Google's New Algorithm Update for Best SEO Practices in 2020. Let’s understand what is SEO.

Google's New Algorithm Update for Best SEO Practices in 2020

It is the short form of search engine optimization. Google is the well-known search engine all across the world. The word optimization in English means utilization of a resource in the best possible way. So, it is the method to optimize use the search engine as an effective way for your online presence. Market of Web Hosting Service Market Reviewed for 2020 – 2026. The covid 19 pandemic, with the ongoing measures taken to digitize the world has created ample opportunities for business to flourish in different way.

Market of Web Hosting Service Market Reviewed for 2020 – 2026

The impact of digitization has shown its effect on its web hosting industry to. This industry is the backbone of the world wide web in terms for business presence. Let’s understand what are web hosting services. Google will Shut Down its AI-Guided Photos Printing Service, Know, Why? Google recent service named as automated photo printing service is soon to be end on June 30.

Google will Shut Down its AI-Guided Photos Printing Service, Know, Why?

The service aimed to select photos that you have taken in a month using an AI software and make a print out and send it to you. The $8 subscription of the service was just started in month of February but the subscribers of the service were knocked with a mail that was stating to end the service by June 30. it was the testing phase of the service where feedbacks from subscribers were to be considered.

The first incarnation of the service has to bid adieu a bit much early, but through the above action of the company we cannot conclude the service will not be in action any further. We can consider several reasons of the early shutting down of the service before its fully launch the foremost reason might be the covid 19 pandemic that has built major issues in front of the organization as well as the whole world which needs to be addressed these days.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Market with Covid-19 Impact. This year 2020 has brought so many changes in our lives due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Market with Covid-19 Impact

It has an impact on our personal, professional and social life. As everyone is now focusing on “From home, at home” like things its bringing impact on the marketing field. Due to the impact of this Covid-19 pandemic peoples are knowing about the importance of being digital. Now websites, digital payments, digital marketing, remote working opportunities getting more importance than the traditional ones.

Google Meet Vs Zoom: All You Need to Know Which One is Better. During this lockdown period huge number of organizations around the world shifted to remote working and number of companies are using video conferencing apps or tools like Zoom, Google Meet and more options are there.

Google Meet Vs Zoom: All You Need to Know Which One is Better

Here I am writing about these two platforms. The number of users using Google Meet is 100 million users a day, compared to 200 daily users for Zoom as of the last week of April 2020. Top Ways to Earn Extra Money from Online. Hey!

Top Ways to Earn Extra Money from Online

Are you worrying about money, how to earn money during this crisis? Safety Tips: How to Put on and Take Off a Facemask. Stay Safe, Wear a Mask. Ahead, some good hygiene tips on how to correctly put on and take off a face mask. These tips will keep you and your loved ones safe. How to Advertise on LinkedIn to Grow Your Business. You have run lots of campaigns or ads on Facebook and on Google. We can run ads on different social media channels. Set Up Your Google Meet Video Conferencing Feature to Work Remotely. Top Digital Marketing Certifications that will Sharpen Your Skills and Get You Hired in 2020.

Online marketing or digital marketing is a very exciting field for the digital experts, who work very hard for their clients or audience to maintain the top position in search engine from their competitors. Know Your Health Benefits from Vitamin C. Vitamin C is very essential for everyone’s health. It is one of the most important water-soluble vitamins and also found in fruits and vegetables like orange, beans, chili papers, lemon and many more. Top Fruits and Vegetables Which are High In Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and it does not produce in human body. Therefore, it is essential to consume vitamin C in regular diet. Tried and Tested Google Ads Strategies for Higher ROI.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the core method that is typically used for getting organic search engine results and thereby, traffic to the website. Paid Advertisement is a method where the owners of the ad space are paid to advertise so that the target audience could be reached. Some common categories of paid advertisement are pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-impression (PPI) and of course, display ads. So, let’s delve into the world of Google ads strategies to see how we can make paid advertisements run for optimum results and they could give us a higher ROI. First off, what are the benefits of paid advertisements? Why Should You Choose Managed WordPress Hosting. A website is all about the hosting provider and as a brand; you would have to be extremely careful with it.

If your website is not blazing-fast, it might increase the bounce rate, which might further affect your audience and pose a danger to the security as well. How to Hide a Post On Facebook from Computer and Smartphone. One day when I was surfing the net in the cyber cafe, a lady teacher came to me and asked me if I knew how to hide a post on Facebook. I asked her, the reason for hiding the Facebook post. An Exclusive Guide to the Recent Google My Business Update. Not much is said about the current situation, but it is time to let the cat out of the bag. Google My Business, or as SEO executives like to spell it colloquially, GMB, has made all its services limited due to the spread of the global pandemic, COVID19.

This particular life-threatening disease, known for community-spread, is causing a hiatus in the minds of people across the world and Google is no different. As a part of its step towards reducing the number of workers in its offices, Google has decided to limit its services. Worse affected are sections such as Google reviews and business listings. Best Famous Quotes of All Time. How to Get Started with Zoom – Step by Step Guide. Zoom is an excellent video conferencing, online meetings and group messaging into one easy to use platform for every individuals and companies. Your 101 to Propeller Ads for Android and Blogger. Top 25 Worldwide Free Dofollow Profile Submission Site List 2020. Top 10 Money Making Apps for Android That Will Make Your Life Easy. Google Chrome Rolled Out New Updates of Privacy Concern. Top Worldwide Free Dofollow Image Submission Site.

Top 10 Educational App for Students and Professionals. How to Improve Traffic to New Website Doing Content Marketing? New Features Introduces by Microsoft Advertising for Shopping Campaigns. New Announcement from WordPress Release of Gutenberg Editor 7.2 & 7.3. Top Digital Marketing Quotes to Inspire Your Strategy. Worldwide Top 25 Dofollow High DA Social Bookmarking Sites. Google Search Console Added New Feature Called Removals Tool. Top Online Marketing Tools That Will Help You for SEO. Amazing Keyword Research Tool To Look For in 2020. How to Add Google Analytics to Your Website. How to Optimize Website for Voice Search. Digital Blogger and Digital Marketing Expert in India. Get Updates on Digital Marketing.

What are the Tips and Tricks to Grow your Business with Digital Marketing. How to Increase Domain Authority of Your Website. Top Free Business Listing Sites in India and Worldwide with High DA. Quora Marketing Strategy – How to Grow your Online Business with Quora. Boost Your Sales with Social Media Marketing Strategy. Step By Step Guide to Schedule Instagram Posts Without Using Third Party App. SEO Backlink Strategy Guide 2020. SEO Techniques That Will Increase Your Website Traffic.