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Digital Pursuit is a leading web designing and web development company based on Fort Lauderdale and Miami in United States. With more that 25 years of experience, it has a quality team of innovative and experienced professionals to make every deliver project to be with high-quality.

Web Design Industry – The Past, The Present and The Future. It is quite impossible to predict or say what the web designing is going to be in the next 20 year.

Web Design Industry – The Past, The Present and The Future

But, possibilities are there to say how and where the web designing industry is going to be in the next two years (say later of 2016 or the earlier of 2017). The internet now didn’t happen just like that as it took a series of implementation and years of work to reach this spot. The Past: Initially – in later 1960s – ARPANET was the only source of finding data and information. Later, in the early 1990s we got a new scale for our internet search where every single thing became possible with the internet. Want a thriving business 2016? Focus on recent trends in mobile apps development! Mobile apps development industry is successful year after year rapidly as the result of the increase in the number of mobile users.

Want a thriving business 2016? Focus on recent trends in mobile apps development!

A recent report stated that nearly 80% of the world’s population own a mobile phone and in which around 65% own a Smartphone. 70% of the internet traffic is driven by mobile devices like Smartphone, laptops, tablets, and more. The increase in the mobile internet users led to a drastic improvement in the mobile app industry. Almost 70% of the website owners own a mobile app for their business. Why mobile apps development? Mobile apps development is securing the hearts of many businesses as it is turning the profit in almost every industry. What are the recent happenings in mobile app industry as far as 2016 is considered? 2015 was a great year for the information technology (IT) industry, especially the mobile applications market. Mobile payments made easy and reliable It has been evidently proven that mCommerce has taken over the eCommerce market.

Like this: Fascinating Custom Programming that can help your business grow. In the fast moving world, the role of Information Technology (IT) is more fascinating as they tend to be more reliable to run almost everything.

Fascinating Custom Programming that can help your business grow

The role of software and related products like Excel to Oracle to manipulate a vast amount of data, processes, task and more is pretty forward and very helpful. But still the people around in every company have their idea to implement as it helps the business stay ahead of the competitors in this advanced world. What is Custom Programming? Custom programming is a concept designed to develop a custom software with specific functions that can meet the requirement of a company that requires the software. Custom software is specially designed and developed for a particular organization or single customer.

Email marketing. Web Programming. Web development company miami - Digital Pursuit. Digital Pursuit can develop a custom turnkey application as part of your new website or intregrate it into your existing website.

Web development company miami - Digital Pursuit

Web-based applications are ideal for businesses that want to incorporate their business functions (inventory control, retail sales, human resources, client retention, just to name a few) into their website. This creates a central portal for existing clients, staff, and prospective clients to have access and control of all the core functionality involved in running their entire business.

In addition, we can integrate a mobile-centric strategy to have these same features available from mobile phones and tablets Whether you need your applications developed in Cold Fusion, PHP, or, our team of skilled and talented programmers can deliver your web-based application on time and within budget. Interest Free Financing Digital Pursuit offers Interest Free Financing on all web site and programming projects....Learn More.

How to protect WordPress website from offenders? WordPress has become the platform that has taken up everything in the web designing and development industry.

How to protect WordPress website from offenders?

It is now considered as one of the biggest platform in the web world that helps people and business meet their needs with utmost care. WordPress is an open source platform that has the huge number of themes and plugins to do every task and to suit every industry. Since, it is an open source platform and gives public access to many developers around the world, the security issues faced by WordPress is increasing day by day. Everything is not done when you buy a theme, make some changes and publish it. WordPress is vulnerable to security threats, and one has the use few more practices to keep the website secure. In the top 5 vulnerable plugins, 3 were commercial plugins available for purchase.Nearly 75% of the popular site that used WordPress were reported to be vulnerable.

Few ways to make your wordpress website secured: Few Plugins to make your website stay secure from spammers: Social Media Marketing - Digital Pursuit. Typically, all website owners would love to be on the first page of Google search results.

Social Media Marketing - Digital Pursuit

In the early days of websites, that was easy. Today with the literally billions of websites, it's very complicated and time-consuming to get to first page search results. There are four basic ways to market your website on the Internet: Search Engine Optimization: In the long run, this is the most effective way and has long-lasting results. Your expectation, however, should be that it can take several months of work on our part (and a little work on your part) to start seeing results. Regardless of which approach, or combination of approaches you wish to take, Digital Pursuit can guide you and implement your Internet Marketing Campaign, and start to make your website a new client acquisition and revenue source for your business.

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