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Digital Monkey Pvt Ltd is a foremost IT service provider and is preferred by most of the clients. At first, we listen to all the needs of our clients and then work to fulfil their special requirements. Our performance exceeds the expectations of our clients as we deliver the result beyond the expectations. We always stay in touch with our clients to complete the project as per their demand.

Best Web Designing and UI Trends That You Should Follow. We have started to check design elements which will be the best for the business.

Best Web Designing and UI Trends That You Should Follow

Most of the trending themes are continuations of the things that have been creating in projects – more gradients, plenty of minimalism and rule-breaking typography. As the website designing in delhi is increasing at a rapid rate and that is because the professionals are getting better. There are trends which are emerging too, such web designs that feature dark modes, number of interfaces with the audio elements and push for 3D pics. Newsletter Template Creator With the postcards, you can make and edit email templates without coding skills! How Important is Social Media Optimization and Why? by Digital Monkey.

In the digital world, few do not know about “Social Media”.

How Important is Social Media Optimization and Why? by Digital Monkey

You also must know the importance of Social Media and the digital revolution it conveyed. Here we are going to look at key features and the Importance of SMO. There are several affordable social media optimization services provider that will give you the best service for your site to boost its ranking. E-commerce Website Development – Important Approach for the Business Growth.

According to a recent survey, around 65% of online users have bought stuff over the Internet.

E-commerce Website Development – Important Approach for the Business Growth

We live in a world of high technology; most of the businesses are shifting towards the online that generate evolution in the E-commerce business, and have converted into an ineluctable tool to bring your business to a new height. An e-commerce website is the finest solution by which business people can sell products to the online buyers, and purchasers can compare rates with the click of the mouse and buy the selected product at the optimal costs. You can see several e-commerce website development company in the market willing to resolve all your problems in no time. Therefore, you have to design a user-friendly site which is systematically displaying your products with effortless payment options to purchase them online. Top Tips for Business to Business PPC.

Tips to Write SEO Articles with Relevant Keywords. Do you wish to learn how to create SEO articles?

Tips to Write SEO Articles with Relevant Keywords

No person is an expert in the field of SEO, however, there are few tricks that you can utilize to optimize articles and convert them into search engine friendly. Most of the top SEO service providers use relevant and essential tips to give your site a better online ranking. You must have heard of some common points, such as keyword density should be of a certain percentage, utilize keyword in the meta description, insert it in the first paragraph of post etc. Affordable SEO Services. Affordable SEO Services India SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basically enhances the online presence and improve ranking on search engine Ex.

Affordable SEO Services

Google, Yahoo! Know how to design a website at low price. Top Trends In Web Development And Their Benefit. The web world has billions of websites and around 200 million active sites by now.

Top Trends In Web Development And Their Benefit

Every day thousands of fresh websites are launched to intensify competition. In case, you wish to make business site noticeable, you have to implement good ideas and follow the latest trends. It is predictable for developers to have trends in mind when developing the enterprise-grade site. After a lot of brainstorming, our team has gathered the precise predictions about web development trends. To become a top web development agency, knowing these trends will be helpful for you as by using them, you can take your business to the top. AMP Is The Latest Norm Responsive design is in fashion when Google has given importance to mobile-friendly sites. PWA or Launch of Progressive Web Apps When you are to get the finest mobile websites and apps by leveraging technological advancements, PWA seems like a good concept. Chatbots Are Good How about offering your support chatbot benefit?

Push Notifications Triumph Save. Best Web Design Trends to Follow. What Is Meant By Lightbox In Web Designing And How To Make One by Digital Monkey. By Digital Monkey Professional Digital Agency It is a familiar scene: We are browsing the web, going from one page to the other when we see a popup on the screen.

What Is Meant By Lightbox In Web Designing And How To Make One by Digital Monkey

It is very frustrating for us. Lightbox popups need not be irritating. How to Make a Positive Brand Image by Online Reputation Management. In the world where some search results can break or make an image of your brand, online reputation management or ORM is important.

How to Make a Positive Brand Image by Online Reputation Management

Average Internet user gives approx 6.5 hours every day. It means that buyers are checking reviews, social networks, forums, articles, etc. to make an informed buying decision. As per Harvard Business School, one-star raise in Yelp rating can boost 5-9% of company revenue. The big brand lives in the customer’s mind and can ask for a good price. Keys to Exceptional Engagement on the Social Media by Digital Monkey.

It does not get better than a moment of delight on social media.

Keys to Exceptional Engagement on the Social Media by Digital Monkey

We love brands that deliver moments to buyers. We aim to give delight on a regular basis when we talk with our customers online. Social media engagement looks like slam dunk tactics. Every single person should do it, right? But it comes with blind spots and queries. Google BERT Update – The Most Important Algorithm Change in Long Years. Everybody is talking about the recently done BERT update as it is considered as the biggest change in the Google algorithm in the last few years.

Google BERT Update – The Most Important Algorithm Change in Long Years

Just like the other Google updates, we are confused about how this update will affect the working style. Even the biggest SEO company in India is talking about it. Know About BERT NLP Model Bert is an abbreviated form of bidirectional encoder representation from transformers. Latest SEO Tips ✅ SEO News, Digital Marketing Blog. Mobile App Development Services. Mobile App Development In the modern age of business mobile applications are becoming necessary for every business. These apps are useful tools as they enhance value, growth and strengthen customer base.

They are capable of create connection between business and customers. We are a leading mobile app development company which is expertise in creating powerful mobile application for different platform and with the latest technology We at Digital Monkey Solution Pvt. Google Site Kit: Official WordPress plugin for the Webmasters.

Is your WordPress site running slow because of installation of multiple plugins utilized to track AdSense, Analytics, Search Console, and Page Speed Insights? Search engine giant has launched one-stop-solution to track properties under a single dashboard. Google Site Kit that is Google’s official WordPress plugin aims at eliminating the hassle of WordPress site owners who used multiple plugins to track their Google properties. With the new Google WordPress Plugin, search engine aims to offer webmasters single dashboard where they can check how people interact with the site and monetize it based on interaction.

Advantages of Mobile App Prototyping. Most of the companies recognize the business value of user experience design, mainly considering that there are billions of mobile users worldwide. Businesses operate in a digital economy that means mobile experiences play a central role in making brand affinity. Developing engaging and user-friendly MVP (minimum viable product) begins with the mobile app prototyping. Mobile application prototyping is a form of the user research to validate strategic design direction of the product. A prototype is a preliminary visualization of a working product. In mobile application development, prototypes make understanding of product look and feel that aids test how consumers use and react to overall UX design.