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Digital marketing agency provide best services for complete web presence of a business such as creation of Mobile friendly / Responsive websites, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Social Media Optimization & Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Content Writing.

Social Media Marketing Agency. Mobile App Development Services. Website design & development Services - Superfreeze India Ltd. Wordpress Website Design & Development. 10 Tips to Hone Your Social Media Posting Skills. Social media marketing is a vital aspect of every business marketing campaign.

10 Tips to Hone Your Social Media Posting Skills

Your social media strategy includes creating brand awareness, lead generation, and customer retention. You can achieve all these objectives by developing excellent social media posting skills. Let us look at some of the writing tips that social media marketing services suggest to their clients.Convey the Message in a Casual Way Remember, you are dealing with social media. There is no need to be very formal in your approach. A casual tone can serve you better, and help relate to your customers. Before you start getting funny ideas, note that KISS denotes the “Keep It Short and Simple” approach. Resonating with your audience is important. Understand the difference between professional writing and social media writing.

Spelling and Grammar Have their Importance Yes, it is the social media, but you should concentrate on your spelling. Write Some Good Captions Capturing the attention of the viewer is critical. Indo-German Development Cooperation - 2018. Luxury Cottage in Shimla. Marley Villa offers a bouquet of 8 room cottage with all the luxuries of a fine vacation.

Luxury Cottage in Shimla

All rooms have been renovated and converted into a boutique style Villa. Every detail has been looked into with utmost care to maintain the perfect blend of nature mixed with a contemporary lifestyle, modern utilities while retaining the British grandeur and the goodness of ‘Pahari’ hospitality. Overall it is an optimum mix of the old and the new. We offer you the quietude of a mountain retreat with the convenience of the town of Shimla a stone’s throw away. Marley Villa has just the right ambience for rest, relaxation and fun. Marley Villa offers not only well established infrastructure with high ceiling rooms, wooden flooring, quaint fireplaces but also offers package holidayfor our valuable guests. How to Design a Website that Drives Sales - Blog. Five Tips to Get Your Business on the Map in the Digital Age. Bill Gates had said once, “When your business is not online, it is better you be out of business.”

Five Tips to Get Your Business on the Map in the Digital Age

When a person of the stature of Bill Gates makes such a statement, it is time for you take notice. If the only difference between your business and your competitor is that your rival has a website and you do not, you should be ready to lose the battle.Let us Look at Simple Ways to Get Your Business on the Map in the Digital AgeGet your Google My Business (GMB) Listing The days are such that your customer should be able to find you rather than you going out in search of your customer. The internet makes it simple for people to check out businesses online. Having a GMB listing is the best thing to do. Increase Your Brand Reputation with SEO Services in Gurgaon - DigitalHIVE. Over the past decade, Gurgaon has risen to be one of the biggest industrial hubs in North India.

Increase Your Brand Reputation with SEO Services in Gurgaon - DigitalHIVE

With its abundant resources, skilled labour availability, and access to the audience in both the capital and the NCR region, the city is indeed a thriving hub for several start-ups and MNCs. However, this very reason has led to extreme competition and to outshine the rest, many companies have turned to SEO. With the help of the best SEO company in Gurgaon, a brand can build its reputation by ranking high on search engine results and complementing it with quality products and services.Here is how availing SEO services in Gurgaon can help build your brand reputation: Optimizing Content Content marketing is the biggest asset any brand possesses.

One needs to be mindful of the target audience – whether it prefers long written blogs or inclines towards visual content instead. Customized cms website for ashok b lall architects delhi. Custom CMS Website Design & Development for Healthcare Sector. Mobile friendly wordpress site for uniform manufacturer, Gurgaon. Website development for architects in gurgaon. Website development for creative agency in india. Design & Development of Web Portal on Organisation Development. Responsive Website Design for Medical Sector. Responsive Wordpress Website For Non-profit organization. Responsive website for engineering company in gurgaon india. Wordpress website for medical equipment company in India. Responsive web designing and development for hospital website.

Parallax web design for overseas education consultant. CMS based responsive website design & development for travel. Responsive Web development for ERP Software Company, Gurgaon. Responsive Mobile friendly Website design & development - Elan. Website Designing & Development for Clarus Law Associates. Responsive Website design & development - Boutique hotel. Responsive Job Portal for Newcomers Jobs Canada. Website Designing & Development for Charisma. Web Design & development services for Trueseed. Oil exploration company website. Web development services for Suryagarh, a Luxury Hotel. Web design & development for A.Agarwal & Co.

Webdesign & web development for ARTisya. Website development for Samrat Interiors, Home Decor Store. Web design & development for KNM India. Mobile friendly Website development services for PR Pundit. Digital Hive Official Blog About Website Design Tips, Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, Blogging. Partners with Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon. Search Engine Friendly Website Design & Development. #1 Pay Per Click Management Company in Gurgaon. Mobile Marketing Agency in Guragon #DigitalHIVE.

Web application development company in Gurgaon, India. Mobile Friendly Responsive Websites Company in Gurgaon. Pay Per Click Management Company in Gurgaon. Seven Warning Signs That Your Website Is Not Performing Well. Seven Ways to Improve Your Website Load Time/Speed. If a website loads slow, it is bad for the end-user experience and for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Seven Ways to Improve Your Website Load Time/Speed

It can cause your website to rank lower in search engine results. Decrease in web page views, satisfaction of customers and conversions are observed. According to a study done by Akamai: 47 percent of visitors look forward for a web page to load in <= 2 seconds.If a web page loading takes > 3 seconds ,40 percent of (potential) visitors will move on.For 52 percent of online buyers, quick page loads are important for maintaining site faithfulness. Web design & development for Security Facility Management agency. Website Design & Development for Accounting and Advisory Firm. Social Media Marketing Company. Advantages of Regular Website Maintenance You Ought To Know! - Digital Hive. More often than not, a business which owns Content Management System (CMS) based websites, tends to believe that its site needs no work except for some content-based updates, every once in a while.

Advantages of Regular Website Maintenance You Ought To Know! - Digital Hive

However, that is not entirely true. For what it’s worth, ensuring that the website is in the safe hands of a professional will not only help the business owners/managers save their valuable time, but will also help in keeping up the much-desired professional look and appeal of the site. However, this isn’t the only benefit of the website AMC service that a business gets. In fact, there is much more to this service than just the professional appearance of the site. Let us take a closer look at what it actually entails! Helps Catch the Attention of New Visitors One of the most rewarding aspects of fresh content is that it helps attract new visitors to the website.

Needless to say, this acts as a great way to enhance the website’s visibility and eventually leads to increased traffic. SEO Services in Gurgaon- Digital HIVE. On Page SEO Activities Keyword and Competition Research Analyze top 5 competitors (No. of back link, quality of Back links, position on Google for targeted Keywords)Analyze Keywords using different tools Content Optimization The balancing of key words/phrases in the content shall be monitored on a regular basis and the required changes shall be requested when required.

SEO Services in Gurgaon- Digital HIVE

Also, recommendations shall be mailed from time to time for addition on New Content on the website. All this shall be based on the results of Keyword research and also the SEO Campaign Performance Indicator, ie. the Overview reports. Responsive Website Designing Company in Gurgaon - Digital HIVE. Social Media Posts – How to strategise for your Business? Social Media Posts: What to Post?

Social Media Posts – How to strategise for your Business?

When to Post? How frequently to post? How to choose the right keywords for SEO? Before getting on to the strategy for choice of keywords for SEO, first we need to understand as to what is SEO?

How to choose the right keywords for SEO?

SEO is the art of making the Search Engines believe that a particular website is a great website for a particular set of key words so that when a Search is conducted, the Search Engine positions this website among the top ranking websites. Now, if your website is say a five to ten page, small business website and you try to do its Search Engine Optimization for a set of 100 keywords, it would not be possible to make the search engine believe that your site is great for 100 different keywords, because the content of the website would not be able to justify this claim. Hence, the number of keywords for which you optimize your website should ideally not be around the number of pages that are there in the website. This however is not a rule, but in most of the cases this formula works.

Creating Search Engine Friendly Website. The most important factor for creating a Search engine friendly website is the richness of its content.

Creating Search Engine Friendly Website

The content should be original and rich in information, not very repetitive. More content helps in making the Search Engines understand what your website is about and thus results in higher rankings. Regularly update your website. Frequent updates help you communicate the latest to the world. This is liked by google as this implies action at your end. Real Sales from Virtual World - A Gift of Digital Marketing - DigitalHIVE. While we are living a life that is woven around our online presence, it is very important that if we are to be successful in Business, we should be visible to our target audience in the Virtual World. Digital Marketing is a practice, that takes cares of this.

Now, our visibility can be in many forms: You are Searchable We need to be visible when we are required. This means, if you sell Refrigerators online and a when person wants to buy a refrigerator and he goes online to search for the same, he should be able to get to your website and make the transaction. For this you need to get SEO i.e. You are Visible. Most Important Factors while Developing a Mobile website. After the update of Google’s algorithm for increasing emphasis on mobile responsiveness of websites, there has been lot of chages going on in the Google’s SERP and hence to traffic response to business websites. This algorithm was named as “mobilegeddon”.

You can read all about this algorithm. Webmasters and business owners are now following this algorithm. I want to emphasise here that there is a slight difference in the Searh results for Mobile devices and Desktops. When you search on mobile then mobile responsive websites will come first. Let’s take a look at mobile user’s stats in current era. Digital Marketing Agency Gurgaon, India- #Digital Hive.