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Lookad is a company that has been in the advertising industry for the last three decades working with several national and regional brands. Digitale is an extension and a new foray for Lookad to extend its services as a full-service advertising agency. We work around the clock without any qualms and reservations – we grow with our clients and customers! We do not want to look at work as campaigns, contests or launches – work is to produce results, drive brands objectives and provide them with learnings and insights about the evolved digital user.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies of 2021. Against what most people assume, social media is not just about posting and waiting for likes and shares.

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies of 2021

It’s actually a medium that requires smart and careful planning in order to receive its manifold benefits. Digitale India — How to Promote Your Brand Digitally: What You Need... How to Promote Your Brand Digitally: What You Need to Know. Having a great product is great indeed!

How to Promote Your Brand Digitally: What You Need to Know

But what’s the point if it can’t be found by the people that need it? Of course, quality products will speak for themselves (a classic example of brands like ZARA or Rolls Royce) but you should ask yourself — how will you promote your brand first and get people to talk about you when there are thousands of brands to compete with? You’ll find that there is no better way to grow your business and establish a presence that captures India’s large internet user base. In case you didn’t know, the country has 687.6 million internet users (increasing by 128 million over the time span between 2019 to 2020). Another strong figure — about 70% of India’s 1.36 billion population are active social media users! Using a brand marketing agency, you can actually redirect this traffic straight towards your brand. Trending Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Snap Pixel Tracking To Measure Promotion Adverts - Digitale by digitalekolkata. Snap pixel tracking to measure promotion adverts. Social media marketing in Kolkata. Slide1: Snap Pixel Tracking To Measure Promotion Adverts Slide2:

Social media marketing in Kolkata

Snap Pixel Tracking to Measure Promotion Adverts. Best Digital Marketing Services Like SEO in Kolkata - Digitale. Digtale is the Best Full Service Digital Marketing Agency in India. Digital Advertising Agency in Kolkata. Snap Pixel Tracking To Measure Promotion Adverts. At the time when Snapchat originally introduced adverts in the year 2014, the social media company guaranteed to neglect adverts that were awfully unappealing and targeted.

Snap Pixel Tracking To Measure Promotion Adverts

Now, it seems that the days of “targeted advert free Snapchat” are over. The social media company has planned to roll out Snap Pixel, a conversion tracking tool that will enable the advertisers to articulately measure the traffic driven to the brand’s website through the Snapchat advert. On adding the pixel code, the advertiser will be able to track the conversions stemmed from the Snapchat referral traffic. With over 170 million users adding daily across the world, Snapchat exhibits an excellent chance for the brands to grow their target audience. Moreover, with the approach of the shopping season, the timing of releasing Snapchat tracking tool is near to perfect. Digital and Creative Ideation Agency in Kolkata. Social Consultancy & Brand Management As a Creative Agency, we develop creative strategies and best approach based on end goals.

Digital and Creative Ideation Agency in Kolkata

If your brand has no social existence, we can also help you build your social media presence from scratch. Our social media team are always on hand to assist and turn your potential customer issues into praise. Social Media Voice The different ways in which businesses can use creative ideation and strategydiffers massively. Why Should You Integrate Traditional & Digital Media To Build Consumer Trust? With digital marketing clambering up the ladder, the brands have gaped up to change their yesteryear advertising efforts into contemporary.

Why Should You Integrate Traditional & Digital Media To Build Consumer Trust?

Recent manifestations delineate that there has been an indisputable move in the marketing structure and sources that the audiences are utilizing to clinch on a product purchase. Paradoxically, while few consumers place considerably less faith in brand messages like advertisements, and place more amount of trust in sources like online reviews, other set of consumers believe the reverse.

Best SMO Agency In Kolkata. As a part of Social Media Marketing Agency, we provide help and guidance with the following social media services: Social Media Campaign Amplification An important but commonly overlooked element of building a successful campaign is the amplification of the social media content and brand voice.

Best SMO Agency In Kolkata

For standard updates, social media ads must be improvised to ameliorate your presence or generate interest in a brand-new product. We can promote your brand through Twitter accounts or trends, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram ads, sponsored YouTube ads or via Pinterest or snapchat content. Quora Marketing For Businesses 2017. “How digital data can help you to target a better audience?”

Quora Marketing For Businesses 2017

“What are the Google search trends in 2017?” “What is Geofencing Marketing?” While these questions can be answered via different websites, there are some websites that offer a forum to answer these questions in a credible and authentic way. Tumblr, Reddit, Yahoo Answers are few sites that have tried hard to deal with the user based internet questions but have considerably failed. Generally, the answers found in these sites are unrelated, spammy and biased. Quora, a question-answer podium, has successfully tackled the general situation which was arising and has stood out to become quite a niche. Alongside ranking as high as Wikipedia, Quora also has multiple publishing partners like Newsweek and Forbes, disseminating tons of high-quality content amongst distinct users. Best SEO Agency in Kolkata. SEO Audit & SEO Report We provide detailed and thorough technical audits that focus on fine-tuning your website to help perform to its maximum potential along with a detailed analysis of the category, competition and leads.

Best SEO Agency in Kolkata

We have been trusted to deliver solutions and SEO report and audits for some of the recognizable brands in India. Strategized Metrics. Digital Marketing Agency In Kolkata. Digital Marketing Agency with Effective Digital Strategies. Are Television Losing Their Audience To FB? Facebook dominates media – All know it really well.

Are Television Losing Their Audience To FB?

But now television stations are getting outmanoeuvred by social media channels leading to a shift in the audience preference. Before the digital platform, television station was the only medium of reliance for the audience. Digital Marketing For Real Estate. Real estate is tangible, an ever-growing industry that cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. It is purchased with common sense, payment is made in full and managed with utmost care.

Full service digital marketing agency. With Digitale, we intend to make our clients digital assets sharper and create a lasting impact in moments that matter the most to them. At Digitale we work with you, at every step of the way – be it brand/product launch, event promotion, consumer promotion or brand building. We create compelling digital experiences for you, and help your brand make its indelible mark in the digital hyperspace. Digitale is the digital wing of Lookad A company that has been in the advertising industry for the last 3 decades, that has worked with several national and regional brands and has won formidable accolades over the years. Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2017 – Digital Updates. The expeditiously evolving nature of digital trends has culminated into a complete makeover of marketing DNA. Marketers have ventured into the newer terrain to keep up with the digitally led consumers.

The increase of digital marketing trends has hit the stride hard stirring the roost in 2017. 1) Content Marketing To connect with the target group, the quality of the content must be engaging and inspiring. As per a research conducted in 2017 by the Content Marketing Institute- I> 40 % of B2C marketers revealed that their firm fare with documented marketing strategy. ii> 76 % of marketers propose to design more content in 2017.

I> 72% of Indian marketers find content marketing impactful on elevating brand awareness. ii> 56% divulged that content marketing assists to draw new customers. Digitale - Full Service Digital Agency in Kolkata, India. To Dad With Love. Can you believe it is already June? The month is waving so quickly that we can barely keep up with the excitement of espying Father’s Day. A Father is the best friend and greatest role model that any child can have. To celebrate Father’s Day, we have rounded up few campaigns of 2017. If you are as sentimental as the squad here at Digitale, I recommend you to stock up on the tissues because few of these Father’s Day ads are pretty much sentimentally tear jerking.

Staying honestly true to the line Dad isn’t a title, it’s a verb, M & S strays on a spiky note. Tanishq Tanishq, the known jewellery brand vividly portrays sentimental attachment of a father – daughter relationship. Gillette With the tagline Go Ask Dad, Gillette enlightens the essence of a father’s advice. 4 Social Media Strategies To Boost Your Business. The pass away of enraging days has transformed the e-commerce market into a competitive platform. Extreme competition has wavered the e-commerce business to clamber on social media strategies to strengthen and build on relationships with audiences for a loyal customer base. We have jotted down four most powerful social media strategies that can be used to increase the social media reach and traffic on website. 1) Smart Targeting & Dynamic Product Ads:

All About Google Lens. Google’s stargazing approach on a new product ‘Google Lens’ churning the AI value high is a profound way to search the internet through a camera.Officially announced at Google I/O developer conference 2017, Google Lens App is an upcoming new technology designed for android smartphone users.Stripping on the AI front, Google has steered the augmented wheels on.

How will AMP influence Digital Marketing? Escalated user behaviour towards mobile has propelled brands to gauge their deliverable spree. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a lucid underway spurted by marketers to drive a better experience for end users on the primary device. Before our trajectory stance on AMP, let’s explore and be articulate about- Brand Tribute To International Mother's Day 2017. Mother’s Day 2017 - A panicked spiky search that edged the onset of May. Such is the enigmatic touch of her kind that leaves both, the technical media and our lives beautified.Exceptionally gentle and tender yet maddening the vertebral of steel; she faces every impediment with warmth. Upcoming-digital-trends. The expeditiously evolving nature of digital trends has culminated into a complete makeover of marketing DNA. Rising Trends of Shopping Online. Similarly, the telecom sector has slashed the prices to offer pocket-friendly data packs to the consumers. With the success of e-commerce portals, there has been a shift to the mobile segment.

Every time a user unlocks his phone, it is an opportunity for a brand to drive him from discovery to purchase. The brands are luring more consumers to opt for m-commerce with lucrative discounts, coupons, and sweepstakes. Impact of Demonetisation on Digital Marketing. How important is digital transformation for brands? Channelizing The Customer In Digital Transformation. There is an application for every type of service or need and the customers have multiple options for the same offering. Digital technologies have taken the consumer space by gale. He relies more on research and slowly cultivates his intent over time. Moment Marketing with V-Day! #AdsWeLove. Content? #DoItDifferently. Emojis: The Unstoppable Trend of Digital Expressions.

#BeBoldForChange Campaigns To Look Out For. How to Connect with Generations on Social Media? Contact us for digital marketing services in kolkata. Digitale. Digitale. Search Engine marketing Agency. Full service digital marketing agency. Digitale-Digital media agency in kolkata.