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Lookad is a company that has been in the advertising industry for the last three decades working with several national and regional brands. Digitale is an extension and a new foray for Lookad to extend its services as a full-service advertising agency. We work around the clock without any qualms and reservations – we grow with our clients and customers! We do not want to look at work as campaigns, contests or launches – work is to produce results, drive brands objectives and provide them with learnings and insights about the evolved digital user.

Rising Trends of Shopping Online. Similarly, the telecom sector has slashed the prices to offer pocket-friendly data packs to the consumers.

Rising Trends of Shopping Online

With the success of e-commerce portals, there has been a shift to the mobile segment. Every time a user unlocks his phone, it is an opportunity for a brand to drive him from discovery to purchase. The brands are luring more consumers to opt for m-commerce with lucrative discounts, coupons, and sweepstakes. Impact of Demonetisation on Digital Marketing. The emergence of demonetisation for a moment left us all unintentionally baffled and amplified over the Digital Divide.

Impact of Demonetisation on Digital Marketing

But this did not stop us from gaining digital cognisance. A momentous shift in the Indian economy indirectly facilitated and laid the foundation for a digital marketing boom in India. Despite of being enlightened about the benefits of cashless economy, the evolution took some time to sink into the mind of the masses. Brands like Paytm, MobiKwik, Citrus Pay and Freecharge gained a lot of popularity amongst the citizens of the country post demonetisation. Likewise, the Government of India has also launched the Bhim app to assist the people over digital payments.

How important is digital transformation for brands? Often associated with fungibility, digital transformation is considered as an intrinsic change impacting the minds of the brand and the consumers.

How important is digital transformation for brands?

The brands that adopt digital transit are successful in creating a structural ecosystem for their customers. In contrary, brands that fail to adapt to the digital evolution fall in to the anonymous limbo list. For instance, Nokia's 14-year-old journey as world's top handset maker came to an end as it failed to abide by the changing digital needs. The digital platform gives you the opportunity to measure your return on investment along with a targeted reach and larger impact. Channelizing The Customer In Digital Transformation. There is an application for every type of service or need and the customers have multiple options for the same offering.

Channelizing The Customer In Digital Transformation

Digital technologies have taken the consumer space by gale. He relies more on research and slowly cultivates his intent over time. He bases his buying decisions on reviews and content online. Moment Marketing with V-Day! #AdsWeLove. With campaigns and contests filled with creativity, the brands have taken a leap forward to ‘woo’ their consumers on the digital realm.

Moment Marketing with V-Day! #AdsWeLove

This has created an opportunity for the brands to create an impression on their potential customers. Globally celebrated as Valentine’s Day or V-Day, 14th February has developed an identity for itself in the minds of the consumer. Content? #DoItDifferently. Digital campaign went wrong!

Content? #DoItDifferently

What was the brand trying to achieve? Moment marketing at its best…! Emojis: The Unstoppable Trend of Digital Expressions. 17th July, a worthy day precisely chosen to wallow in delight of Emojis.

Emojis: The Unstoppable Trend of Digital Expressions

#WorldEmojiDay celebrates the plethora of emoji faces arched as a staple of expressing words. A trendsetter, a rescuer of the visually driven, emotionally passionate and obsessively prompt globe- emojis has become a necessity for marketers. The self-expressive tool for millennial generation has evolved as a centrepiece fostering anime communication. The upsurge in visual trend has pushed brands to catch the coveted market to quench their digital appetite. Emojis doesn’t require a common language to understand what is being conveyed.

#BeBoldForChange Campaigns To Look Out For. A day dedicated to the unwavering mother, the affectionate girlfriend, the supportive sister, the considerable wife, the inspirational teacher, and the determined entrepreneur who continue to redefine boundaries and push limits.

#BeBoldForChange Campaigns To Look Out For

She is affectionate and hopelessly sympathetic yet consists of immense strength with unhindered poise and élan is celebrated on the global calendar on 8th March. On International Women’s day, our pick on some of the social media campaigns of 2017 where brands have ducked distinct variety of women centric themes with hash tags. How to Connect with Generations on Social Media? More than 2.3 billion social media users ranging from Generation Z to Baby Boomers ply on social media for instant connect.

How to Connect with Generations on Social Media?

According to WebFX, over 87% of Millennial are on Facebook, 50% of Generation X have Twitter account and 58% of Baby Boomers drop by specific website of brands after viewing it on social media. There exists a considerable contrast between how generations connect on the social front. Each generation follows unique pattern and preference while scrolling through their newsfeed. Pertinent to the above marketers develop various forms of social content to resonate their target. Contact us for digital marketing services in kolkata. Digitale. Digitale. Search Engine marketing Agency.

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