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Superheroic JavaScript MVC Framework. Functional Javascript. Use functional programming techniques to write elegant JavaScript. Introduction Functional programming languages have been in academia for quite some time, but historically they do not have extensive tools and libraries available.

Use functional programming techniques to write elegant JavaScript

With the advent of Haskell in the .NET platform, functional programming is becoming more popular. Some traditional programming languages, such as C++ and JavaScript, import constructs and features from functional programming. In many cases, repetitive code in JavaScript leads to clumsy coding. You can avoid all that if you use functional programming. Because functional programming encompasses a very different way of composing programs, programmers who are used to the imperative paradigm can find it difficult to learn.

Functional programming concepts, including anonymous functions, different ways to call functions, and how to pass functions as arguments to other functions. Back to top Functional programming concepts Listing 1. Int factorial (int n) { if (n <= 0) return 1; else return n * factorial (n-1); } Listing 2. Listing 3. Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming.

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Twitter Bootstrap. CoffeeScript. Functional Programming For The Rest of Us. Monday, June 19, 2006 Introduction Programmers are procrastinators.

Functional Programming For The Rest of Us

Get in, get some coffee, check the mailbox, read the RSS feeds, read the news, check out latest articles on techie websites, browse through political discussions on the designated sections of the programming forums. Rinse and repeat to make sure nothing is missed. Go to lunch. The only thing, every once in a while challenging articles actually do pop up.

I don't know about your list, but a large chunk of the articles in mine are about functional programming. It's true that FP articles and papers are hard to understand, but they don't have to be. So what is FP? A Walk In The Park Fire up the time machine. "Look at these two students", said Plato carefully picking words to make the question educational. Plato smiled. So was born the first attempt to understand the nature of mathematics. Philosophy of mathematics is a very complex subject. A Bit of History3 Let's shift gears in our time machine.


Regex Tester. Node.js stuff. Json stuff. PHPUnit Support. After you set up PHPUnit, Web IDE greatly helps you to run your tests.

PHPUnit Support

Namely, to quickly create test run configuration: Right-click the desired target: a directory or a PHP file in the Project view, or a test class/method name in the code editorChoose Run<name> to start or Create<name> to specify additional parameters That’s it! XML configuration file Advanced settings can be specified through PHPUnit configuration file. Test groups A test can be tagged as belonging to one or more groups using the @group annotation as shown below. The test is run if none of the specified groups is excluded and at least one group is included. Run/Debug Tests Before you execute tests, please set up PHP home directory (one that contains PHP executable) in Settings | PHP.

Test results window You can easily navigate from tests results tree and stack trace to the corresponding source code location. When debugging your tests you get all the features, such as watches, expressions evaluation, etc. Test with pleasure!