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Hybrid OTT and IPTV set-top boxes and middleware. Product Overview. The Converged Power of Digital Broadcast and New Media In the home and in businesses, the demand for live stream TV and digital content, and the number of devices the average user can use to access it, continues to grow exponentially.

Product Overview

However, both users and integrators continue to be frustrated by the complexity of cross-channel content consumption. Now, products from VBox Communications implement both DVB to IP and IP over DVB technologies to deliver a powerful convergence solution that integrates cleanly with IP networks and leverages existing Ethernet, telephone and power line infrastructure.

IBC 2014 : OTT et cloud. Comme de coutume chaque mi-septembre depuis 2010, direction Amsterdam pour l’IBC, le plus grand salon de la télévision numérique avec le NAB de Las Vegas qui a lieu en avril.

IBC 2014 : OTT et cloud

On y trouve de tout, des outils de captation, de production, de diffusion et de réception. Avec plus de 1700 exposants, on y découvre la floraison de sociétés qui se disputent un marché en perpétuel renouvèlement. Ce salon a lieu juste après l’IFA de Berlin qui est destiné aux produits grand public et auquel je ne me rends pas, réservant ce domaine au CES de Las Vegas en janvier. L'IBC est le salon de la "plomberie" de la télévision avec l'ensemble des technologies utilisées, de la production à la diffusion des contenus. Ici, une grue de plateau motorisée Technodolly. Company - Newsroom - Leading European Service Operator Bouygues Telecom Deploys Groundbreaking Android TV Set-top Box Powered by Marvell's ARMADA 1500 PRO Platform. Amsterdam and Santa Clara, California (September 15, 2014) – Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) today announced that Bouygues Telecom is launching an Android set-top box powered by the Marvell® ARMADA 1500 PRO (88DE3114) system-on-chip (SoC) platform.

Company - Newsroom - Leading European Service Operator Bouygues Telecom Deploys Groundbreaking Android TV Set-top Box Powered by Marvell's ARMADA 1500 PRO Platform

The Bouygues Telecom set top box incorporates a complete suite of services including Premium /LiveTV, over-the-top (OTT), Terrestrial Broadcast, and TV/Gaming applications in a unified Android environment. At the core of this innovative device is the powerful 12K DMIPs ARM-based ARMADA 1500 PRO with multi-core GPU and Full HD video processing. The ARMADA 1500 PRO platform solution also includes Marvell’s advanced Avastar® 88W8797 wireless connectivity and an optimized Android TV SDK that is designed to deliver a highly immersive and secure HD digital experience to the living room across multiple screens. Its mobile network covers 99% of the French population with 2G, 96% with 3G+ and 60% with H+. Hardware (DVD, TV, PMP, Set-top Box, …) News.

iFeelSmart. La Bbox Miami, le nouveau fer de lance de Bouygues Télécom. Ecrit par François Le Gall le vendredi 5 décembre 2014 à 09h33 Lors d'une présentation «Touch & Try», Bouygues Télécom a dévoilé les multiples facettes de sa Bbox Miami.

La Bbox Miami, le nouveau fer de lance de Bouygues Télécom

Une occasion pour l'opérateur de mettre en valeur les capacités de son décodeur qui remplacera à terme le boitier TV Bbox Sensation. Ariase a eu la chance de tester la Bbox Miami, et force est de constater que ce discret boitier compact ne manque pas de «punch». Partiellement présentée au début de l'été, la Bbox Miami est dorénavant dans les starting-blocks puisque le PDG de Bouygues Télécom, Olivier Roussat, a confirmé son lancement "début janvier 2015". Quelles sont les forces de la nouvelle Bbox Miami ?

Un décodeur Wi-fi hybride TNT / IPTV / OTT"Ce n'est pas la taille qui compte" commente malicieusement Bouygues Télécom. Contrairement aux autres décodeurs IPTV du marché, Bouygues Télécom a choisi de ne pas intégrer de disque dur. Et le pari est réussi ! La Bbox Miami est un projet intéressant à plus d'un titre. Au cœur de la prochaine Bbox de Bouygues Telecom – 3. Dans la partie suivante sur l’annonce de la nouvelle Bbox, vous découvrirez comment ce projet a été lancé, un point sur les annonces de Google I/O côté Android TV, et en saurez un peu plus sur les startups impliquées dans le projet et notamment iFeelSmart et Spideo.

Au cœur de la prochaine Bbox de Bouygues Telecom – 3

Q5 - 产品中心 - 海美迪. 新官网正式上线公测!

Q5 - 产品中心 - 海美迪

海美迪帮助中心 | 中文 | English 首页 > 产品中心 > Q5 产品介绍 产品图片 技术规格. Hisilicon Hi3798M Quad Core Android TV Box with USB 3.0, and 4K / HEVC Support Sells for $53. I’ve been informed about a quad core Cortex A7 TV box supporting 2160p output, H.265 codec and featuring a USB 3.0 port, that’s currently selling for just $52.99 on Aliexpress including shipping, as well as Ebay for $62 from the same seller.

Hisilicon Hi3798M Quad Core Android TV Box with USB 3.0, and 4K / HEVC Support Sells for $53

Only “quad core ARM cortex A7″ was listed in the specs, and the exact processor was not mentioned, but I could see marketing material about “Q3 quad core” used, and a quick search redirected me to Himedia Q3 Quad Core also powered by an Hisilicon processor, but a different device. So I decided to contact the seller (“Buyforsure”) who quickly replied it was indeed powered by Hisilicon Hi3798M processor. The model is called BFS 4KH on Aliexpress/Ebay, but that name has probably been made up by the seller, so it will also be found under other name. Nevertheless here are the specifications of this low cost 4K TV Box: The box runs Android 4.4.2 with Google Play support, and XBMC pre-installed. Razer Forge TV - Android™ Gaming in Your Living Room. Comigo’s hardware specs. OTT – If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them. Contributed by Prayson Pate, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice-President of R&D, Overture Over-the-top (OTT) services cause fear and heartburn for wireline Communication Service Providers (CSPs) because of the revenue they take as well as the network load that they create.

OTT – If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

Rather than fearing OTT services, CSPs should leverage new technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NVF) to deploy their own OTT services, running on their existing network. Applications such as Netflix, iTunes, BitTorrent, and others use internet connections to deliver services that are in demand by users. Because they use the existing network for delivery by going “over-the-top” (OTT), the costs are low and margins are high.

However, this situation creates a problem for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) due to the traffic load. On a normal weeknight, Netflix (NFLX) accounts for almost a third of all Internet traffic entering North American homes. IPTV: Japan's NTT Plala trying 4K; Swisscom deploying Android boxes. IPTV set-top box technology veered off in modern directions at two opposite ends of the world when Sumitomo Electric Networks said it would supply UltraHD (aka 4K) set-top boxes to Japan's largest IPTV provider NTT Plala and Marvell said it was developing an 802.11ac Android IPTV set-top box for Swisscom.

IPTV: Japan's NTT Plala trying 4K; Swisscom deploying Android boxes

NTT Plala will use the Sumitomo device to try out delivery of 4K video content at 60 frames per second in a service trial of Hikari TV. "NTT Plala will make any efforts to enable the transition to UltraHD 4K services in the Japanese content market," said Katsumi Nagata, board director and executive director of the technology and engineering division of NTT Plala, in a press release. Sign up for our FREE newsletter for more news like this sent to your inbox! Swisscom picks iWedia for IPTV set-top-box. Switzerland’s national telco Swisscom has selected iWedia, a Swiss company specialised in integrated software solutions for television devices, to provide the software for its new Swisscom TV 2.0 Android IPTV set-top-box. iWedia’s Teatro-3.5 software solution comprises the multicast and connectivity components necessary to support managed IPTV and OTT services with advanced Java user interfaces.

Swisscom picks iWedia for IPTV set-top-box

For Swisscom TV 2.0, Teatro-3.5 was integrated with Verimatrix VCAS and Microsoft PlayReady which serve as the conditional access and digital rights management systems. ANDROID4TV - Order Platform. INSIDE SECURE PROJECTS PREMIUM CONTENT IN NEW PIXELA ANDROID SET-TOP BOX FOR JAPAN'S LARGEST CABLE TV PROVIDER / Press releases / Company / Home - Inside Secure. Microsoft. ALi Launches Hardware-assisted DRM Solution Integrating Microsoft's PlayReady Technologies January 05, 2015 ALi Corporation, a leading Set-Top Box (STB) chipset solution provider, today announced a hardware-assisted DRM solution integrating Microsoft PlayReady Porting Kit 2.5 on ALi's M3733 platform. The strategic collaboration between ALi and Microsoft PlayReady delivers a highly secure DRM solution utilizing a unique combination of hardware and software security for a revolutionary level of protection not available in pure software solutions.

Symphony Teleca Announces Support for Microsoft® PlayReady® Interoperability, Expands Commitment to Connected Home Entertainment Symphony Teleca Corporation, the global innovation and development services company, today announced that it has expanded its connected home entertainment portfolio to provide Microsoft® PlayReady® content protection to media platform suppliers and device manufacturers.

December 05, 2014 October 23, 2014 October 14, 2014. List Set Top Box Vendors. N9008 - OTT - Coship. Products. Comtrend Corporation - OTT STB,IPTV STB,GPON,VoIP,IAD,ADSL2+/ VDSL2 Multi-DSL,PLC. The Comtrend STB-7007 is a next generation IP-based set-top-box which can support IPTV, video-on-demand (VoD), near VoD, Internet, and over-the-top (OTT) video applications in both HD (high-definition) and SD (standard-definition) formats.

It supports most popular HD/SD decoding schemes, including simultaneous HD+SD decoding with PIP (picture-in-picture) function. With advanced and legacy interfaces supported, it can be used as a multimedia hub for a modern digital home networking environment. Products_Coolech Technology Co., Ltd._-HDTV Box, Smart tv ,Pocket tv, Android set-top box,IPTV Box. Datasheet_SceneGate-MicroII.pdf. A550. The new A550 IPTV PVR set-top box combines all the quality you have come to expect from Amino with a raft of exciting and innovative new features that deliver enhanced user experiences. With a dual core Broadcom SoC delivering more than 2000 DMIPS – and up to 1GB of memory – the A550 offers: More engaging experiences deliver graphically rich user interfaces with smoother and faster transitions alongside improved 2D and 3D graphic effects provide full HD quality video with the A550’s support for dual 1080i60 decode for full screen playback and picture-in-picture (PiP) support for Opera’s SDK 3.6 browser, delivering improved animation, security and performanceMore content delivered from anywhere increase the breadth of content that you can offer to your customers.

The A550 is fully aligned with all Amino ecosystem partners and the latest digital rights management developments and Verimatrix CA compliance. Available Q3 2014.