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Deloitte Survey : Americans stream away in shifting TV landscape. 40 percent of Americans now stream TV over internet, but pay-TV operators lost only 0.2 percent of subscribers Le service Netflix par internet proposé en Suède, le 11 septembre 2014 ( Jonathan Nackstrand (AFP) )"Jonathan Nackstrand (AFP)" Streaming television is now mainstream, although it has not caused many people to "cut the cord" for traditional pay TV.

Deloitte Survey : Americans stream away in shifting TV landscape

Not yet, anyway. More than half of Americans now stream movies or television programs using the Internet, according to various surveys. The vast majority of American households subscribe to cable or satellite services which offer "bundles" of dozens or hundreds of channels in addition to free over-the-air broadcasts. But increasingly consumers are using Internet TV services, both free and paid, viewing on a computer or delivered to a large-screen television display.

Live programming -- the missing element from most streaming services -- is now available from the recently announced Sony's PlayStation Vue and Dish Network's Sling TV. [NAB 2015] Storytelling and social media. Interacting with a second screen while watching video content (‘video content’ because the TV is no longer always the primary method of consumption, nor scheduled programmes the primary type of content) has become commonplace.

[NAB 2015] Storytelling and social media

Content makers and advertisers hope this interaction is driven by the content being watched, and social media has become a key tool is ensuring and promoting this. [TV Connect 2015] Results of Connected100 Survey. TV Connect has announced the results of the Connected100 Survey, which reveals that data-driven video services will help tailor the consumer experience and open the door for programmatic TV advertising.

[TV Connect 2015] Results of Connected100 Survey

Video services are also expected to enable end users to publish User-Generated Content that will become an integral part of the content offering, enabling consumers to act as content editors. The Connected100 research is a global survey enabling key players in the TV and media market to share their views on the future of the connected entertainment industry. [TV Connect 2015] Innovating the user experience. Chloe Davies,head of product,Freesat A guest post from TV Connect keynote Chloe Davies, head of product, Freesat We’ve come a long way since the first cathode-ray TVs that featured an impressive two channels!

[TV Connect 2015] Innovating the user experience

But what has driven this? Arguably it’s a result of what TV audiences have wanted, and these needs fall broadly into two categories, improving the volume and quality of programmes (colour TV, more channels, digital TV, HD); and making it easier for the viewer to find and watch those programmes (the remote control, VCR, EPGs, PVR, VOD, multiscreen). To help ensure this innovation continues, we in the industry need to think about what we want to experience when we go home each evening. [MIPTV 2015] Présentation startups : Relevancy Data, Dramatify ...

[MIPTV 2015] Contenus télévisuels distribués via Internet. [IFA 2015] Android-powered TV sets, & app-controlled home and health products. Ahead of IFA in Berlin this September—the event where Samsung, Sony, and just about every other Android device maker unveils their latest products each year—a select group of companies have been giving a taste of what’s to come for the last 5 days at IFA’s Global Press Conference.

[IFA 2015] Android-powered TV sets, & app-controlled home and health products

So what can you expect? Android-powered TV sets, app connected appliances, and drones are just a few product categories you can expect to see grow at this year’s show. The growth of Android TV was a big part of TP Vision’s presentation at the event with the company noting that its Philips branded Android TV sets have helped boost use of internet connected services on its smart TVs—60% for its previous line of smart TVs up to 90 percent on Android TVs.

That has helped the company’s decision to invest more in the platform and plans to launch more TV sets powered by Android in the second half of the year in time for IFA in September. ARRIS acquires Pace to form ‘world’s largest set-top box supplier’ ARRIS’s acquisition of Pace will create the world’s largest supplier of set-top box (STB), broadband gateway and cable TV technology, claims Daniel Simmons, director of connected home analysis at IHS Technology.

ARRIS acquires Pace to form ‘world’s largest set-top box supplier’

Combined 2014 revenues of $7.9 billion make it twice the size of its nearest competitor, Cisco’s Service Provider Video business unit. ARRIS Group, a company focusing on broadband media technology, announced last week that it will acquire Pace for aggregate stock and cash consideration of US$2.1 billion (£1.4 billion).

The acquisition is expected to be accretive to ARRIS Non-GAAP earnings per share in the first 12 months following the acquisition. : le CSA prend la défense de Play Media contre France Télévisions. « Le CSA a très clairement pris position en notre faveur sur la totalité du conflit juridique ». : le CSA prend la défense de Play Media contre France Télévisions

Voilà comment dans un mail, les gérants de Play Media ont accueilli la récente décision du CSA dans le litige qui l’oppose à France Télévisions. Pas simple de lancer un service en ligne en France. Play Media, jeune entreprise innovante (JEI) installée à Paris, a en effet été condamnée en octobre 2014 pour diffusion sans droits des programmes de France Télévisions via

Top 5 Médiamétrie Twitter TV Ratings. TWC TV App Lights Up Live TV on Xbox One. Time Warner Cable said it has added live TV streaming to its TWC TV app for the Xbox On, an addition that arrives about two months after the MSO launched the authenticated TV Everywhere app on the console with access to a library of VOD titles.

TWC TV App Lights Up Live TV on Xbox One

TWC said its free app for the Xbox One currently features up to 300 live TV channels alongside a mix of 8,000 free and subscription VOD titles. TWC also supports the TWC TV app on several other platforms, including iOS and Android mobile devices, the Xbox 360, Roku players, the Kindle Fire HD & HDX, and the Fan TV box. The Xbox One does support an HDMI pass-through feature that lets users view and control their live TV lineup by tethering the console to a set-top with an HDMI cable. Hulu Comes to Cable TV, Which Is Fine With Cable TV. Cablevision announced today that it will sell subscriptions to Hulu, the streaming TV service.

Hulu Comes to Cable TV, Which Is Fine With Cable TV

That’s interesting. And it’s been a long time coming. But don’t mistake this as any sign of significant change in the TV Industrial Complex: It’s just a matter of a TV distributor and the TV networks adding another revenue stream, without shaking up their core business. The press release Hulu and Cablevision put out is frustratingly short on actual details, like the actual price Cablevision will charge or when it will sell it. But the two companies did confirm that the service will be the equivalent of Hulu Plus — the one Hulu already sells for $8 a month. Nouvelle App Guide TV : TVNOW. UBEREATS : Uber's food delivery service launches in four cities. Wire, The Communications App Backed By Skype’s Co-Founder, Arrives On The Web.

Wire, the communications app backed by Skype co-founder Janus Friis which launched late last year, is now expanding its service to the web with the launch of Wire for Web.

Wire, The Communications App Backed By Skype’s Co-Founder, Arrives On The Web

Envisioned as a modern-day take on Skype, had it been built today, the new addition to Wire will allow users on Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers to both make and receive calls, while IE and Safari users will only be able to chat at this time. In addition to making calls and chatting, Wire users on the web will be able to create and leave group conversations, as well as block users. The new app looks much like Wire’s current lineup of apps for OS X, iOS and Android. Uber Is Quietly Testing A Massive Merchant Delivery Program. Uber is planning to launch a merchant delivery program that would allow online shoppers to get same-day delivery of goods through both UberRush couriers and Uber drivers.

TechCrunch has obtained training documents for Uber drivers and couriers who are part of the merchant delivery pilot program. Sources say that Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, Cohen’s Fashion Optical and Hugo Boss are all in talks with the Uber Merchant Delivery program, and one source in particular said that there are over 400 different merchants currently in talks (or already testing) with Uber for same-day delivery. (Cohen’s Fashion Optical and Hugo Boss are both used as examples in the training presentation.) We’ve also confirmed that Spring, the mobile shopping app from David Tisch, is part of the initial test of the platform with a limited set of brands. GoPro is getting into virtual reality. This post has been corrected. GoPro announced today that it has agreed to buy Kolor, a French software startup that specializes in creating 360° interactive videos.

Soon, videos of snowboarding tricks, aerial drone footage, and perhaps even team sports, could become immersive, explorable worlds. Kolor’s software lets users stitch together photos or videos to create panoramic scenes. TomTom présente son actioncam Bandit : Ultra HD, étanche jusqu'à 50 m. Jive Chime Wants to Ring Slack’s Bell With New Real-Time Messaging App. Jive Software announced the general release of Jive Chime today, a real-time messaging app that could well be a buzz across Slack’s bow — and an attempt to modernize an aging platform When Jive announced its business app strategy earlier this year, CTO Matt Tucker said it was about giving customers new ways to interact with Jive services.

“We wanted to give more companies a way to interact and use Jive services that are built around daily habits, Tucker said. To that end, Jive has begun developing apps to provide new ways for employees to communicate in a less formal way using mobile devices. In January, it announced the first two apps: Jive Chime, the social messaging app and Jive People, a network directory to stay in contact with people in the organization. Mode Media Combines Its Websites Under A New Social News App. The digital media company formerly known as Glam is launching a new product today for finding curated stories in topics like entertainment, food and fashion. The website (namely, and the mobile app (called Mode Stories) will allow users to follow more than 10,000 “editors, critics journalists, video producers and experts.”

Based on the topics and users you follow, as well as other activity in the app, Mode will give you a personalized feed of content. What is Tesla PowerWall? Tesla Energy has unveiled the PowerWall, a battery for the home. This could change the way we use energy forever – and save us all a fair few quid into the bargain. [Microsoft Build 2015] Annonces : Windows 10, HoloLens ...

By Vlad Savov on April 29, 2015 03:33 pm The image of a lowercase "e" encircled by a halo of light is one of the most recognizable items in any computer interface. Familiar though it may be, however, the Internet Explorer icon is more infamous than famous: everyone knows what it points to, but nobody's excited to go there. Call it the post-IE6 trauma that will never go away. [INSTAGRAM] Instagram's @Music Community. [FACEBOOK] API For Giving Your Friends’ Data To Apps Is Shutting Down. It was always kind of shady that Facebook let you volunteer your friends’ status updates, check-ins, location, interests and more to third-party apps. While this let developers build powerful, personalized products, the privacy concerns led Facebook to announce at F8 2014 that it would shut down the Friends data API in a year. [FACEBOOK] Ajout des appels vidéo dans Facebook Messenger pour concurrencer Skype. [PINTEREST] Buffer for Pinterest: Schedule, Manage, And Measure Pins.

[STRATEGY] Stratégie social media de Deezer. Jérémie Mani, PDG de Netino, société spécialisée dans la modération sur le Web et les réseaux sociaux: [STRATEGY] Les outils marketing indispensables en 2015? En 2009, je me souviens encore expliquer à quel point les réseaux sociaux étaient un moyen incroyable pour les marques de créer des relations long terme et qu’il s’agissait indéniablement des nouvelles plateformes marketing pour les marques. Number of Mobile-Only Internet Users Now Exceeds Desktop-Only in the U.S. L’audience de la presse américaine de plus en plus «mobile-first» Digital Advertising Report - Adobe. La banque du futur : un mélange de digital et d’humain. Bancarisation - Afrique subsaharienne : la téléphonie mobile change la donne. Mobile banking : La Société Générale à l'assaut du marché africain. #AfricanGeek = Acteur de la transformation digitale de l'Afrique ! [ETUDE] Junior Connect' 2015 : la conquête de l'engagement. Pourquoi PSA s’associe à IBM dans les voitures connectées.

iOS 8 grimpe à 81 % d'adoption ! Les 10 idées marketing à ne pas rater cette semaine (27-30 avril) Décathlon, Samsung, Lu : les marques qui comptent pour les Français. Test Amazon Fire TV Stick. Test de la Nexus Player et d'Android TV.