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Digital Nishi is a focused Professional Tech & Marketing Blogger. A Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing expert. Do have over five years of professional experience in writing.

How To Improve PC Performance in Windows 10 [How to Speed Up Windows 10 with Command Prompt] by Digital Nishi. How to Improve PC Performance in Windows 10 [Speed Up Windows 10] Is your system slow??

How to Improve PC Performance in Windows 10 [Speed Up Windows 10]

Does it get unresponsive at times? Thus, looking for ways on How to Improve PC Performance in Windows 10?? Well, firstly don’t get worried due to this issue… as its sort of common with Windows…. Actually every time with Windows latest release… new features and updates get launched… demanding more and more system resources. This result in increased resource consumption, ultimately resulting in system slowness or unresponsiveness. Now though the situation seems and sound harassing as well as highly frustrating initially… however can get dealt with effective tips and tricks… These tricks help minimize unnecessary resource usage.

Here in this post, I’m gonna share numerous tips and tricks to customize or optimize Windows 10…. Best Online Learning Platforms 2020 [List of Online Learning Platforms] Wondering which online learning platform to go for, which worth your time & effort?

Best Online Learning Platforms 2020 [List of Online Learning Platforms]

Well… congratulations firstly, since you are at the best platform right now for your this particular query. Here I have accumulated some of the best online learning platforms for you… Have a look at the Best Online Learning Platforms 2020. Now Gain New Skills or Level-Up Your Career in No Time!! How Digital Marketing is Adding Value to Business - Digital Nishi. Today digital marketing is being adopted in all the business domains.

How Digital Marketing is Adding Value to Business - Digital Nishi

The situation is like… Digital Marketing is becoming more and more powerful day by day. And assumptions are high that in the future this marketing niche will play even more crucial role in doing businesses. According to experts, Marketers who believes in running businesses via implementing traditional tactics might encounter failures. And this is true also!! It’s the fact that in today’s era, without involving digital marketing tactics and skills in your business, you cannot exist.

So, if you are among-st those who’s onto starting a business or already having a startup, keep in mind that now its essential to consider digital marketing. It’s a proven fact that Digital Marketing adds up value to business in a huge number of ways. Best SEO Tools 2020 by Digital Nishi. How to Build a Landing Page That Converts [Landing Page Example]

Looking for ways on how to build a landing page that converts??

How to Build a Landing Page That Converts [Landing Page Example]

This is the blog for you… as it is solely dedicated to this topic…Go on reading… and you will get answer to all your questions regarding: How to Write a Landing Page That Converts!! Making an awesome landing page isn’t a rocket science of course, but yes… do take some work. What is a landing page actually?? It’s a static page, acting as a catalyst to move leads via the buyer journey and closer to becoming customer.

Unlike, the other pages present on a website, a landing page is the one having one simple objective, i.e., to persuade visitors to take one desired action. Now that action can be anything. Now, regardless of whatever your purpose is with the landing page, it must be convincing and engaging enough to motivate visitors, to take that desired action. How To Make Your Brand Relevant To Customers. How To Make Your Brand Relevant To Customers… is a question of mass today… A Brand can never exist without being relevant.

How To Make Your Brand Relevant To Customers

It has to be relevant to customers. And yeah, one thing… this brand relevancy is not something new… It does exist before also, when there was no mass media marketing, websites and social media. Best Gaming Laptop in India & World. These days, playing heavy games with the detail levels and resolution maxed out doesn’t require a big desktop rig… since today’s best gaming laptop comprises some absolutely serious power… Yeah… so here’s everything you need to know about the latest and best gaming laptops of 2020… Here I will be reviewing the best affordable gaming laptop… So, without any further do… let’s go Here below you will find some of the finest gaming laptops of 2020.

Best Gaming Laptop in India & World

List include names of best gaming laptop in India also. Best Smartwatches for 2020 [Upcoming Smartwatches] - Digital Nishi - Your Digital Buddy. Here you will list of best Smartwatches for 2020 (both iPhone and Android users) Before jumping into list of Smartwatches, have a quick glance on the intro of Smartwatches… Talking about today, it would not be wrong to say that, Smartwatches have moved to a complete different approach, as compared to what they were a few years ago.

Best Smartwatches for 2020 [Upcoming Smartwatches] - Digital Nishi - Your Digital Buddy

Today, Smartwatches do offer numerous enhance features… like voice assistants, health-tracking, call & text message and etc. Moreover, they do furnishes us with variety of apps and services, extending the power of your smartphone to your respective wrist. How to Change the System Language in Windows 10/8/7. Have incorrect language set up on your Windows 10 (or any other Windows version)??

How to Change the System Language in Windows 10/8/7

You are most welcome here in this blog… Here I will be showing you the steps on how to change the system language in Windows 10… without re-installation of-course. Usually on Windows 10, you choose the default language for the device, during the set up procedure. 11 Top SEO Plugin For Wordpress 2020 [Best SEO Plugin For WordPress] Owns a WordPress website and thus looking for top SEO plugin for WordPress 2020??

11 Top SEO Plugin For Wordpress 2020 [Best SEO Plugin For WordPress]

Well, glad to meet you… Here would like to assure you that you’re gonna get exactly what you want… in terms of plugins of course… Yeah… so keep on reading!! If you do run a WordPress site (or any other site for that matter), its important for you to be SEO conscious. Talking about today, i.e., 2020, referring SEO as one of the most vital aspect of websites would not be wrong. If you aren’t considering SEO, my friend, you are missing a lot of opportunities for traffic and the ultimate conversions.

As per Marketers, Organic search traffic is the key metric to define content success in 2020 (76%). Top Free SEO Tools 2020. Looking for a list of Top Free SEO Tools 2020?

Top Free SEO Tools 2020

Then look no further, as you are finally on the finest destination for that particular purpose… Here I have the best free SEO tools… Have listed tools based onto the reviews available on the web… So can trust the tools list completely!! Search Engine Optimization or SEO work appropriately with multiple tools. A full suite of fantastic SEO tools makes the impossible jobs possible. Every SEO professional has its own set of favorite tools. However the problem is that these multiple SEO tools are quite expensive and do require a monthly subscription.

Now the question here is what for the small companies or the start-ups. Well, such people or firms are require to make use of free tools, which perhaps are not quite powerful as the paid ones, but of course can do most of the work required. Best Smartwatches For 2020 - Best Smartwatch for iPhone/Android. Looking for best smartwatches for 2020?? Well then my friend this blog is meant for you or people searching for same. Read thoroughly and you will get list of awesome trendy smartwatches of 2020 Popularity of smartwatches are onto some next level these days… with the growth of innovation and technology. Now the days are gone, when smartwatches were just trendy fashion. They have now moved to a different approach, as compared to what they were a few years ago. Now besides from being just a fashion accessory, they are a fitness or a sports device that can keep you in check with your health.

Despite of all the interesting things about smartwatches, what I found the most interesting is that it do comprises an array of distinct features and analytic capabilities. This year 2020 has indubitably seen a huge influx of new launches in the market, along with the no. of established players constantly growing. Smartwatches these days have neat little tricks up their respective sleeves. Size: 40mm, 44mm. How to Recover Your Facebook Account When You Can’t Log in? In this blog, all the possible solutions have been discussed on How to Recover Your Facebook Account When You Can’t Log In? Read it thoroughly and follow the instructions carefully, in the sequence as per instructed… And you will for sure find your problem resolved…!! Facebook (an American online social media platform) is one of the people’s most favorite website or app. Earlier, it was considered just as a source of entertainment…. Instagram Marketing Tips 2020 [Instagram AD Best Practices 2020] Wondering about Instagram Marketing Tips 2020, since it’s an ever-evolving platform… Well then congratulations, as, fortunately, you’re at the most appropriate spot for your this query.

Available on Google Play Store & iOS. Young creators these days rely on smartphone cameras for their upcoming influential hit. Be it either a quick 15-second cringeworthy TikTok video or a filter-filled meal photo, the smartphone cameras are the one, people are making use of today to do just about anything. While camera hardware inside a smartphone is being better day by day, so are the apps, processing all the photos and videos shot on them. The camera is actually an important aspect, coming under consideration these days while buying smartphones.