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We are a unique digital marketing agency which specializes in conceptualization, design, and development of a brand to be or an established one.

Four reasons that will make you invest in online marketing for your business. Magento 2 vs. Shopify: Which is the best ecommerce platform? Considering the situation today, every new business is tempted to start their online business journey.

Magento 2 vs. Shopify: Which is the best ecommerce platform?

And any business to thrive has to have a website, especially those businesses that want to sell products online. There are so many platforms to build your website that you would be spoiled for choices. But the two absolute best platforms to start your online store has to be the latest Magento 2 and Shopify. Truth be told, both the platforms are a treat to work on, but because of the similarities of operations few of us are left clueless on which platform will really be more beneficial for the long run. To make it easier to understand we have split the whole blog into sections and tried to bring out the smallest of detail into consideration so that you can make the best choice for your upcoming online store or upgrade an already existing one. Current usage Historically Magento has been the preferred platform for eCommerce stores since its launch in 2004.

Coding Initial Cost. How to Protect Your Site From Google Penalties? Back in February of 2011, Google released a major update to its search results ranking algorithm known as Google Panda Update.

How to Protect Your Site From Google Penalties?

The significant algorithm update aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” or “thin sites”, and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results. As of today, Google released 28 panda algorithm update and the last one (Panda 4.2) was July 17, 2015. you can read about all Google algorithm update from Moz Google Algorithm Change History Timeline. If you run a website or blog and want your site stick to the top of Google’s search result, Here are some tips to Protect Your Site From Google Penalties. Alternatively, you can read Google’s Quality Guidelines. 1.) Start by running your backlinks and getting a baseline. What to Monitor, and Why they Matter. 3.) Make Your Search Smart. Internet is 26 year old and it decreases the time span of getting knowledge drastically.

Make Your Search Smart

Earlier there are very few sources of information. Today internet provides information on finger tips on anything like gravitational waves to how to knit a sweater. But internet has bulk of information on each keyword. To get the specific information we have to read many materials which are not needed by us and also it is time consuming. Do startups need search engine optimization services? Today, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most significant approaches for driving organic traffic to your website.

Do startups need search engine optimization services?

What SEO does is making your website more noticeable and crawlable for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which helps to drive organic traffic to your website and in some cases even turn your leads into your loyal clients. If done right, SEO is a definitive weapon for you to reach the first page of SERPs (Search engines first page results) organically. Industry gurus suggest that Google now processes over 50,000 search queries every second on average, which calculates to over 4 billion searches per day and 1.5 trillion searches per year globally. Just imagine how beneficial it can be if people can find your website on the first page of SERPs while making searches with relevant keywords to your industry or line of business. SEO Explained. Five habits of successful people that are hard to ignore. 1.

Five habits of successful people that are hard to ignore

Master A rare skill 2. Invest in your health, relationships and your aspirations 3. Believe in giving 4. Be persistent, not foolish 5. Top 15 Business Quotes of 2019. We have always been motivated by successful people and their experiences.

Top 15 Business Quotes of 2019

Thus, wanted to share the best quotes of 2019 that may motivate you in moments of despair or see you through a bad phase in Business. If you like what you read, make sure to share it with like-minded people. A startup doesn’t know who they’re going to be two days from now, they don’t know what’s around the corner, they don’t know what the world is going to do that will be either beneficial or detrimental to their existence, but they have to be able to think on their feet, act fast and make changes without hesitation. Many times they’re talking about risk as a bad thing.

The way I think about risk is, I want to take some risks. The key challenge—and the biggest change from business as usual—is changing the focus from how much inventory there is to how fast it’s moving. Why you should invest your money and time in online business? In the current times, online business has suddenly started to boom and is the best thing to showcase your products and apart from selling your products one can also display the information related to his/her business.

Why you should invest your money and time in online business?

You can easily create a website or there are many website development agencies who will do the job for you. However, the main question that comes to one’s mind is why they should invest their time and money into online business. We bring to you our opinion on why you should invest in online business. Equal Competition: The best thing about online business is that every company big or small stands equally, rather than money the thing that matters is the content in your website and the keywords embedded in the content. Also above everything is the quality, if the quality of your products or information is good, you will be in the high grounds regardless of your financial status or the size of your store. How do rich people make a buying decision and why? Some say rich make irrational buying decisions.

How do rich people make a buying decision and why?

Companies catering to the masses and unsuccessful marketing campaign managers will tell you that, but don’t believe them for one second. A rich person has a perfectly rational buying decision and to let you know, there is a method to all this madness. People developing a brand market strategy will tell you otherwise. They are as rational as a commoner. 3 ways to promote your website even if you don't have money. The world wide web is a hunting ground for businesses big and small.

3 ways to promote your website even if you don't have money

It is the most even competition, you will ever face. Even a small company can torpedo bigger companies if they market themselves online in the right manner. Today, we will share the three most important aspects of marketing that are virtually free and will help you market your website even if you are struggling with the budget. Let’s begin without further ado. Emergence of Quora. Nine ways to get the best results out of a Digital Marketing agency in India. Nowadays the whole world is online and everyone who just believed in selling via a physical store is now coming online with their websites and marketing it via a digitally marketing agency.

Nine ways to get the best results out of a Digital Marketing agency in India

So if you are thinking of advertising your brand online by either building a website or marketing it online or both here are few Do’s And Don’ts for you to follow: Do’s 1. How we can improve our ranking in search engine? It feels very proud when you finally see your website show up in Google. It might be during a search for the exact name of your business, but hey, it’s still an accomplishment. If you aren’t ranked at the top spot for a keyword or at least on the first page your chances of being seen are slim to none.

That’s why people are always looking for ways to increase search engine ranking results: because they know they’re losing traffic if they’re not visible. Without a first page result or a presence in the search engines, you’re losing traffic. And without traffic, you’re losing visitors. 1.) Google’s page ranking methods are increasingly based on improving user experience. 2.) No Age bar to start a 'Start-Up' “Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.” –Drew Houston, Dropbox Co-Founder and CEO 21st century is witnessing, people are not job seekers anymore, but they are becoming job creators.

If you observe and look closely, every industry and sector under the sky is transforming. Start-ups are leading the path. The idea of working for oneself and doing things unconventionally is the basis of Start-up’s today. There is no age barrier in this sector. At an early stage start-up need funding, to develop or innovate a new product. At present there are many college students that are becoming entrepreneurs. These startups are the engines of global growth and we though that we would share stories of 5 of the most interesting start-up’s according to us. Why you need to spend on Digital Marketing today? You must have heard It takes money to make money. If you are looking to establish a brand, increase sales, or grow your business overall, you will have to invest money into your marketing efforts. It is as simple as that. You have to invest in the digital marketing of your business so that it will be very visible in the online world.

After the information technology revolution, your potential customers have moved online where they’re actively searching for products and services. You will be amazed to know that almost 91 percent of your potential customers use search engines frequently to look for products and services. This explains why 94 percent of businesses rank SEO high on their list of marketing tools. How to rank on the first Page on Google using these free tools? Gone are the days when people used to create a lot of backlinks and ranked their website higher. Today the scenario has changed. The on-page optimizations have taken precedence.

How you use the keyword strategy to your advantage is also one big consideration. Today we will share some free tools that can help you rank on the first page of Google’s SERPs. This should be your digital recovery strategy during the Pandemic. The news is filled with reports of coronavirus ripping our society and throwing it into an abyss. It is a grim time, especially for the economy. it seems there isn’t much that one can do to help their business. But you are totally wrong. How to build a website that converts? Do startups need search engine optimization services? Top 10 Effective Off-page SEO techniques that will work in 2019 and beyond. There are nearly 2.1 billion websites with 550 million active blogs in the world as of 2019? All these websites and blogs are competing with each other to secure high ranks.

Thus, it is highly unlikely that a website will rank on the first page. What is better, SEO or PPC? It is a never-ending battle but more often than not the prior wins. How To Build Your Own Website Template – Digital24. Sharing is caring! There’s no doubt that millions of bloggers and business owners are using WordPress templates for their websites and this is based on WordPress themes in general.

Top four tips to keep your blog secure and safe from hackers: digital24. Having a blog and writing articles or poems is a trend nowadays. Why Social Media Advertising Is Better Than Traditional Advertising? 5 things that can really help you achieve success in life. 5 Amazing Apps You Wouldn’t Want To Miss in 2018 – Digital24. Why Social Media Advertising Is Better Than Traditional Advertising? 9 Unusual Social media tips to drive social media branding clicks and conversion.

What is the Blockchain and Why is it So Important? Blockchain is the innovation that supports the advanced money Bitcoin – however it has far more extensive applications and is being popularized in a developing number of zones. It has produced much enthusiasm for innovation hovers and past, as a result of the new conceivable outcomes it opens up in money related administrations, the general population part and different zones.

The Blockchain is a protected exchange record database that is shared by all gatherings taking part in a built up, dispersed system of PCs. It records and stores each exchange that happens in the system, basically taking out the requirement for “trusted” outsiders, for example, installment processors. Blockchain advocates regularly depict the development as a “move of trust in a trustless world,” alluding to the way that the substances taking an interest in an exchange are not really known to each other yet they trade an incentive with surety and no outsider approval. The blockchain information structure.

Mahindra sponsored 11th edition of BAJA SAEINDIA 2018 kicks off in Indore. A unique platform for engineering students to showcase their passion for automobiles by transforming theory into practiceSet to celebrate the passion, hard work and perseverance of the budding engineers with the theme of ‘Ground to Glory’221 colleges from 388 entries qualify for the finale Indore, January 24, 2018: SAEINDIA, a professional Society of Automotive Engineers, today flagged off the 11th edition of the much-awaited BAJA series. The finale of the event, with Mahindra as a title sponsor and over 35 other industry sponsors, will be held at the NATRIP facility at Pithampur near Indore, from 24th to 28th January 2018. About 388 entries were received for BAJA SAEINDIA 2018, out of which 180 teams were shortlisted for conventional BAJA and 41 teams were shortlisted for eBAJA in the virtual round.

You Are the Best Motivational Speaker for Yourself. 6 Trends in Astounding Artificial Intelligence applications. Juniper Networks launches new Network Automation Bots. We Are Obsessed With Creativity And Attention to Details. 5 Ways to boost your smartphone performance. Watch why John Lewis advertisements make Christmas special each year? 5 Retirement struggles nobody talks about. Three Important Things You Need to Take Care When Migrating a Website. How to Create Dynamic Light and Shadow in Photoshop. Tips for animators using Photoshop for character animations. Why shopping carts are getting abandoned on your e-commerce website? How to develop a website out of thin air and make into a business? Entrepreneurs and Horses: The same type but different make.

What we learnt from Gordon Ramsey about business? How to Scale Down a Mountain of Hardships to Achieve Success and Make the Climb Easier? How to start a blog that engages and attracts audience? Where to get motivation from to start your ambitious project? Digital Marketing-1 Conventional Marketing-0: The changing ways of marketing methods. What will e-commerce industry be like in a decade? Looking For Best Digital Marketing Services Company In India. Tips That One Should Follow When Brewing a Start-Up. Top Five Online Businesses You Can Start After Reading This Blog.

Why Website Development is More Like Making A Baby? Best Social Media Optimization Agency in India. Best Social Media Optimization Agency in India - SMO Services. Why Yoga Is More Relevant Than Ever In The Contemporary Scenario? Search Engine Optimization Company in India – Best SEO Services. Search Engine Optimization Company in India – Best SEO Services. Digital 24 Gives You Best Website Design & Development Service.

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Increase Your Ranking On Google With Best SEO Company. How you can produce unique content with increase in demand. Professional Search Engine Marketing Services Company In India. Creative Website Design Services Company In India. Tips To Choose the Effective Social Media Channels For Website. Know How To Make Your Website SEO Friendly. What we learnt about marketing from Walter White from Breaking Bad. Are You Looking For Best Digital Marketing Services. How You Can Produce Unique Content For A Website.