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Nokia design chief hints at Lumia phones with NFC and wireless charging. Nokia is working on a Windows Phone model that incorporates NFC (Near Field Communications) technology to connect to external accessories – and is even considering versions with wireless charging, its design chief has indicated in an exclusive interview.

Nokia design chief hints at Lumia phones with NFC and wireless charging

The company is also working closely with Microsoft, which is providing the software for its new top-end smartphones, to co-ordinate software details such as tile colours to match its hardware accessories, Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia's head of design, told the Guardian. New versions of the Lumia design, introduced to showcase Windows Phone in November, will also remove the flip-up plastic tab that presently covers the micro-USB charger for the phone – one of just two moving parts on the Lumia 800 phone. Latest news, sport and comment from the Guardian. Why you could soon be wearing your smartphone. Picture wearable technology and you probably imagine Star Trek characters sporting shimmering glasses, or those guys from Tron clad in skintight bodysuits.

Why you could soon be wearing your smartphone

Like most things in retro sci fi films, wearable tech has a tendency towards kitsch. Yet, sci fi for all its flamboyant exaggeration, also has an uncanny knack for getting the future right. And wearable tech is closer than ever to being everyday. Nokia's City Lens Brings Augmented Reality to Windows Phone (Video) - Ina Fried - Mobile. Seeing the new Lumia phones at Nokia’s booth at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show was interesting, but what caught my eye was one of the apps running on some of the devices.

Nokia's City Lens Brings Augmented Reality to Windows Phone (Video) - Ina Fried - Mobile

Nokia was showing Nokia City Lens, a program from its labs that is among the first augmented-reality apps I’ve seen running on Windows Phone. Microsoft’s phone platform did not initially provide access to the camera app and other features needed to make the app a reality. Support for such programs came with the Mango update released last fall. City Lens combines map and points-of-interest data with what is seen in the camera’s viewfinder to show what is nearby, and in which direction.

The program is a labs project for now, but the company is planning a beta next month. Davide Arsego: Go on #Nokia!!! #WP 's mar... Digistar Trending. How Nokia achieved organisational dialogue via social media. In February 2011, it looked like things couldn’t get any worse for Nokia, the Finnish mobile phone company.

How Nokia achieved organisational dialogue via social media

The now famous “burning platform” blog post by CEO Stephen Elop (which many at first thought to be a leaked internal memo) rapidly went viral, with millions of people reading his painfully frank thoughts on where the company was going wrong, how it had missed out on market share and that it had to decide whether to “plunge into icy waters” or perish. Matthew Hanwell, Nokia’s community and social media HR director, remembers it well. “I was angry,” he says. “It’s a great metaphor for where we are, but we actually knew all of this already. That said, it was a wake-up call for the company in terms of saying: ‘We have some very difficult decisions to make now, which way are we going to go?’” Challenge: Designing Privacy. Challenge: Education for All. The Education for All (EFA) movement is a global commitment to provide quality basic education for all children, youth and adults. At the World Education Forum (Dakar, 2000), 164 governments pledged to achieve EFA and identified six goals to be met by 2015.

UNESCO is mandated to coordinate the collective efforts of governments, development agencies, civil society and the private sector to reach the EFA goals. EFA Crowdsourcing Challenge Overview –video: Nokia, UNESCO and the Pearson Foundation have all teamed up to enable people with similar interests to share ideas, connect and collaborate on solutions to EFA. The EFA Crowdsourcing Challenge is an initiative to develop various suggestions on how mobile communication can help achieve EFA goals .

Nokia Demo sur Facebook. Facebook. Challenge: N9 Challenge. Thank you all for participating in N9 challenge, our most popular challenge of all time! Here comes the long-awaited list of 12 winning ideas by 10 winners of Nokia N9 devices (in a random order): Smart Lockscreen by Parth Patel The lock screen is a critical part of the user experience, the first thing that the user always sees. 4squick v0.96 Beta for Symbian^3 [UPDATE]and MeeGo devices now available at Nokia Store with two great new features added.

Contest - Nokia Tune Remake. L. Download Latitude Assist and many other games, wallpaper, ringtones and mobile apps on your Nokia phone. Play To. This beta trial has been concluded.

Play To

You can download Nokia Play To from Nokia Store (same version as was here) if it is not already available to you in the latest software update (Belle Refresh or Belle FP2). (Posted December 18, 2012) Overview about Nokia Play To. Splitscreen: A Making Of - Part 1. Microsoft announces details of Windows Phone ‘Mango’ Nokia Trailers. Home - Invent with Nokia. #NFC & Google but don’t count out #NOKIA @digistar. NOKIA Corporation. MUST READ: What the users want from the N900? - on Drippler Nokia N900 Updates. Rockcliffe University Consortium. Nokia Conversations (nokconv)

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