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DigiLantern is a global leader in Digital solutions and technology services focused on helping our clients achieve digitization of business process, data driven insights for better ROI and create amazing brand experiences in the digital space. We are a team of more than 150 talented experts working on latest technology stacks and providing solutions to a wide range of customers.

Doctor Website Design Company. Web Solutions Healthcare industry is steadily moving to online business.

Doctor Website Design Company

Healthcare Digital Solution. Doctors Website Design Company. Most of the traditional businesses are built and run on references particularly in Healthcare.

Doctors Website Design Company

I notice every day during my interactions with Healthcare practitioners that they still want to build and run their practices through references majorly.In 2017 when every aspect of our lives has become digital, people love to showcase their work, their families, friends, daily schedules, eating habits, travel, entertainment etc through Facebook posts & check-ins, Instagram posts, Twitter, Snap Chat, Sound cloud, etc. & then it becomes imperative to seek & source the references through shout outs, Direct Messages (DM), feedbacks, showcasing treatments, offers, across these platforms in the Digital world.

These platforms not only give you an opportunity to reach hundreds and millions of followers & influencers but also give you an opportunity to show respect and love to your supporters; and receive the same in return. Doctors Website Design Company. Web Solutions Healthcare industry is steadily moving to online business.

Doctors Website Design Company

The websites and web solutions in healthcare industry are different from other industries because of its unique and specific needs. DigiLantern focuses on creating built-to-suit websites to meet the general and specific requirements of medical practitioners. Understanding the industry, we create websites that are feature packed, highly interactive and yet with easy admin controls for hospitals, clinics, emergency centres, pharmaceutical companies and other such medical practitioners across different specialities. Doctors Website Design Company.

Doctors Website Design Company. Healthcare Digital Marketing Company. Digital Preservation - Library of Congress. Overview How to Preserve Your Own Digital Materials NDIIPP publication: "Perspectives on Personal Digital Archiving" (2013) This publication contains a series of blog posts, compiled from The Signal, on the subject of personal digital archiving.

Digital Preservation - Library of Congress

KPEBNQINDQPE. Healthcare Digital Marketing Company. Medical, Healthcare, Doctors Website Design, Mobile Apps Development Company Delhi India. Brand Makeovers Services Company. DigiLantern is your long term business accomplice with an accomplished, empowered and aspiring in house team.

Brand Makeovers Services Company

We are here to consult you and build a right brand makeover service for your Business. From in-depth analysis, to design and implementation, we build a Brand makeover service strategy for all areas of the organization. We bring alignment that attract and delivers on its promises. Everything You Need. 5 Social Media Marketing Success Tips To Increase Followers of Your Dermatology Practice. Are you practicing dermatology?

5 Social Media Marketing Success Tips To Increase Followers of Your Dermatology Practice

Are you aware how content and social media marketing can help grow your practice? Social media marketing isn’t just about having a Google, Instagram or a Facebook page. It’s all about educating the mass, answering their questions about dermatology, and sharing interesting news about your practice. Content Marketing has evolved as a powerful tool for growing your online as well as offline business. An important challenge for you as a medical practitioner using social media, is that you have to be more visually interesting, creative than the other competitors in your target audience’s network! 1. Use the blog section of your website and publish stories about the health industry especially focusing the specialty you are focusing on. 2. Blogging on regular basis is important for a meaningful presence on social media. 3.

Most of the medical practitioners don’t update their location, tags and timings while targeting the right audience. 4. 5. E-Commerce Portal Development Company. Everyone knows that marketing and selling products online can be a huge revenue opportunity - and we provide e-commerce portal development services.

E-Commerce Portal Development Company

However, we also work with clients to plan and execute online marketing programs / activities. As an E-commerce Portal Designing Company, we understand the unique nature of your market, structuring appropriate web marketing goals and designing tactics to execute those goals. The five phases of the project are as follows Scoping and planning As an E-commerce Portal Designing Company, we focus on the planning of the project's overall direction, including the definition of the project's scope, objectives, and timelines. Conceptual design and research In this phase, the conceptual design of the methodology is developed and research on existing methodologies is conducted. Development of Framework The real methodology is produced in this stage. Implementation of Framework The approach will be executed with a customer.

Revision Phase. Business Process Automation for SMEsDigilantern. The biggest myth about SMEs is that it is less complicated than large businesses, which isn’t true at all.

Business Process Automation for SMEsDigilantern

The basic business process is almost same and it’s just the scale which varies. Sometimes, SMEs would rather be more tedious than large businesses while performing business functions because of financial, managerial and development issues. Therefore, business process automation can be of great advantage to transform the small and medium businesses. Automation can help integrate numerous activities and provide digital solutions to everyday problems. Specially, cloud-based systems that bears all your computer infrastructure cost, enabling you to concentrate on your core business.

DigiLantern has been providing cloud-based enterprise resource planning models to SMEs and it has been a great success so far. DigiLantern believes in bringing out the best for every business, be it a small enterprise or a large organization. Another benefit of automation is that it gives you great control. SMO Services, SMO Packages, SMO Company in Delhi: DigiLantern. Social Media has totally changed the way individuals used to look at products and services on the web.

SMO Services, SMO Packages, SMO Company in Delhi: DigiLantern

It not only influences search engine ranking but also the brand reputation. Through social networking audits, competition analysis and connecting with methodologies, we take benefits of the social media and drive guests to your website. Social media users are the biggest developing fragment on the Internet. Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing company Delhi, India. Digital marketing experts of DigiLantern upgrade lead generation and data-directed campaigning and assists you fabricate your digital expenditure to drive revenue and development.

Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing company Delhi, India

As an essential part of DigiLantern's data-driven engagement approach, we monitor and upgrade digital marketing strategy over all channels. We provide a unified structure for analyzing and implementing a digital strategy incorporating all channels and authorities: paid search and SEO, landing pages, microsites and emails, as well as mobile and social. By modifying the traditional sales schema to the complex but high yielding approach of digital marketing, DigiLantern can help you optimize each and every sections within your complete cross-channel strategy. We integrate strategies, which are vital to understanding the visitor's journey and how that influence your consequent success and produce insights that will allow you to construct more successful approaches.

Ecommerce Portal Development, Websites Development Company. Website Solutions: Web Solution Company in Delhi-DigiLantern. Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry in India - DigilanternDigilantern. Like any other industry, Healthcare Industry is not untouched by digital revolution as the main focus here is also shifting to customer/patient experience. Use of cloud based system, Mobile applications and data analytics can specially be of great advantage for healthcare businesses. This shift from manually run operations to digitally run hospitals & clinics is a result of increasing customer demands of choice and control. Digitization makes it easier to manage & secure patient records.

Digitization can be useful in many different ways in this industry, be it for a medical treatment or for Electronic record keeping or for hospital management. Effective Partner Strategy for Digital Transformation - DigilanternDigilantern. The term Digital transformation refers to the digital revolution where more and more people and organizations are moving to digitization in order to upgrade their services and meet the business needs in today’s highly competitive & swiftly changing world. With Digital Transformation not only more and more people are getting connected with technology but the industry is also observing the futuristic ways in which technology is being introduced, created, managed, analyzed, and consumed using new devices and new locations. As much as Digital Transformation can be rewarding, it can also be a complex process because of the constantly changing landscape.

DigiLantern – Other Services. Application Management Services-DigiLantern. DigiLantern Provide Quality Assurance Software Testing Services. Nowadays, the requisitions on Quality have enhanced beyond traditional means of delivering essential transformational Business Assurance Services. Technological transformation plays an essential part in obtaining this through future proof IP based Solutions. Internet Of Things, IoT Solutions-DigiLantern. Digital Transformation For SMEs and Brands. Digital Transformation is enabling Small businesses to compete with larger organizations and foreign brands. The Digital India campaign is focused on empowering the Small & Medium Enterprises with the eminence of Digital Transformation. HIPAA & ITS Importance For Health Experts Creating Their Own Solutions In The US. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which was formed in 1996 is based on the discretion of patient health information.

This is the Digital Era and digitization empowers us in many ways. But with its advantages, technology brings along some disadvantages as well. Technology makes it easier to spread information among masses. But in a field like Healthcare, because of a number of reasons like protecting the basic human right of privacy & enabling them to maintain individuality, it becomes important to protect information. Also, this person health information if gone into unwanted hands can be used against an individual. The two groups that need to comply with the rules defined by HIPAA are: Get Accountable Drupal Web Development Service From DigiLantern.

To Rich Digital Presence, First you Need to Understant The Impacts of Semantic HTML on Google and SEO Ranking! Semantic HTML is a programming language at its smartest form. Creating Your First Marketing Strategy? Here’s Why You Should Hire A Digital Marketing Company - DigilanternDigilantern. The first step of your marketing plan must be to find out the purpose of it so that you can have a focused and result oriented marketing strategy.

Every business needs clients/ customers, but this does not describe the requirement of marketing and marketing type which best suits your start-up. You must be aware of some of the more important things that should define the marketing road map for your start-up. The Digital Destruction For Manually Run Clinics! #DigiLantern. Numerous online medicinal services related searches are performed by younger family members’ for their guardians or elderly relatives. Online clients progressively depend on the Internet to find more relevant health related information, research about illnesses, medicines and treatment methods. These inquiries commonly begin with Google before winding up on a clinic/specialist webpage or different sources like WebMD.

Patients likewise utilize the Internet to audit and compare their specialists, clinics or health care centers, connect and communicate with previous patients for seeking their opinion. A Google study assessed that 77% of patients utilized Google Search before scheduling an appointment. With a constantly expanding number of patients swinging to the Internet for help in settling on their health issues, it is imperative for clinics and healthcare organization to build up their vicinity on the web. 1.Expanding The Patient Base.

To Attract more Patients Connect to Dental Marketing with Digilantern. Patients are turning towards the online searches for finding dental practitioners and gaze upward neighborhood data. Patient’s use generic and specialized keyword to find dentist nearby their location for example keywords like Dental experts in Delhi, Best dental clinic in Delhi and afterward to book an online appointment. So what would you be able to do now? Where you and your website stands in search engine results? As a dentist, you want to take advantage of the many benefits to be gained through online marketing practices. But you’re not a marketing expert. Digital Commerce Solutions,Mobile E-Commerce Solutions-DigiLantern.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Device Management. The scope of smart devices in terms of development and popularity, has shown exceptional growth. Industry dynamics have brought in an excellent change in the way data perceptibility , efficiency and informed decision making is observed in a business context. While it was natural to place a limitation of physical appearance in office premises in the past, it has now become roughly imperative to provide round-the-clock retrieval of data, analytics and business functions. With Enterprise Mobility Solutions you can achieve the last step of required process advancement and productivity – basically among teams that are constantly mobile. E-Commerce Website Development Company. Web Solutions: Website Development, Design Mobile Apps, Digital Marketing Company.