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- DigiFutura is design driven application development company focused to create compelling user experience design digital experiences and building topnotch highly scalable web and mobile applications for enterprises, startups and SME's. DigiFutura is specialized in helping clients with their data strategy, automating their mundane tasks by utilizing AI/ML methods and most importantly creating delightful user experiences based on data.



Communicate with customers on a regular basis Communications with your users base should not rotate solely around buying. If users feel like every connection is a sales push, before long, your tries to communicate will get ignored and you will dash any hope of forming the trust. Apart from, communicate with your users on a regular basis. Use emailing a continuous newsletter, sharing links to helpful topics on your social media channels or offering how-to articles on your blog.

For instance, if you run a fast casual, make a monthly newsletter to show upcoming menu items and introduce new staff. There are various Loyalty app development companies but picking one best is neccesary based on project needs. 2. One of the best approach to gain trust is to provide your customers service they cannot find anywhere else. Make sure your staff is friendly.Create a welcoming environment that keeps customers coming back.Train employees to nurture your customer relationships. 3. 4.

Top 4 Advantages of Having a Mobile Application for Your Business. Below are the four ways that your business will take the benefits of developing a mobile application for your users/customers. 1.

Top 4 Advantages of Having a Mobile Application for Your Business

Offer More Value to Your Users After launching your product in the market; the market will open their budgets with their particular requirements, right? And maybe you prepared with your plans, offers, resources, and strategized to work out the best approach to motivate more of this budget-opening opportunity from your customers. Featured as Top ReactJS Development Company 2019 by YourStory - Blogchatter® Machine Learning and AI in the Travel Industry-Whats are the Benefits? Christopher Columbus, One of the most well-known travellers, he finished only 4 voyages during all his life.

Machine Learning and AI in the Travel Industry-Whats are the Benefits?

The one journey took nearly 6 years to formulate, strategize & budget. These days, travellers can beat the records of all travellers of the past in a month’s time or even in a week’s time by planning through Artificial intelligence or Machine learning. There are few attractions that enable travellers more e.g. Affordable flights offers, cheap hotel charges and many of travel applications that assists travellers plan and route their trip, which in turn empowered individuals to travel extra. This is not wrong to say that digitized travel sales are forecasted to cross over $800 Billion by 2020.

It seems so disheartening that individual actually cherish planning their holidays and trips & can devote 2 / 4 hours stick to the monitor to search the suitable place, better itinerary, & the finest value. 1) Quality / Worth of the data. Why is UX-UI Design important in Banking & Financial Service? As the mobile and internet usage is growing with the numerous of new additions to bank accounts, the nation is a heading towards becoming an attractive financial hypermarket.

Why is UX-UI Design important in Banking & Financial Service?

With the addition and lauch of new initiatives by government as Jan Dhan Yojana, and other funds’ investments in Fintech space has shown a significant increase as 383 million dollar to 1868 million dollars in the 2017 from 2016. But, reinvention is still missing in traditional banking services. Now, in this blog, we will understand UX / UI Design can help banking and Finance sector.

React Native and Hybrid App Development:The Ultimate Combination. Which one is better - native or hybrid app development This is a question that arises by most of our users.

React Native and Hybrid App Development:The Ultimate Combination

This is most frequently asked question in application development as an organisation we have received many times. As of now, specifically progressive web applications are an easiest option inclusive of development of web tech. Facebook works on React Native technology now a day. That has enabled us to form native applications. But the major problem in front of us is that its / app meaning should be so designed and formed so that everyone can apprehend / understand it. The main driver for react native is Facebook. The implication of these techniques can be understood while designing and developing an app for Android & IOS, this is very significant t to memorise that today, they wanted a fundamental application with appropriate quality and features for every platform.

10 Things a Healthcare App Developer Must Know. The healthcare industry is expected to increase in market size to $102.43 billion by 2022, according to Zion Market Research, and the prediction is that around 70% of all major healthcare companies will invest in mobile healthcare apps.

10 Things a Healthcare App Developer Must Know

App stores already feature over 165,000 health apps and, as this innovative technology-enabled type of healthcare grows, healthcare providers are offering patients new, more convenient ways to collect and share health-related information efficiently. In fact, according to Google Play store, fitness and calorie monitoring healthcare apps are the most successful, but many other diagnostic apps and medical apps are rising in popularity. Globally, around a billion smartphone users use a health or wellness app and this stat is estimated to triple in the coming years. But a majority of the healthcare apps launched don’t live up to customer expectations due to poor user experience, bad graphics, and sub-optimal functionality. 1. 2. 3.

Building an Enterprise Application? Think of Python. Enterprise software and apps are typically used to collect and maintain enterprise level data, storing large amounts of information that’s processed across multiple levels.

Building an Enterprise Application? Think of Python

Considering the complexity of enterprise software, a lot of important factors need to be considered while building such software such as stability, scalability, reliability, security, user centricity and ease of maintenance. Python is a scripting as well as an object oriented programming language and promises more flexibility and higher scalability than other software development languages.It is both easy to code and implement and easily adapts at all stages of a software development. A Stack Overflow survey revealed that in comparison to other languages, Python is preferred by almost 73.1% of users worldwide. 8 Reasons Why Python is a Popular Choice for Enterprise Software Development 1.Python is scalable 2.Python has the most libraries and tools Panda – manages data structures that enable high performance. DigiFutura on LinkedIn: "Continuous Hardwork, Dedication and Persistence is the key to your #success because everyone can start but not everyone can sustain and succeed. Visit #digifutura #mondaymotivations #mondaythoughts"

Another Honour! #DigiFutura is proud to be recognized by TechReviewer as one of the Top AI Development Company 2019. Read more #ai #developmentcompany #awards2019… DigiFutura Featured as the Top App Developers in India by Clutch. DigiFutura is design driven application development company focused to create compelling user experience design digital experiences and building topnotch highly scalable web and mobile applications for enterprises, startups and SME's.

DigiFutura Featured as the Top App Developers in India by Clutch

DigiFutura is excited to have recently been selected as one of the top web developers in India by Clutch in their 2019 report. Only 871 out of thousands of companies on the site were selected for this annual award. Companies were selected based on a set of quantitative and qualitative criteria, including presence in the market and quality of work. Clutch, a Washington, D.C. based B2B market research firm. Why Nodejs? Top 5 Reasons To Choose it for your Bussiness. Real-time web apps?

Why Nodejs? Top 5 Reasons To Choose it for your Bussiness

No problem!! The event-oriented architecture of node.js is suitable for real-time applications, specially chat applications and games. JavaScript is used to write code for both the client-side and the server-side, the synchronization process is better and faster. Web socket protocol comes into picture here. Real-time applications benefit from these functionalities, so the performance of the applications does not degrade even if there is a sudden surge in the traffic.

5 Reasons How Mobile Apps are Impacting on Travel and Tourism Industry. Today, mobile apps play a significant role in every business sector as well as in personal life.

5 Reasons How Mobile Apps are Impacting on Travel and Tourism Industry

Travel and tourism industry is no such exception since a huge part of its success rely on this mobile tourism android and IOS apps. The days of paper maps, guidebooks are gone and replaced by interactive & amazing android and IOS apps for the travel & tourism industry that comes with many features and functionalities. Mobile apps have played a key role in face-lifting the landscape of tourism. One has to thank the simple mobile applications, which has brought a revolutionary change in the travel and tourism domain. Seriously, planning for a vacation with the family members was not that easy before the arrival of these travel mobile apps.

There was a time when one had to rest on the travel agencies to make proper planning for the trip. With the help of a mobile app, one can easily book destination with one click by just sitting at home. 6 Benefits of Hiring Full Stack Developers for MVP Development. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a practice where the product or app or website is developed with minimum features and to the acceptance of potential users. When the product reaches the user successfully, then additional functionalities are added into it. MVP will help to find out whether you should move further to develop a full-fledged product of your idea or not. Well, this is the correct step as it minimizes the risk of product disaster upon its launch. DigiFutura — Goalwise. DigiFutura — Zoom Car. DigiFutura — Blue Jeans - Mobile and Web App Development. DigiFutura — Zuker - Web App Development. DigiFutura — Shop X - Ecommerce App Development. DigiFutura — Toshiba - IOT Development. DigiFutura — Zinnov - React js Development.

DigiFutura — Elevenplusexams - Education App Development. DigiFutura — Loyalty app Development. DigiFutura — Web and Ui Development. DigiFutura — Education App Development. DigiFutura — Enterprise Application Development. CustomWebMobile development. Blockchain technology holds great potential when you look at its applicability. Though born primarily as a digital ledger for secure financial transactions, it can be programmed to record, track and secure almost anything, making it the technology of choice for transactional computing.

Enterprises around the world are adopting this amazing technology to improve their performance through secure computing. Blockchain has proven to be more efficient than most modern database technologies in terms of immutability, transparency, security, and decentralization. CustomWebMobile development. Big Data Analytics. Content Visual Storyboard India Vietnam. AR/VR apps have an unmatched potential for creating the most amazing experiences across the web and mobile and able to create UI/UX rich and immersive user experiences. Users are able to truly connect with the content they see online and around them. Be it shopping for furniture and placing the image of a sofa in your living room to test its look, gaming apps, social experiences or employee training, AR/VR apps have already begun transforming user experiences.

Both technologies offer a vast scope in mobile app development allowing businesses to engage customers like never before. We are helping future-ready enterprises integrate AR/VR into their product mix, customer engagement programs and brand promotion plans. Artificial Intelligence. In the past few years enterprises have rapidly increased Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption into various business processes. From FinTech firms using AI to improve their offerings and employee performance to IT firms using chat bots to transform customer service, AI is being incorporated at an enterprise level. Deep data analysis helps spot trends and actionable insights to help businesses improve workflows, response times and customer experiences. Cognitive systems and smart AI promise to bring any business into the future…and beyond. Development company India USA Vietnam. Best Enterprise Application Development Services Company. Product Development company. Mobile App Development Company.

Custom Web Application. Site Architecture. Best Retail E-commerce Web Mobile Apps. Digital Transformation 19. Mobile Web App Web Development Company. App Web Development Company. Top Best Healthcare Web Mobile. Financial Web Mobile App. Top App Development Company in India, USA - Ruby on Rails(ROR) ReactJS. Best Enterprise Application Development Services Company. POC, MVP, Prototype, Enterprise Apps, Product Development Company. POC, MVP, Prototype, Enterprise Apps, Product Development Company. Best Custom Application Development Services Company. Top mobile app development company in Bangalore, USA & Vietnam. Custom Web Application Development Company in India & USA. Top UI/UX Design Agency - Web and Mobile Apps Design.