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Millennials, Mobile & The Future of Financial Marketing. Be My Eyes ~ Lend Your Eyes to the Blind. MalariaSpot: Una plataforma de crowdsourcing para diagnosticar la malaria a trav s de juegos online. 10 mobile trends to watch. Want to know what marketers should be tapping into for mobile to engage today’s device-obsessed consumer?

10 mobile trends to watch

JWTIntelligence has just released its report on key mobile trends to watch. We share the top line findings. 1. Holistic connectivity is on the horizon: Integrated, holistic systems will start to link up devices, goods and services in the home, on the road and beyond so that each component works in lock step with the rest. 2. 36 per cent of top 100 brand sites in UK are not mobile optimised, finds IAB study.

Thirty-six per cent of the top 100 brand sites in the UK have not been optimised for mobile, according to the European Mobile Optimisation study released today by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

36 per cent of top 100 brand sites in UK are not mobile optimised, finds IAB study

This figure is down six per cent year-on-year, with IAB’s head of mobile, Alex Kozloff, explaining that it has “given excellent insight into how mobile is faring” and that sectors including automotive and retail are particularly excelling in the mobile space. In the UK automotive sector, 100 per cent of sites are now optimised for mobile compared to the rest of Europe, where the average for mobile optimised sites was 85 per cent.

In comparison, the FMCG sector in the UK came slightly behind the rest of Europe with just 22 per cent of sites optimised for mobile compared to 44 per cent in France, 27 per cent in Italy, 55 per cent in Germany and 41 per cent in Spain. Last year in the UK, this figure stood at 11 per cent. WhatsApp becomes a virtual carrier in Germany with the help of E-Plus. It was only a matter of time before the over-the-top messaging apps got tired of upturning the mobile carriers’ SMS businesses and developed ambitions of becoming carriers themselves.

WhatsApp becomes a virtual carrier in Germany with the help of E-Plus

WhatsApp is getting its own prepaid SIM card on Germany’s E-Plus, which combines unlimited WhatsApp usage with a small bundle of traditional mobile voice, data and text messages for €10 ($13.80). WhatsApp CEO and co-founder Jan Koum announced the partnership at Mobile World Congress in February, but TechCrunch and German media spotted the launch of the service on E-Plus’s website on Monday. The deal isn’t your typical mobile virtual network operator deal because WhatsApp isn’t supplanting E-Plus’s brand and selling voice and data directly to consumers. But the partnership is unique in that the prepaid service seems to focus on WhatsApp as the primary mode of communication. Scentee: A mobile app that emits smell, for real. Scentee is a Japanese mobile app that emits smells.

Scentee: A mobile app that emits smell, for real

To do that, users need to download the app and purchase a special device that attaches to one’s mobile phone. Founder Masaru Tange shows me his Scentee device: The separate device, which costs $35.99, lets users insert fragrance cartridges. Mobile: Agencies' Last Chance for Greatness. This is the final installment of a four-part series that explores how agencies are adapting to mobile.

Mobile: Agencies' Last Chance for Greatness

The series is sponsored by Celtra, the global leader for rich media mobile ad serving and analytics. It is written by Matevz Klanjsek, founder and chief product officer at Celtra. Advertising agencies have a glorious past. In the 1950s they pioneered television advertising. How Mobile And Social Are Changing Consumer Behaviour [INFOGRAPHIC] A Japanese iPhone Gadget Teases The Tummy With Food Smells : The Salt. Hide captionSimply plug the Scentee device into your iPhone jack and let the scent of grilled meat waft your way.

A Japanese iPhone Gadget Teases The Tummy With Food Smells : The Salt

YouTube Simply plug the Scentee device into your iPhone jack and let the scent of grilled meat waft your way. Mobile Isn't Just a Screen or Device, It's About Behavior. Mobile tools can counter "showrooming" BII REPORT: How Card Readers Are Driving An Explosion In Mobile Payments. Cellphones: A Teen's Lifeline to the Internet [STUDY] It's a sight that's all too common, now: teenagers never looking up, glued to their cellphones every hour of the day.

Cellphones: A Teen's Lifeline to the Internet [STUDY]

Text messages may seem like the major culprit for this behavior, but a new report shows that one in four teens use cell phones as their device of choice when browsing the web. According to a study by Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, mobile access to the Internet is pervasive among teenagers. Instead of using desktops or laptops, most rely on their phones to go online. The survey of teens ages 12 through 17 found that 78% have a cellphone, with nearly half of those being smartphones. Would You Buy Gucci Off Your Smartphone? When you walk through the well-appointed door of a high-end luxury shop, you’re prepared to pay a premium for what is known as “an experience:” good service, free champagne, and all the little odds and ends that are attendant to buying, say, a keychain that costs more than what I make in a month.

Would You Buy Gucci Off Your Smartphone?

McDonald's in Europe testing wireless charging for customers. Pretty soon you will be able to wirelessly charge your phone while eating a Big Mac, if tests go as hoped in Europe.

McDonald's in Europe testing wireless charging for customers

Select McDonald’s locations in Europe are testing a Qi-based wireless charging system from PowerKiss. If you have a Qi-supported phone you will be able to put your device on a table and it will automatically start recharging as you eat lunch. Smartphone and devices that are not Qi-supported can plug in a PowerKiss ring to recharge the device. The restaurants testing the PowerKiss recharging system will have the technology hidden inside tables.

It reminds me of those days when McDonalds offered free wi-fi to attract customers. Do You Have White Glove Status? 159 Flares Twitter 145 Facebook 11 Google+ 3 Pin It Share 0.

Do You Have White Glove Status?

For The First Time Ever, iPhone Owner Loyalty Declines. Loyalty of iPhone owners in both the United States and Europe experiences first ever decline. For the first time since the iPhone's inception, the percentage of the smartphone's owners who say they will definitely or probably buy another Apple handset has declined. According to research conducted by Strategy Analytics, a study found that 88 percent of U.S. iPhone owners are likely to buy another Apple smartphone, representing a decrease from 93 percent last year. In Western Europe, meanwhile, the total stands at 75 percent, which is a decrease from 88 percent in 2011. While the firm argues that Apple is attracting new customers, it says that negative press has led to the aforementioned decrease in consumer interest for iPhones.

- StumbleUpon. Pipsqueak is a smartphone for kids being developed by Yip Yap. They’re currently raising money on Kickstarter for the durable phone, a device that connects to a parent’s smartphone through Bluetooth and makes calls from the parent’s number. Parents can also route calls straight through to the child’s phone, so they feel like they’re getting calls. While it also functions as a music player, the key trait of this phone is its durability; unlike touchscreen phones, it’s designed to handle being thrown around, being played with, and getting dirty. US smartphone market share slows down, Android still on top. The smartphone market is a cage match, and all manufacturers are fighting for every last percentage of market share. However, the past few months have seen little activity as far as changes in smartphone market share. Since June, there hasn't been a significant increase or decrease in market share other than a couple of percentage points at most.

According to research firm ComScore, the US smartphone field in September was virtually unchanged from where it was in June, even down to smaller platforms like Symbian and Windows Phone. Unsurprisingly, Android still leads the way with 52.5% of the mobile OS market share, with iOS in second at 34.3%. DEAR APPLE: I'm Leaving You. Ed Conway (@edconwaysky) is the economics editor for Sky News and the author of The Real Economy. He recently wrote a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook explaining why he was done with the company. El ‘smartphone’ es cosa de dos: Samsung y Apple amplían ventaja. La industria del smartphone es cosa de dos: de Samsung y de Apple, aunque mucho más del surcoreano que del californiano. From one to many: “Foursquare for the future” startup Wendr now a branded content agency.

By Erin Griffith On October 22, 2012 When Wendr launched in July as “Foursquare for the future,” its app was the classic minimally viable product. The company amassed 10,000 users, which is enough to show that the concept is good, but not enough to appeal to brand advertisers, which is Wendr’s ultimate goal. “There was a bit of empty room syndrome,” founder Sam Zises says of the first version. Wendr shows users what their friends’ plans are for that evening, making it more useful for hangouts than, say, Foursquare, which only tells you what your your friends are doing at that moment. The company recently launched version 2.0, which is worth a second look. Called [L]earned Media, the agency will develop products and provide services for both agencies and brands. What Happens When Superpowered Customers Meet Smart Touchpoints. Tech predictions gone wrong.

Computerworld - The computer industry and the customers it serves have proven to be extraordinarily slippery during the past 45 years. The Wallet Wars heat up. Uniqlo, H&M and Retail As the Third SpaceApril 15, 2014 | 4:30 pm “Retail As the Third Space,” one of our 10 Trends for 2011, is rapidly accelerating: As digital commerce becomes habit for consumers, brick-and-mortar is increasingly focused around experiences, unique environments and customer service, giving shoppers new reasons to visit retail spaces. Pringles, la primera marca en España en utilizar Whatsapp como soporte para una acción de marketing. Mobile Money: Driven by the Poor [Infographic] Is Your Brand Ready For 'Generation S' (Screen)?

Mobile Payment Platform tPago Expands Across LATAM. Web 3.0: The Mobile Era. Nokia rebaja un 50% el precio de su móvil estrella. Más vale que Microsoft y Nokia son amigos, que todos los nuevos móviles de la marca finlandesa llevan sistema operativo Windows. Por eso llama más la atención que su teléfono estrella, el Lumia 900, con el que iba a recuperar el prestigio perdido, sea incompatible con Windows 8, el sistema operativo que Microsoft anunció hace unas semanas. La noticia ha acabado por hundir a Lumia 900, que en Estados Unidos ya se ha puesto a precios de restos de serie, un 50% más barato: de 99 dólares a 49,99 con dos años de contrato con la operadora, según anunció el domingo el portavoz de Nokia Keith Nowak. MTV Under The Thumb. - StumbleUpon. T-Mobile myTouch and myTouch Q coming August 8th for $50, we go hands-on. Android dominates China's smartphone market. We already use Wi-Fi more than cellular; Why not continue the trend?

Telefónica pacta con los grandes de Internet el pago directo con el móvil. Telefonica Launches Skype Rival TU MeTechWeekEurope UK. Business - Richard Ting - Why Mobile Will Dominate the Future of Media and Advertising. QUEUE HACKER: We're taking the queue out of the Post Office! How Mobile Technology is Changing World Travel. The Mobile Trend: 10 Things to Know. MasterCard jumps into mobile payments with own digital wallet. In Western Europe, Internet Behavior Differences Slight but Significant. CHART OF THE DAY: Putting Global Mobile In Context. Apple to crush carriers, become direct service provider. Mobile money in Africa: Press 1 for modernity.

The Rise of Smart Mobile Services (Not Apps!) Android Is Suddenly In A Lot Of Trouble. What is the Future of Mobile Money? [Part 1] Magnum: Pleasure Hunt Across Amsterdam ARG  Ready to Go Mo? iPad Found Accounting for 89% of Mobile Shopping Revenue. 14 years later, Nokia no longer the leader in mobile phone shipments. The Mobile Paradox. La amenaza ‘shanzhai’ De mayores quieren ser banqueros.

Smartphones now account for half of all mobile phones. 2 años de iPad: el aparato que juntó ocio y trabajo. Printechnologics GmbH: Home. El móvil revoluciona el 'súper' Baycitizen. 15 Ways Mobile Will Change Our Lives. Rumored: PayPal to launch Square competitor. Forget NFC, This iPhone Case Combines All Your Credit Cards Into One. Free GPS Navigation with Turn by Turn - Waze. Mobile World Trends 2016.