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Schweden führt geschlechtsneutrales Fürwort ein: "Er", "sie" und ...? Stand: 15.04.2015 15:56 Uhr.

Schweden führt geschlechtsneutrales Fürwort ein: "Er", "sie" und ...?

The people who want their language to disappear. Economic success 'drives language extinction' 2 September 2014Last updated at 19:58 ET By Rebecca Morelle Science Correspondent, BBC News The better the economy, the more likely a national language will dominate Economic development is driving the extinction of some languages, scientists believe.

Economic success 'drives language extinction'

A study has found that minority languages in the most developed parts of the world, including North America, Europe and Australia, are most at threat. The research is published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The researchers say that efforts to protect these languages need to be focused on these areas. Medieval Latin dictionary completed after 100 years. 9 December 2013Last updated at 09:21 ET Dr Richard Ashdowne is the dictionary's current editor The final part of an epic dictionary of medieval Latin is to be published this week, bringing to a close a project initiated 100 years ago.

Medieval Latin dictionary completed after 100 years

The Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources has more than 58,000 entries and currently spans 15 volumes, the first of which came out in 1975. The 16th and final volume is published by the British Academy on 11 December. Academy president Lord Stern called it "the most comprehensive study ever" of medieval Latin vocabulary. He said it had "enabled us to discover more about the English language and shown us that Britain has indeed been at the heart of humanities and social science since the 6th Century". Second Language Acquisition By The Numbers (INFOGRAPHIC) Herausgeber der Oxford-Wörterbücher: "Selfie" ist das Wort des Jahres. Être bilingue retarderait certaines formes de démence. WASHINGTON - Parler une deuxième langue pourrait retarder l'apparition de certaines formes de démence chez les personnes âgées, même illettrées, montre une étude, la plus étendue sur ce sujet effectuée à ce jour.

Être bilingue retarderait certaines formes de démence

Cette recherche, publiée mercredi dans la revue américaine Neurology, montre que le bilinguisme retarde de quatre ans et demi trois formes de démence, comparativement à des individus ne parlant qu'une langue. "Notre étude est la première à montrer que les personnes parlant deux langues et incapables de lire sont aussi bénéficiaires, suggérant que le niveau de formation n'est pas suffisant pour expliquer cette différence", souligne Suvarna Alladi, de l'Institut Nizam des Sciences Médicales à Hyderabad en Inde, principal auteur de ces travaux. "Parler plus d'une langue paraît induire un meilleur développement de la zone du cerveau responsable du raisonnement et de l'attention, qui pourraient contribuer à protéger (l'individu, ndlr) de la démence", ajoute-t-elle. Loading Slideshow. Bilinguals Have Higher Level Of Mental Flexibility, Research Shows. The evidence keeps pouring in that bilingualism is good for you.

Bilinguals Have Higher Level Of Mental Flexibility, Research Shows

Bilinguals with the ability to switch languages seamlessly have likely developed a higher level of mental flexibility than people who only speak one language, researchers at Penn State said Tuesday in a press statement. "In the past, bilinguals were looked down upon," Professor of Psychology, Linguistics and Women's Studies Judith F. Kroll said in a press statement. 10 wichtige Wörter. Schlusslicht: Sprachverein übergeht

Vietnam: Where saying 'I love you' is impossible. 28 August 2013Last updated at 20:43 ET Bill Hayton was the BBC's correspondent in Vietnam until he fell foul of the authorities for reporting on dissidents in the country and had to leave.

Vietnam: Where saying 'I love you' is impossible

Here he looks back at the vagaries of life in one of the world's five remaining communist-run states. 1. How to speak Franglais. The Third Place - Do it, write! The question I am asking myself from time to time is: which activity do I love more, teaching or learning languages?

The Third Place - Do it, write!

I do know, however, that I love teaching the very first lesson. Everything is new, mysterious, and exciting! Each language has its flavor, and learners need to find out which learning strategies they need to succeed their language learning goals. Some of these learning strategies apply to all languages, and one of them concerns written homework. Most of the books I know offer written exercises as cloze tests. If you write in your book, you will do the exercise once. John Kinnear: The 10 Toddler Words That I'll Miss Most. Before our kids learn our language, we get to experience the magic of learning theirs.

John Kinnear: The 10 Toddler Words That I'll Miss Most

For an amazing (and amazingly short) period of time, kids speak a language that only their parents can understand. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Ancient Language Computer Program Recreates Sound Of Dead Tongues, Scientists Say. Silbo gomera: A whistling language revived. 10 January 2013Last updated at 20:00 ET By Laura Plitt BBC Mundo, La Gomera A look inside a school on La Gomera where whistling is compulsory On a Spanish island, an ancient whistling language that once seemed to be dying out is now undergoing a revival.

Silbo gomera: A whistling language revived

The night has not yet fallen in La Gomera, one of the smallest Canary Islands. From the top of the hill I can see, scattered in the distance, a few old houses. To my right, a row of black trees is a stark reminder of the fires that struck this Spanish island off the coast of Morocco last summer. I close my eyes to avoid being distracted by the landscape and make an effort to hear. Der digitale Grimm. Palabea: the speaking world. A collocation thesaurus concordancer that produces word clouds! On the surface of it Just-the-Word looks just like any other online dictionary or thesaurus, but start using it and you will soon find that it's much more. If you type in a word, you can ask not only for alternatives just like any other thesaurus, but also word combinations for use with your key word.

Voxopop - a voice based eLearning tool. Nulu - Learn a language in 10 minutes a day! - Nulu Languages. Learn English, Spanish and German for free. VocabularySpellingCity App. Learn Spanish, French, German and English for free. Language exchange - Language community - Penpals - Lingofriends. Earn Your Digital Passport by Learning Digital Safety. Busuu - Learn languages for free online.