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Studie: Schon Dreijährige wissen, wie sie YouTube finden. Eine Studie zeigt, unter welchen Umständen Kinder das Internet kennenlernen.

Studie: Schon Dreijährige wissen, wie sie YouTube finden

Interessant ist, wie viele Achtjährige bereits Dienste wie Facebook und WhatsApp nutzen. Speichern Drucken Twitter Facebook Google + Was früher der Gameboy war, ist für viele Kinder heute das Smartphone. | © Jens Kalaene / dpa Das Internet gehört auch für viele kleine Kinder schon zum Alltag. Das geht aus der am Dienstag in Berlin präsentierten Studie Kinder in der digitalen Welt hervor, die das Deutsche Institut für Vertrauen und Sicherheit im Internet (DIVSI – eine Initiative der Deutschen Post) in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Sozialforschungsinstitut Sinus erarbeitet hat. Nachrichten, Hintergründe und Debatten. Analyse : Wie Europa Digitalpolitik macht. Stand: 06.05.2015 20:21 Uhr Europa bläst in Sachen Internet zur Aufholjagd.

Analyse : Wie Europa Digitalpolitik macht

Ein digitaler Binnenmarkt soll entstehen. Und der Kampf, wie die Zukunft für das Netz geregelt wird, ist im vollen Gange. Wie fit ist die EU? Von Christian Feld, ARD-Studio Brüssel Über Europas digitale Zukunft wird maßgeblich in Brüssel entschieden. Vier große Schauplätze Also zoomen wir rein in die Machtmaschine. Erstens: ACTA - ein Handelsabkommen, das lange Zeit in Brüssel niemanden interessiert hat. Zweitens: Über die Datenschutz-Verordnung wird seit Jahren verhandelt und gestritten.

Drittens: Das Telekommunikationspaket soll unter anderem die Roaming-Gebühren endgültig abschaffen. Viertens: Und da ist es mit der Harmonie vorbei - Netzneutralität. Das sind vier große Schauplätze. Ein Tweet mit Tinte auf Papier. Juli Zeh zur Überwachungsdebatte: Schützt den Datenkörper! - Überwachung. The maps transforming how we interact with the world. 12 September 2013Last updated at 19:35 ET By Matthew Wall Business reporter, BBC News An Ordnance Survey staff member interrogates 3D aerial mapping data The modern map is no longer an unwieldy printed publication we wrestle with on some blustery peak, but digital, data-rich, and dynamic.

The maps transforming how we interact with the world

It is transforming the way we interact with the world around us. Thanks to "big data", satellite navigation, GPS-enabled smartphones, social networking and 3D visualisation technology, maps are becoming almost unlimited in their functionality, and capable of incorporating real-time updates. "Advanced LED screen technology and smartphones equipped with projectors are going to transform the way we interact with maps," says Ian White, founder and chief executive of, a San Francisco-based geoservices provider.

Continue reading the main story. Kent youth PCC Paris Brown's tweets 'not checked' 8 April 2013Last updated at 03:49 ET Paris Brown, an apprentice with Swale Borough Council, is due to begin the PCC job in the summer Recruitment procedures may be reviewed after Britain's first youth police and crime commissioner had to apologise for her comments on Twitter.

Kent youth PCC Paris Brown's tweets 'not checked'

Paris Brown, 17, said she was "wildly exaggerating" in "stupid, immoral" tweets posted when she was 14, 15 and 16, before her appointment. Kent police and crime commissioner (PCC) Ann Barnes said recruiters did not check her tweets or Facebook page. "Perhaps that is a lesson for the future," she said. "We went through a perfectly normal recruitment process. "Social networking sites are a no-go area for most of us adults.

Become a Google power searcher. You may already be familiar with some shortcuts for Google Search, like using the search box as a calculator or finding local movie showtimes by typing [movies] and your zip code.

Become a Google power searcher

But there are many more tips, tricks and tactics you can use to find exactly what you’re looking for, when you most need it. Pebble smartwatch set to ship to project backers. 9 January 2013Last updated at 12:17 ET Technical problems at the press conference lent a blue tinge to the demonstrations A hotly-anticipated smartwatch, which was created thanks to $15m (£10m) in crowdsourced funding, is to be made available this month.

Pebble smartwatch set to ship to project backers

The Pebble has an e-ink display similar to those found on e-readers, and last seven days on one battery charge. The 1.26in (3,2cm) screen is able to display a multitude of apps as well as tell the time. Pebble is to date the most successful Kickstarter project, but had been hit by development delays. Cash pledges Originally intended to ship to backers in Autumn 2012, the watch will now go first to those who contributed to its funding, before then being shipped to those who have placed pre-orders.

The first watches will begin shipping on 23 January. It will be mass-produced at a rate of 15,000 units each week, project founder Eric Migicovsky told reporters at CES. Will digital addiction clinics be big in 2013? 6 January 2013Last updated at 20:06 ET Mobile and social media are the driving forces of the next wave of digital change.

Will digital addiction clinics be big in 2013?

Millions in UK 'lack basic online skills' 7 November 2012Last updated at 19:08 ET Martha Lane Fox was appointed as the UK's digital champion in 2009 Some 16 million people in the UK lack basic online skills, a survey suggests.

Millions in UK 'lack basic online skills'

The report, conducted by consultancy firm Booz & Company, defines basic skills as using a search engine, sending and receiving emails, completing online applications and accessing information online. Go ON UK, a charity chaired by the UK digital champion Martha Lane Fox, commissioned the report. The organisation aims to do more to improve digital literacy in the UK. It will start by looking at how to improve skills in the workplace. "We need to make the country fit for purpose through the next decade and ensure everyone and every organisation has basic digital literacy," said Ms Lane Fox. "If the UK can supercharge itself, it could add a lot of value," said Ms Lane Fox. Low bar. The Education Alliance : Adolescent Literacy Collaboratory. Video Training & Internet Education.