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Java Programming Basics. Intro to Progressive Web Apps. Google Maps APIs. Front End Frameworks. Android Tutorials: How to create <anything> in Android. Lesson 1 - User Interface Components (about 16 hours) In this lesson, we will highlight various important components of the Android User Interface (UI) — like Radio Buttons, Grid Views and several more — that will allow you to make highly functional mobile apps.

Android Tutorials: How to create <anything> in Android

We will focus on each UI component by trying to answer the question, "How do I use ________ in Android? " For each question below, we will guide you to the best Internet tutorial that will offer step-by-step instructions on how to use the UI component in a new android app. Here is the full list of questions we will answer in this course: Intro to Physics Fundamentals Course (Physics 101) Website Performance Optimization Testing Course. Overview Throughout the course, you’ll build a performance toolbox to help you build faster website experiences by taking advantage of PageSpeed Insights recommendations and measuring page performance on mobile and desktop with Chrome Developer Tools.

Website Performance Optimization Testing Course

This class contains an introductory lesson, two primary lessons and a final project. Before diving into optimizations, you’ll build an understanding of how browsers convert HTML, CSS and JavaScript into websites. Along the way, you’ll practice measuring performance using the same tools Google engineers use. Udacity. Intro to AJAX. Intro to jQuery. HTML5 Canvas 2D. Object-Oriented JavaScript Programming Course. Lesson 1: Scopes and Closures We’ll start by discussing JavaScript’s functional variable scoping features, including lexical scopes (variable availability as you write your code) and dynamics scopes (variable availability as your code actively runs).

Object-Oriented JavaScript Programming Course

We’ll then discuss closures, an often misunderstood but incredibly useful feature available in only a handful of languages, including JavaScript. Lesson 2: The Keyword “this” You’ll start your dive into JavaScript object-oriented features by first discovering the parameter “this”. Javascript Testing: Developing Apps with Confidence. Overview This course consists of 2 lessons.

Javascript Testing: Developing Apps with Confidence

In the first lesson, you'll discover the importance of testing and reconsider its purpose and the value it provides. In the second lesson, you'll explore the Jasmine testing framework write your own test suites while developing an address book application. Lesson 1: Rethinking Testing. JavaScript Design Patterns. Lesson 1: Changing Expectations We'll first start by building a project the way you already know how: without an overarching organizational paradigm.

JavaScript Design Patterns

Specifically, we'll discuss pain points and difficulties that are easy to run into when you don't use an organizational model. Browser Rendering Optimization. Learn Responsive Images. Lesson 1 - Getting up and Running Before you start working with responsive images, you need to start debugging on your mobile devices.

Learn Responsive Images

This lesson will help you get started with Developer Tools and mobile debugging. Lesson 2 - Units, Formats, Environments You can't optimize what you can't measure. In this lesson, you will start with comparing different kinds of images on the web and getting familiar with different units you can use to scale them. Udacity. Authentication & Authorization: OAuth. Lesson 1 - Authentication vs.

Authentication & Authorization: OAuth

Authorization Learn the difference between the concepts of authentication and authorization and address some major security concerns that developers must protect against when developing a web application. You will learn how OAuth 2.0 makes implementing security easier for developers and users alike by allowing your users to sign in to your applications while keeping all of the security on well-known and trusted OAuth providers. Finally, you will see OAuth 2.0 in action as you make API requests using Google's OAuth 2.0 Playground. How to Use Version Control in Git & GitHub. Designing RESTful APIs. Web Tooling & Automation. Introduction Learn how to protect yourself from micro and over-optimization. Being pragmatic vs. idealistic when choosing toolsIdentify the real value of the tool (is it well maintained?

Does it have a large community? Building High Conversion Web Forms. JavaScript Promises. Offline Web Applications. Deploying Applications with Heroku. All Courses and Nanodegree Programs.