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Implementing the Instant Update API. << Parallel Payments The Instant Update API enables you to specify a URL with which PayPal can call your callback server with the buyer's shipping address, so you can provide the buyer with more detailed shipping, insurance, and tax information.

Implementing the Instant Update API

The Instant Update API is a server call to your callback server that instantly updates PayPal pages and enhances the Express Checkout experience on the Review your information page. How the Instant Update API works When a buyer logs in to PayPal, the PayPal server calls your callback server with the buyer's default shipping address, which is stored in the PayPal system.Your callback server responds with the shipping options available for that address, along with any insurance options and tax adjustments on the order.PayPal displays this information in the cart review area so buyers can choose from the options.The buyer's final choices are returned in the GetExpressCheckoutDetails response. Amsgames/laravel-shop-gateway-paypal: PayPal Gateway for Laravel Shop. PayPal. Paypal/PayPal-PHP-SDK: PHP SDK for PayPal RESTful APIs. Sicher online bezahlen & Geld senden - PayPal Schweiz. Accept PayPal Payments with Express Checkout. Express Checkout integration guide.