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Dieselworldmag. When industry giants like Dan Scheid and Jeremy Wagler team up on something, you’re going to get your money’s worth.


Such was the case for the 24th running of the August blockbuster known as the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza. Relocated to Wagler Motorsports Park in Lyons, Indiana for 2020, the 100-acre complex played host to ODSS drag racing by day, truck and tractor pulling by night, and very busy show ‘n shine and dyno competitions in between. Tons of Chevy Duramax’s, Ford Powerstroke and Ram Cummins showed up to teh event. In a year that has been anything but stable and predictable, the Scheid/Wagler partnership ended up being the shot in the arm the diesel industry needed. Thousands of enthusiasts turned out to spectate, compete to see who had the best diesel truck, or work, and by all accounts it was one of the smoothest run renditions of the Extravaganza in recent memory.

Bet you’ve never seen a Lincoln Town Car like this! DIESEL MACHINERY OVERSEAS. The heavy machinery industry is one of the largest sectors within the global economy.


As every economic superpower trades with each other, the industrial and logistics companies reap the respective benefits. An excellent example is the Danish freighting company, A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S. Maersk is a global shipping and logistics company operating over 750 freight vessels with a combined total capacity of 4.1 million TEU. Below, we’ll observe four of the Maersk’s largest ships in the fleet and their propulsion systems. Manchester Maersk (~20,568 TEU) In the Maersk fleet, the Manchester is easily one of the largest big-rigs.

The Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C is a magnificent two-stroked turbocharged diesel engine with an estimated power output of 80,080 kW. Marseille Maersk (~20,568 TEU) As 2021 kicks off, the Manchester Maersk will be traveling towards Europe, and the Marseille will be approaching the Chinese port of Tianjin Xingang. Milan Maersk (~19,630 TEU) Moscow Maersk Image Credits: Diesels & Diamonds. Diesel engines are excellent choices because of their performance, durability, and efficiency.

Diesels & Diamonds

In the realm of boating, diesels are excellent choices, especially for larger boats, because of their long-distance benefits. The longer a diesel engine is put to use, the stronger the benefits. That’s exactly why the world’s largest personalized boats, better known as yachts, pick diesels for their mode of propulsion. Why The 6.0L Is So Unreliable… Perhaps no other diesel engine in recent memory has burdened its owners more than the 6.0L Power Stroke.

Why The 6.0L Is So Unreliable…

Thousands of roadside repairs, expensive tow bills, and repeat failures plague the ’03-’07 Super Duty’s. Rumor has it that Ford even entertained the idea of buying Duramax engines from GM for use in its trucks during this timeframe… Powerful, yes. Golden State Diesel Fest - April 24th 2021 - Sacramento. April 24th – Sacramento Raceway, California Diesel World LIVE: Golden State Diesel Fest The Hole Shot Series, Sacramento Raceway, Street Trucks and Diesel World are teaming up for one epic event in NorCal truck country.

Golden State Diesel Fest - April 24th 2021 - Sacramento

Come on out and compete or just to watch all the action. Event will also be live streamed on our Facebook page for those who can’t make it. Drag racing (diesel only, and Fun Runs open to all), dyno competition (open to all trucks/diesels), Show ‘n Shine (open to all trucks), vendor row. Racing the COVID ‘660. It’s a fact that unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.

Racing the COVID ‘660

Not only did the coronavirus pandemic change lives, stall out a vibrant U.S. economy, and wreck racing season, it made all of us miss the things we love. Back in April, when the country was locked down and virtually every American’s future was uncertain, our stir-crazy got the better of us and we decided to go racing again, no matter what it took. Diesel News - Worlds Quickest Diesel; Cummins and Diamler Partner; and more. Truck of the Week 3’s!!!

Diesel News - Worlds Quickest Diesel; Cummins and Diamler Partner; and more

Did the biggest news event of 2021 already happen? Perhaps. MAKING A STATEMENT… When a rod left the block of his 6.7L Cummins a few short years ago, Derrick Barney never could’ve imagined that he would soon own one of the most powerful—and reliable—68RFE-equipped Rams in the country.


But that’s exactly what you’re about to read about in the following pages. He had a new engine built, and has added dual CP3’s, upsized injectors, and went from an S472 to a single S480 in his un-ending search for more power. HORSEPOWER WARS. From an engineering standpoint, the new 2020 Ford trucks are one of the most impressive diesels to come down the pike in quite some time.


It’s 475 horsepower rating puts a decent gap on its competition in the form of Duramax (445 hp) and Ram (400 hp), and that’s not all. The power number that the new blue oval puts to the ground is also impressively high–in most cases around 425rwhp at sea level, uncorrected. So what’s going on here? Is Ford underrating its engines, or are the new trucks just that efficient? As it turns out, it might be a little of both. That still doesn’t entirely clear things up however, as there are dyno numbers for stock 2020 Ford diesels that are floating around as high as 480-rwhp, with a few others in the mid 450s. AFTERMATH.

Diesel drag racing isn’t what it used to be.


The engine and chassis setups of yesteryear wouldn’t cut it in today’s four and 5-second eighth-mile world. Even the current crop of 5.90 Index trucks are faster than the nastiest Pro Street vehicles running the circuit just six or seven years ago. 07 CHEVROLET 2500 HD STRATEGIC COOLING. Extinguishing Excessive EGT On An LBZ Tow-Rig Exhaust gas temperature is the single most vital parameter to monitor on any diesel.

Whether your truck has been highly modified, treated to moderate power upgrades, or is completely stock, you always want to keep EGT as manageable as possible. When the owner of this ’07 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD—a truck equipped with an S300 turbo system, a built Allison 1000, and EFI Live tuning—saw 1,300 degrees F on the pyrometer while towing, he wanted to cool things off sooner rather than later. COMPLETE OIL CHANGES. The engineering put into each of the generations of the Chevy Duramax diesel (2001-current) is at a top-level. Many of the earlier models are still working and playing hard.

The improvements through the years as GM addressed the ever-changing and restrictive mandates of the Air Resource Board and Environmental Protection Agency remained a constant challenge. GM engineering kept up with these mandates and the company continues to produce exceptionally hardworking and stylish trucks that got good fuel mileage, and their longevity is almost legendary. After letting the L5P drain out we reinstalled the drain plug and removed the stock pan. COMMON CENTS. There is something to be said about a battle-tested chassis in truck pulling. Once a given truck has proven itself a winner, rarely is it ever retired. Case in point, Tim Tuttle’s ’05 Dodge Ram first took to the dirt more than a decade ago.

Since its debut, the truck has spent time at big name shops like Fleece Performance Engineering and O’Bryant Diesel Services, along with changing owners on several occasions. When the third-gen came up for sale as a rolling chassis, Tim—a seasoned puller who was eager to break into the ultra-competitive Limited Pro Stock class—pounced. A homecoming of sorts, Tim dropped the truck off at Fleece’s Pittsboro, Indiana headquarters, where the guys in the truck shop would update the chassis, fabricate a dash, handle all wiring, install Lexan windows, and re-mount the body when it returned from the body shop. Deck-Plated 6.7L Cummins. Diesel News - Opposed Cylinder Technology is Back. Truck of the Week Abandoned Super Stock Truck? Is the first tilt-body Super Stock diesel truck really wasting away on someone’s property on the East Coast? It looks like that may in fact be the case. History buffs and pulling fans will remember this Plumb Crazy Purple, second-gen Dodge, called “How Do You Like Me Now?”

As being one of the most influential Super Stock trucks to ever compete in the sport. UNSUNG HERO. Diesel generators have many uses aboard a ship. Usually they have a fairly central role, with devices of many types being powered by the electricity produced. When you go back in time to when steam ruled, diesel generators were less central and sometimes used only for a single purpose.

Case in point; the SS Col. James M. Schoonmaker, a Great Lakes ore boat that was built in 1911 and operational through 1980. Ok, right now some of you ex-mariners are screaming, “A 617 foot long vessel is not a boat, you dufus!” Deep in the engine room of the SS James M. The Schoonmaker was steam powered and electrified from the start using steam generators, which can work only when steam is up. Diesel News - Ultimate Callout Challenge, New Turbos and more. SEEING 2020. THE BARN-BURNER IN CORN-COUNTRY. WHAT MAKES THE 7.3L POWER STROKE SO GREAT… Dieselworldmag. If you ever missed out from one of our news stories because of a family event, job issue, or whatever it may be, we made a way for you to keep yourself updated or even get a recap on what’s happened in the diesel community for the month. Keep up with these stories as some may include some recalls or significant business event within the truck community. Additionally if any fun events pop up, the dates will be provided in the stories so you can attend meets, races, pulls, and other truck events.

Billet Torque Converters 101. We all know our automatic transmission relies on a torque converter to move our truck, and many of us have even upgraded this vital component if not the entire transmission, but beyond the basics most diesel owners have very little understanding of the converter’s functionality and importance. That’s for the experts to know, right? Not anymore! Teaming up with SunCoast Performance and one of its largest dealers, LinCo Diesel Performance, we’re de-mystifying the torque converter this month, as well as arming you with some of the knowledge you’ll need to spec out the perfect converter for your unique parts combination. In the following pages, we’ll discuss how the torque converter works, breaking down the parts and pieces that make it operate. We’ll also explain the difference between brake stall and flash stall, discuss how added power effects converter stall and performance, and tip you off as to the kinds of upgrades you should expect to find in a reputable aftermarket converter.

Part Ten: Fuel Supply. WHY THE 6.0L IS SO UNRELIABLE. PROJECT OPTIMIZED STOCK COLLECTION. This collection is particularly useful for those who are looking to modify their truck with parts they have or can order soon. The Project Optimized Stock collection surrounds the processes of installing various parts, which can be very useful for many.

It’s worth giving it a quick look as installing a part wrong could range from a benign issue to a potentially devastating problem. In addition to getting technical installation advice, you could get some insight on various brands that may fit your price range better. We accept truck submissions so if you’d like to be featured, post pictures of your truck on Facebook or Instagram, tag Diesel World, and we’ll give it a look! DIESEL NEWS – GM EMPLOYMENT, MONSTER GARAGE AND MORE. RARE SHEPPARD TRACTORS: ONE OF THREE. Sheppard Tractors are among the most rare of the orphan tractors. We covered a ‘51 Sheppard SD-3 for you back in 2015 and you can see the story online at the Diesel World website linked below.

This time we show you the smallest Sheppard, built in very small numbers from early ‘49 into January of 1950. As you will learn, it’s one of the rarest collectible tractors you will ever see. Dieselworldmag. DIESEL NEWS ALMANAC: MAY 2020. PETTER PAZ1 DIESEL ENGINES. Diesel News: GM Defense program, Diesel vs Gas, and more. SIZING TURBOS FOR DIESEL ENGINES. DIESEL NEWS ALMANAC: JANUARY 2020. DIESEL NEWS ALMANAC: OCTOBER 2017. Dieselworldmag. A TALE OF TWO 1,500HP 6.0L POWER STROKES. Dieselworldmag. PROJECT SUPER DUTY COLLECTION - Diesel World. DIESEL NEWS ALMANAC: SEPTEMBER 2019. Mishimoto’s Cooling Package Might Save that 6.0L Power Stroke. DIESEL NEWS ALMANAC: JULY 2019. Dieselworldmag. Diesel News: EPA talks tampering; Engine carnage and more... - Diesel World. DIESEL NEWS ALMANAC: OCTOBER 2018. Dieselworldmag. Diesel News - Save our race cars, new promod, injectors and more - Diesel World.

Dieselworldmag. DIESEL NEWS ALMANAC: APRIL 2018 - Diesel World. Diesel News: 2020 Ford Compounds, Holiday Discounts and more - Diesel World. PARTS CATALOG #10 - Diesel World. Dieselworldmag. Diesel News - SEMA Best of, Detroit Diesel powered GM, and more... - Diesel World. PARTS CATALOG #9. Dieselworldmag. Diesel News - Worlds Fastest 7.3l Ford - Diesel World. PARTS CATALOG #4 - Diesel World. The Hub For All Things Necessary! 4 HOT ROD DIESELS - Diesel World. 3 CLASSY DIESEL CARS - Diesel World. Diesel World Newsletter World Record Cummins. TECH Q&A HUB PART 2. TECH Q&A HUB PART 1. KEEPING YOUR GM TRUCK IN TIP-TOP SHAPE. Dieselworldmag. Diesel News 10.12.2020 - Diesel World. TURBOS WORKING WITH DURAMAX ENGINES - Diesel World. DIESEL World Magazine: Contact Information, Journalists, and Overview. METAL WORKS DIESEL RIGS. NEWER GM DIESEL MODELS. 5 GM DIESEL RIGS WITH EYE-CATCHING PAINT JOBS. 5 OFF-ROAD GM ADVENTURISTS. 5 BLACKED OUT GM RIGS.

5 GM TRUCKS WITH ATMOSPHERIC HORSEPOWER. 5 TOWERING GM BEHEMOTHS. Diesel News 9-7-20. Scheid Diesel Extravaganza 2020. PROJECT OBSESSED. Pass of the Week. Diesel Truck Rides at Diesel World. Diesel News 8.24.20. FLATBED REFRESH. MODIFICATIONS TAILORED TO A POWER STROKE. Diesel News 8-17-20. AIR-INTAKE UPGRADES. EXHAUST UPGRADES. Diesel News 8-3-20. Diesel News 7-27-20. ROCKY MOUNTAIN SHOOTOUT. Diesel World: Duramax Powered 1937 Chevrolet Drag Truck - Dieselworld. Diesel World: How to implement the Clean Air Act? - dieselworld’s diary. DW: Tony Burkhard’s 1,800-hp 7.0l Duramax sled puller - News Automotive Auto Magazine. YOU KNOW WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS? POOR RATIOS. Most Reliable Diesel Truck 101 Engine by Diesel World. PARTS CATALOG #3.

PARTS CATALOG #2. PARTS CATALOG #1. CHECKING YOUR ESSENTIALS. Event of the Week. 5 CLASSY & POWERFUL FORDS. 5 Powerful Lifted Fords. Diesel News 7-6-20.