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Aristegui Noticias. La farmacéutica alemana Bayer acordó comprar al fabricante de semillas Monsanto por 66 mil millones de dólares, incluyendo deuda. The SpaceX Explosion: What You Need to Know. Early this morning, SpaceX‘s Falcon 9 rocket exploded during a hot run, a test fire before a launch planned for this Saturday.

The SpaceX Explosion: What You Need to Know

And in response, everyone has a lot of questions: What does this mean for SpaceX? What does it mean for its launch schedule? What does it mean for the future of commercial space flight? What does it mean for Internet access in Africa? Cool your jets. The Death of Project Ara Shows Google Is All Grown Up. Project Ara may be no more.

The Death of Project Ara Shows Google Is All Grown Up

As Reuters reported last week, Google has suspended—and possibly killed—its plan to make a modular smartphone with interchangeable components. The move is curious—especially considering that in May at its annual I/O conference, the company restarted its Ara hype after more than a year of silence, loudly proclaiming that about 30 people inside the company’s Advanced Technologies and Projects lab, or ATAP, were using Ara as their primary phone. But at the same time, the move isn’t surprising. Project Ara started at Motorola Mobility under Regina Dugan, the former head of Darpa, and when Google acquired Motorola, Dugan remained in charge. But this spring, not long before Google’s conference, she left the company for Facebook, and she talked about the obstacles faced by Ara and ATAP. Those words carry an added meaning when you consider she was leaving ATAP for Facebook. Cuba pierde 4 mil mdd por sanciones.

Identifican bacteria que causó la Gran Plaga en Londres en siglo XVII. La bacteria Yersinia pestis fue el agente causante de la Gran Plaga en Londres (1665-1666), que fue el último mayor brote de peste bubónica en Reino Unido y provocó la muerte a casi un cuarto de la población londinense, confirmaron investigadores.

Identifican bacteria que causó la Gran Plaga en Londres en siglo XVII

La identidad de la mortífera bacteria se logró gracias a pruebas de ADN realizadas en Alemania a restos óseos que se encontraban en una gran fosa descubierta durante trabajos de excavación en el sitio de Crossrail, en la calle de Liverpool, en el este de Londres. Tras un año de análisis, los investigadores confirmaron la presencia de la Yersinia pestis y con ello pusieron fin a la serie de cuestionamientos sobre la identidad de los patógenos detrás de los brotes atribuidos a la peste.

Un relato de Daniel Defoe sobre el evento en diario del siglo 18 describe que la plaga actúa de manera diferente, ya que “algunos son inmediatamente abrumados con violentas fiebres, vómitos, dolores insoportables de cabeza y espalda, así como delirios”. jpe. How Zara's founder became the richest man in the world - for two days. Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Browsing the rails at Zara, you might not be aware of this: but there's an 80-year-old grandfather in northern Spain who helped pick out what you're taking to the till.

How Zara's founder became the richest man in the world - for two days

Amancio Ortega stepped down as chief executive at Zara's owner, Inditex, five years ago. But he didn't give up work. Not at all. Even this week, when the company's rising share price made him the richest man in the world for two days, he wasn't ready to retire. Image copyright Getty Images Every day he still makes the 10km journey from his town centre house to the Inditex headquarters, based just outside the coastal town of La Coruna where he first launched the Zara brand. IBM is becoming the world's largest design company — Quartz. Sophisticated satellites cost hundreds of millions of dollars and are assembled in clean rooms by technicians in full bodysuits.

IBM is becoming the world's largest design company — Quartz

And then, to fly them into space, we strap them onto enormous rockets that explode spectacularly once in every 20 takeoff attempts. Who’s on the hook when things go wrong? Welcome to the volatile world of space insurance. When a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket burst into flames Sept. 1 during a pre-flight mishap, the satellite sitting on top was the more valuable casualty. AMOS-6, owned by the Israeli company Spacecom and manufactured at a cost of $175 million, lay at the center of a delicate web of global contracts between its operator, the operator’s potential acquirer, its transporter, its manufacturer, and their various clients, including Facebook and NASA.

The fact that it took days is a testament to the technicalities involved in such complicated insurance and the secrecy of the rocket business. Got risk? Rocketry has plenty of risk. “Space is the exact opposite. South Korea says it would 'annihilate' Pyongyang if North starts nuclear war. South Korea has a secret plan to "annihilate" Pyongyang if the North Korean regime shows any sign of mounting a nuclear attack, the country's largest news agency has reported.

South Korea says it would 'annihilate' Pyongyang if North starts nuclear war

An unnamed military source told Yonhap that every part of the North Korean capital will be "completely destroyed by ballistic missiles and high-explosive shells". Those districts which are thought to be hiding the leadership would be particularly targeted and the city "will be reduced to ashes and removed from the map". Yonhap has close ties to the South Korean government and is publicly funded. It came just days after North Korea launched what it said was its fifth nuclear test on Friday. The international community is said to be considering its response with the US saying it is considering imposing sanctions alongside those imposed by the UN Security Council, Japan and South Korea. Things.

Fraude de hace 30 años podría dejar sin casa a 4 mil. Google y Facebook, las marcas más valiosas de tecnología.