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Mostrar datos SQLite. Tutorial 46 en Español. Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Android. Creating multiple sqlite database tables in Android. Most of the Android database examples you will find on the web will usually contain only one table to demonstrate the basic database concepts.

Creating multiple sqlite database tables in Android

That's great, the only problem with this is that most non-trivial database implementations will contain more than one table. The standard database creation string for a single table will probably look a lot like the below:private static final String CREATE_TABLE_1 =" create table " + table1 +" (_id integer primary key autoincrement," +" title text not null, body text not null);"; Bases de Datos en Android (III): Consultar/Recuperar registros. Ver si una tabla esta vacia. How to create SQLite foreign keys. By Alvin Alexander.

How to create SQLite foreign keys

Last updated: Oct 8, 2013 SQLite foreign keys FAQ: Can you show me how to define foreign keys in a SQLite database table design? The SQLite database does support foreign keys, and its foreign key syntax is similar to other databases. Here's a quick SQLite foreign key example. A SQLite foreign key example. Foreign Key Support. Small.

Foreign Key Support

Fast. Reliable.Choose any three. SQlite - Android - Foreign key syntax. Android Tutorial 10 - Display Data from Database in List.