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Artificial Creativity. Artificial intelligence has an Achilles’ heel.

Artificial Creativity

Breaking The Barrier Of Humans And Machines. My kitchen opens up to my family room, where right smack in the middle sits Alexa, an Amazon Echo device.

Breaking The Barrier Of Humans And Machines

It feels strange to call Alexa a device, because she has been chatting with my family and is building out her personality. Is The Human Revolution Imminent? The Young Biohackers Eager To Become Cyborgs. Body augmentations have long been a piece of science and cyber-punk fiction, but thanks to some rather daring experimenters, they might soon become a reality.

Is The Human Revolution Imminent? The Young Biohackers Eager To Become Cyborgs

More commonly known as 'bio-hacking', non-organic augmentations are pieces of technology which are inserted into the human body with the proposed aim of improving it beyond its natural ability. A Chinese robot wrote a "flawless" 900-word business article. Singularity and the anthropocentric bias. We are at great risk.

Singularity and the anthropocentric bias

Singularity is expected sometime this century and, unless we learn how to control future superintelligence, things can get really bad. Speech-classifier program is better at predicting psychosis than psychiatrists. This image shows discrimination between at-risk youths who transitioned to psychosis (red) and those who did not (blue).

Speech-classifier program is better at predicting psychosis than psychiatrists

The polyhedron contains all the at-risk youth who did NOT develop psychosis (blue). All of the at-risk youth who DID later develop psychosis (red) are outside the polyhedron. Thus the speech classifier had 100 percent discrimination or accuracy. The speech classifier consisted of “minimum semantic coherence” (the flow of meaning from one sentence to the next), and indices of reduced complexity of speech, including phrase length and decreased use of “determiner” pronouns (“that,” “what,” “whatever,” “which,” and “whichever”). (credit: Cheryl Corcoran et al. Rise of the machines. Philippo’s story suggests that home appliances and white goods getting too chummy can add up to AI free will, with savagely restrictive consequences for human free will A classical dogeared sci-fi collection authentically bought from the pavement last month has yielded up a little gem titled And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon.

Rise of the machines

It was written in 2003 by Paul di Filippo, who is best-known for The Steampunk Trilogy. The next year, it won the Locus Award for short fiction, but it isn’t listed in the Wikipedia bibliography of this intriguing science fiction writer. We Can’t Find Any Alien Neighbors and Virtual Reality Might Be to Blame. “If the transcension hypothesis is correct, inner space, not outer space, is the final frontier for universal intelligence.

We Can’t Find Any Alien Neighbors and Virtual Reality Might Be to Blame

‘We Are Creatures That Should Not Exist’: The Theory of Anti-Natalism : The Critique. July 15, 2015 2:00 pmPublished by David Benatar Picture: “Digital Painting” by Aleksandra Lech on Behance.

‘We Are Creatures That Should Not Exist’: The Theory of Anti-Natalism : The Critique

Follow The Critique on Facebook & Twitter @dekritik for special features. Oxford University Press Canada. Evolutionary robotics. Developmental robotics is related to, but differs from, evolutionary robotics.

Evolutionary robotics

ER uses populations of robots that evolve over time, whereas DevRob is interested in how the organization of a single robot's control system develops through experience, over time. History[edit] On the origin of (robot) species. Researchers led by the University of Cambridge have built a mother robot that can independently build its own children and test which one does best; and then use the results to inform the design of the next generation, so that preferential traits are passed down from one generation to the next.

On the origin of (robot) species

Without any human intervention or computer simulation beyond the initial command to build a robot capable of movement, the mother created children constructed of between one and five plastic cubes with a small motor inside. Evolutionary Robotics: The Biology, Intelligence, and Technology of Self ... - Stefano Nolfi, Dario Floreano - Google Books. Evolutionary Robotics: The Book. "An excellent book providing a thorough coverage of the subject. Clearly and insightfully written, this is a must for researchers and postgraduate students interested in new approaches to intelligent robotics " Phil Husband (2001) book cover. "This book will be welcomed by those interested in building complex robots or simple robots that do complex things" David B. Fogel (2001) American Scientist, pp.371. Morphological Evolution of Physical Robots through Model-Free Phenotype Development. Materials and Methods. Oxford University Press Canada. Humans Have a Moral Duty to Stop Procreating.

By Natalie Shoemaker Whenever any animal population gets out of control, whether it be an overrun of deer or geese, humans usually step in and make plans to curb it through hunting or damaging nests. It seems cruel, but without natural predators to bring the population down, overpopulation could have devastating effects on the local environment. Yet, humans have shown themselves to be far more destructive than any other animal on this planet, so why don't we offer ourselves the same consideration? Philosophisches Seminar - English. The rise of the anti-facial recognition movement. By Joseph Cox on September 14th, 2014 With Facebook automatically tagging your photos, Google Glass apps being able to pinpoint faces, and police using high-end technology to match digital and physical identities, big brother’s watchful eye is all around us. While the technology behind facial recognition continues to develop as its presence increases, some artists are trying to give citizens their privacy back the best way they know how—by designing contraptions that help ordinary citizens avoid detection.

The body is obsolete: Stelarc’s radical experiments with alternate human forms. By Anna Denejkina on July 26th, 2015 Since the ’70s, transhumanist artist Stelarc has used himself as an experimental canvas for exploring his ideas about the body’s obsolescence and its potential for technological alteration. Should humans be able to marry robots? The origin of the robot species.

Marvin Minsky says artificial intelligence could someday be religious. This could mean they serve humanity, rather than try to destroy itBut the opposite could also be true and religion can increase powerMarvin Minsky at MIT says computers could someday develop ethicsThere are concerns AI could add to religious conflict around the world. Robots Will Never Rule The World—Just Improve It - ReadWrite. Guest author Anne Balduzzi is the founder and CMO of SameGrain, a "privacy first" social discovery platform, and an early pioneer of the Internet, with marketing and product development roles at Apple, Quantum Computer Services (later renamed AOL) and Viewtron. What if … Most of reality is hidden? Supercomputer simulates one second of human brain activity in 40 minutes. The human brain is arguably the most complex structure in the Universe. 0969725X.2015.1065106# FLI - Future of Life Institute. Autonomous weapons select and engage targets without human intervention.

They might include, for example, armed quadcopters that can search for and eliminate people meeting certain pre-defined criteria, but do not include cruise missiles or remotely piloted drones for which humans make all targeting decisions. Interconnected rats' brains create organic computer. Scientists have been experimenting with brain-to-brain interfaces for years. The Conscious Web: When the Internet of Things Becomes Artificially Intelligent  Transhumanism and ‘Sacred’ Intelligence (Wisdom/Sapience) As the basis a Scientific but Spiritual Approach to Transhumansim. At the Root of the Wood Wide Web.

In the Middle: Posthuman Environs I: Tsupu. Hands-On With Thync’s Mood-Altering Headset. H-: Engaging Transhumanism: A Critical Historical Perspective. Brain implants let man control robotic arm with thoughts. NASA scientist says we may be living in a Matrix-like digital imprisonment designed by Aliens. Prue M/C Journal Machinic Interagency and Co-evolution Gibson. Facebook. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Transhumanism and the Singularity... - Princeton prof: Kill severely disabled infants under Obamacare. Singer: sopprimere bambini gravemente disabili. No, Head Transplants Are Definitely Not Going To Happen - BuzzFeed News. Russian Man Will Become Subject Of First Human Head Transplant Ever Performed. Human Head Transplants Could Become A Reality By 2017.

First human head transplant could happen in two years - health - 25 February 2015. Apple co-founder on artificial intelligence: ‘The future is scary and very bad for people’ Apple founder: 'Computers will take over from humans' Foresight/Watch Robotics, AI and Transhumanism Graph. A Mind Is A Terrible Thing Not To Clone: A Conversation With Martine Rothblatt 03/15/2015. SXSW keynote: Martine Rothblatt on AI, immortality and the future of selves. An Artificially Intelligent Computer created by Google. The Age of Transhumanist Politics Has Begun. Bridgewater Is Said to Start Artificial-Intelligence Team - Bloomberg Business. Bridgewater Rolls Out New Artificial Intelligence Division. Transhumanism.

Transhumanism in India: Between faith and modernity. Wired 3.06: A Globe, Clothing Itself with a Brain. Scientists propose 'cortical modem' implant to give you Terminator vision - CNET. The paths to immortality - Album on Imgur. How Silicon Valley is trying to cure ageing. Transhumanism Strategy. Intelligence Artificielle et Transhumanisme. Creative AI: The robots that would be painters. Max More - The Singularity and Transhumanism. Biology is Technology - DARPA is Back in the Game With A Big Vision and It Is H+