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App uses crowdsourced GPS feedback to predict earthquakes. System used GPS to look for changes in ground movementBy monitoring thousands of can accurately spot a quakeSystem can be used to give early warning to nearby towns and residents By Mark Prigg For Published: 19:31 GMT, 10 April 2015 | Updated: 19:53 GMT, 10 April 2015 Researchers have created an app that uses hundreds of mobile phones to predict earthquakes.

App uses crowdsourced GPS feedback to predict earthquakes

The U.S. Geological Survey hopes to create new types of crowdsourced early warning systems using the technology. The team tested the system using data from previous earthquakes, and found that it only took a few thousand people in a major city running the app to give accurate predictions. Myanmar residents gather as they inspect large cracks on a road two days after an earthquake struck the area: Now researchers say mobile phones could create a network of sensors to monitor and act as an early warning system. The study, led by scientists at the U.S. Scientific-grade EEW, such as the U.S. The U.S. New app The League provides a more selective dating pool. Screenshot from The League app.

New app The League provides a more selective dating pool

(The League) In this age of online dating, finding the right mate or even just a date has gotten more complicated. Enter The League, a new app that lets users search a smaller, more select pool of potential dates. With its tagline "for people who hate dating apps, by people who hate dating apps," developer Amanda Bradford believes a small dating pool is the key to success, as opposed to larger dating sites. "Other websites/apps overwhelm users with choice,” Bradford, a 30-year-old who holds an MBA from Stanford University, told

“I look at my time and energy as an investment” said Kelly Lazzara, 25, an active San Francisco resident who prefers using The League over its competitors. Using a complex algorithm, the app scans data from social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn for information like education and work experience. But whether or not singles can join right away depends on the current community ratios. A new app changes laundry rituals at UB’s North Campus. One of the rites of college dormitory living is being phased out at the University at Buffalo.

A new app changes laundry rituals at UB’s North Campus

Waiting in line for a washing machine after hauling an overflowing basket of dirty clothes to the laundry room may be coming to an end. A new app enables students to check the status and reserve machines at two North Campus laundries from their rooms or anywhere else on campus. Eighty-four machines in the Wilkeson and Fargo laundries in the Ellicott complex have been converted to interface with CBORD Mobile ID, a web and smartphone application that is an extension of a software program already in use at the university. “The era of students waiting for machines looks to be ending,” said Andrea Costantino, director of UB’s Campus Living. “Our students appreciate convenience, and we’re always looking for ways to meet their needs. Keith Curtachio, director of information and technology for the Faculty Student Association, recalled how it was done when he was a student. email: New apps, new possibilities. With people coming up with more and more ideas to make life easier at the touch of a button (in this case, a smartphone screen), the app market has become a veritable paradise for you to choose the most awesome stuff to sweeten your smartphone experience.

New apps, new possibilities

Check out these apps that I’m currently in love with. Drupe Drupe is a boon for multi-taskers — a single screen that lets you call, text, mail, share location or schedule an event/meeting with your contacts with one touch. A single screen displays your favourite contacts on the left and actions on the right — just “match the following” like in primary school. The only initial set-up you’ll have to do is assign the correct Facebook profile and email ID to the corresponding contact.

Four dots placed on your screen let you easily access Drupe whenever you need to, without having to course or minimise any other app you may be using at that point. Vueling launches new Apple Watch app. By Future Travel Experience Vueling’s new app for the Apple Watch includes access to real-time flight updates, as well as the ‘Bring Your Flight Forward’ service.

Vueling launches new Apple Watch app

As the race to launch new apps in time for the introduction of the Apple Watch on 24 April continues, Vueling has become the latest carrier to unveil its own app, which includes a couple of innovative features. The carrier’s CEO, Alex Cruz, told FTE last year that embracing wearable technology was a “no-brainer”, so Vueling’s investment in an Apple Watch application is no big surprise. The new app does, however, include some innovative features.

It makes use of geofencing technology to detect when the user arrives at the airport and it also includes access to the recently launched ‘Bring Your Flight Forward’ function, which allows passengers to switch to an earlier flight if a seat is available. Now, a mobile app for atrial fibrillation. Hong Kong: The University of Hong Kong (HKU) on Thursday announced the release of a new mobile app and screening programme to help prevent heart stroke in atrial fibrillation (AF) patients.

Now, a mobile app for atrial fibrillation

According to the research findings by HKU and Taiwan's Yang-Ming University, patients with AF have a five-fold higher risk of stroke than ordinary people. In Hong Kong, 12,000 cases of stroke are registered each year, among which, 25 percent are related to AF. To enforce the management of stroke prevention in patients with AF, the Department of Medicine of HKU initiated two new measures recently, namely, the AF management app and private doctors AF screening programme, Xinhua news agency reported.

Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work? Plus News of the New "Sober" Dating App  You Can Now Facetime with Doctors Using This New App - Health Diet Fitness. Part of the reason why we dread doctor's visits is the impractical wait time.

You Can Now Facetime with Doctors Using This New App - Health Diet Fitness

Sitting an hour for what turns out to be a ten-minute visit makes you question why it was necessary to come in at all. The truth is, more than 70 percent of reasons people come to a doctor's office can actually be handled remotely. Enter Maven Clinic, a brilliant women-specific iOS app connecting patients with practitioners—it's Facetime with your doctor. Maven is the latest in the movement towards telehealth, in which tools enable people to make a diagnosis at home. 7 Reasons To Download The New Sofeminine App. Home / Fashion / Fashion News / 7 Reasons To Download The New Sofeminine App Facebook Twitter Looking for your daily dose of need-to-share, need-to-know fashion, beauty and entertainment news?

7 Reasons To Download The New Sofeminine App

You're gonna need our app (if we don't say so ourselves). With the brand new Sofeminine Buzz app you'll never need to miss a story, a trend or a beauty hack again. Phew! Uk.businessinsider. CopWatch, Mobile Justice, and other apps for citizens filming police encounters. Photo via Handout/Reuters About 10 times a day, Darren Baptiste gets an email informing him that footage of police brutality may have been posted to YouTube through software he developed.

CopWatch, Mobile Justice, and other apps for citizens filming police encounters.

Baptiste is the creator of CopWatch, an iPhone app that helps people record police-citizen interactions, upload them directly to the Internet, then alert Toronto-based activist group the Network for the Elimination of Police Violence to the material’s existence. Most of the videos that are whisked from people’s phones to Baptiste’s eyes are mundane test recordings by people just trying out the app for the first time. He ends up seeing a lot of shots of people’s socks. New Bath app gives live information about parking in the city. Official Bath App will give live parking spaces Comments (0) An updated version of the Bath App will give motorists live updates about car parking spaces around the city.

New Bath app gives live information about parking in the city

The updated app now includes live car parking spaces for all the main car parks and park and ride sites across Bath, to help make life easier for those visiting the city. The real time car parking information can be accessed in the app by going into 'Getting to Bath' on the main menu, then 'Live Car Parking Spaces.' The app is run by Bath Tourism Plus and the Bath Business Improvement District (Bath BID) to make it easier for visitors to the city centre and was made possible thanks to help provided by local web company Dodify, making use of the open data provided by Bath: Hacked and B&NES car parks.

How Digital Is Shaping Finance In China. Best Free iPhone Apps: 10 paid iOS apps on sale for free right now. We’ve shown you plenty of great paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free this week, and now it’s time for our biggest list yet. Thursday’s post includes 10 great paid iOS apps that are all on sale for free, but only for a limited time. There are also still a few paid apps on sale for free in yesterday’s post, so be sure to hurry up and check those out as well. DON’T MISS: The worst things reviewers are saying about the Apple Watch. Uk.businessinsider. Luxair launches new app. Stamford entrepreneur launches loyalty card app. An entrepreneur who has come up with an innovative idea for a new loyalty app is calling on the people of Stamford to help make his launch a success.

The new app ‘Loyaltybook’, approved by Apple, is the vision of Stamford resident Nimon Davey, 33, who wanted to create a user-friendly app that houses all loyalty reward cards in one place. The exciting new mobile app that is set to be launched in the heart of Stamford on Friday next week, is a free app that will be available to download on the Apple store, providing customers with a new platform to engage with their favourite businesses and brands whilst being rewarded. Nimon, who set up Loyaltybook in September, said: “I wanted to solve the problem after having a wallet full of paper loyalty stamp cards from a variety of my favourite shops. Best Android Apps: Flynx will change the way you use your phone.

No, seriously. This app will, quite literally, change the way you use your Android phone. Multitasking is great, but smartphones will never offer a multitasking experience on par with desktop devices because they just don’t have enough screen real estate. Instaglam: the new selfie-enhancing apps that let you swipe your way to beautification - London Life - Life & Style - London Evening Standard. Some phones write perfection into the handset. The Beauty Face mode has been available on Samsung devices for a couple of years but on the new Galaxy S6, which launches tomorrow, it comes up as a default setting for all front-facing photos, and promises to “correct facial imperfections automatically”. A promotional video promises that with Beauty Face mode, “you become a little more beautiful” — wrinkles are ironed out, eyes can be made larger and faces are slimmed and contoured.

Another app selling “perfection in one tap” is Perfect365. As well as the blemish-banishing and facial-contouring features, the app also comes with pre-loaded template styles, and promises magazine-ready snaps. Selfie queen Kim Kardashian is rumoured to use it. Many apps boast teeth-whitening features, but Virtual Dentist goes one step further by allowing you to visualise braces and retainers, to see what you would look like with fillings, and even reshape your gums. @NicoleChangLin. Jump the drinks queues at the Grand National with new app from BPL. This year's Crabbie’s Grand National Festival has seen the launch of an app that allows racegoers to get an in-seat service for their food and drinks using their smartphones, instead of having to wait in a long queue at the Aintree course. The Grand National Fast Track app marks the Aintree racecourse as the first in the country to offer the service.

The app has been developed for Jockey Club Catering by BPL Digital (Bar Pass Limited), which is part of PayPal's and Braintree’s Start Tank to support start-ups. The app allows users to view a menu, place orders and then pay. Users can click to collect their drinks and food from one of four locations around the grounds, or have their orders delivered right to their seats in the Lord Sefton and Earl of Derby premium stands. To mark the app going live, PayPal and Jockey Club Catering are offering £5 off the first 1,000 orders each day when users pay with PayPal. The app can be downloaded from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. New app makes saving on grocery bills a snap. Happn: Meet the most in-demand London women on the hottest new dating app - London Life - Life & Style - London Evening Standard. The 5 Best iPhone Apps of the Week. Stay away from pollen. A new app that tells which dress fits you the best. New York: Style community Polyvore has released a new mobile app that would help the users not just find the right outfits and accessories for them but would also enable them to see their selected items styled in a whole new way.

Polyvore users can check in on what's trending on the site, get styling advice and buy any item they find right from the app named Remix, TechCrunch reported. This New App Wants to Give You Sex Advice You Actually Need. In 2012, Tennessee lawmakers banned sex ed teachers from condoning "gateway sexual activities," including oral sex. In 2013, sex week at the University of Tennessee had its funding slashed. GMeet: Google's New Teleconferencing App. Video: New App Helps Blind People Navigate The Tube. The hustle and bustle of the tube is enough for anyone, but imagine trying to navigate the labyrinth of tunnels, escalators and ticket barriers without your sight. This is the reality faced by blind and partially-sighted Londoners every day. Apple Watch Apps: What to Expect. Lavoro quando voglio: il personale reclutato via app è privilegiato o sfruttato?

Looking Into Southeast Asia, Mobile Gaming’s Next Emerging Market. HashSnap, a New Snapchat-Esque Dating App That Lets Users "Be Themselves" Click to enlarge. Instagram Launches New Collage App - Layout. Share One of the world’s most popular image-sharing websites, Instagram, has launched a brand new app named Layout, aiming to help users create compelling photo collages and inventive new twists on the conventional Instagram picture. The new app, which went live this month, is aiming to cater to the estimated 20% of active Instagram users who tinker with their images to include multiple shots within one post. The app is totally free and is aiming to provide a more seamless link between photo collage apps and Instagram itself.

New App Will Show Where Gun Control Supporters Live. New Popcorn Time iOS App Aims To Let Users Stream Free Movies On Their Phones. Periscope live streaming app raises new questions about privacy, citizen journalism. ‘Ride’ new carpooling app hits iTunes today. New App, Ride, Is Uber for Commuters - MoneyBeat. App to tell which dress fits you the best. Dingo Aims To Be A Fairer, Safer Aftermarket Ticketing App. A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words, New Poster App Super Doesn't Stop Talking - Social Songbird.

Dial up food storage, cooking advice with FoodKeeper app. Advocates: Google's YouTube Kids app 'one long ad' Cheese and Biscuits: Where to Eat in London 2015 - the app! Best new apps of the week: Adobe Slate and Todoist 10. The 10 types of people you will see on Twitter's Periscope. Ajusto app that watches your driving habits leads to privacy concerns. Here's how health apps could expose all sorts of new information about you. Gambit - New Orleans News and Entertainment. Awkward: New dating app does not check if members are related. Living Room Realty Releases New App For Home Buyers.

New app brings information to hunters' fingertips. Snapchat update: emojis replace 'best friends', new camera features added and app will send reminders that people are being ignored - News - Gadgets and Tech - The Independent. Madonna uses Meerkat app to debut new Ghosttown music video. Keep Calm Generator Pro v2.5 Apk (Ad-Free/Unlocked) ~ WinDroid7. Best new apps for Android and iOS (March 31st – April 6th) Periscope: Anglesey man behind video streaming app - BBC News. Apps - Celebrities’ New Favourite Business Venture. Facebook (FB) App Installs Peaked In 1QFY14: Macquarie Research. Casio App Enables Word Searches on Recordings - Japan Real Time. Deep Run student creates app to help with math homework - Henrico County News.

10 apps to keep kids busy on spring break. App rates rivals for your cab cash. New app claims to help diagnose autism. Drug side effects? There’s an app for that. The 10 types of people you will see on Twitter's Periscope. New app will offer you some 'calm' amidst a hectic day. Use Your Smartphone for Baby-Making Success. Swipe aside Tinder, there's a new Jewish dating app in town - Business - Israel News. Wag Launches Its On-Demand Dog Walking App In San Francisco. Facebook Launches Riff, A New App That Lets You Create Video Montage With Friends.

New app allows for female empowerment and fewer creepy messages. Periscope phone app gives millions a way to live-stream their lives. The Rationale Behind Soaring App Development Prices. 5 weird WeChat features that trump other messaging apps. Everything You Need To Know About Google's New Stance On Mobile. Periscope App Lets Anyone Broadcast Live, But Abuse Is A Worry.

Aam Aadmi Party's 'Sting App' to Help Fight Corruption. New Chinese app: That's what Xi said. 6 Makeup Apps for a Whole New You. G. Hannelius Launches New Custom Nail Wrap App, Make Me Nails. Top 10 Health And Fitness Apps For Your New Apple Watch. New NASA app allows public to explore Vesta. New mobile app could help low-income families. The new app bringing the story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs into the 21st century. 'Tinder-like': two expats launch new app for meeting people in the UAE. Do Away With Keys: New App Will Unlock Your Doors. Dropbox is testing a new productivity app called 'Project Composer' A New App Uses Gambling (For Real Money) To Improve Health. Far, Far Away: New app lets you read stories with the kids - even when you're miles apart. Here's how to run Android apps on Chrome with Google's new tool. Periscope is ALREADY on its way to becoming a parent's worst nightmare. Asunder: An Experimental New App That Uses Bluetooth "Beacons" to Tell Stories.

Via, a Ride-Sharing App, Raises $27 Million for Car-Pooling. 5 Reasons Why Enterprise Mobile Apps Need QA Services. Why You Should Care About Periscope, Twitter's New Live-Streaming App. Children’s hospital builds sleep app - BBC News. Conceivable’s New App Puts A Fertility Clinic In Your Pocket. 18 Best News Apps (For iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone) What we learned about surveying with mobile apps. Waze - Official Blog: Waze Update For iOS: Traffic Bar, Big Performance Improvements.