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Qld scientists create 'unfrog-ettable' app. Queensland scientists have developed a "ribbiting" app that can identify a frog by its croak and shows what species can be found where.

Qld scientists create 'unfrog-ettable' app

The Frogs of Australia - eGuide features descriptions, location maps, call sounds and photographs for nearly all of Australia's 238 known frog species. James Cook University biologist Dr Conrad Hoskin said the frog spotting app, which took three years to create, was released last week and was already proving popular on iTunes. "There are a lot of people who like frogs," he told AAP. "They are cute little creatures and there is a lot more interest and familiarity with frogs these days. " The app has been designed for anyone with an interest in frogs, from school children to researchers. Dr Hoskin said apps were the future of electronic field guides as they were more mobile, cheaper and easier to navigate than textbook versions.

PhD student Stewart MacDonald, who helped create the app, said a lot of work went into developing the electronic guides. The Net Set App: A New Tool for Fashionistas. Dating app Coffee Meets Bagel, or 'Anti-Tinder', gives one expert match a day. Dating app Coffee Meets Bagel pairs singles with one match per dayUnlike Tinder's continuous swiping, it creates a custom match for users It uses algorithms that match singles with mutual Facebook friends'Female-friendly' app aimed at professionals after more than a 'hook-up'Created by sisters , Arum and Soo Kang They appeared on US show Shark Tank and rejected a $30 million offer By Sam Bailey For Daily Mail Australia Published: 08:44 GMT, 26 May 2015 | Updated: 10:28 GMT, 26 May 2015 Tinder has undoubtedly been the hottest addition to the dating scene of the past few years.

Dating app Coffee Meets Bagel, or 'Anti-Tinder', gives one expert match a day

Live Video Apps Like Periscope Make Life Even Less Private : All Tech Considered. With the Periscope app, owned by Twitter, it's easy for smartphone users to stream their own video live.

Live Video Apps Like Periscope Make Life Even Less Private : All Tech Considered

Chris Jackson/Getty Images hide caption itoggle caption Chris Jackson/Getty Images With the Periscope app, owned by Twitter, it's easy for smartphone users to stream their own video live. Chris Jackson/Getty Images Cameras are ubiquitous — from the ones in our cellphones to the security cams in parking lots and shops. Too Late for Moses: New App for Stutterers - Technology. An Israeli mobile app that uses the world’s first stuttering detection algorithm to help stutterers overcome their condition comes 3,500 years too late for the most famous Jewish stutterer, Moses, but not a moment too soon for present day sufferers of the condition.

Too Late for Moses: New App for Stutterers - Technology

NiNiSpeech is a mobile health solution that helps people who stutter (PWS) maintain fluent speech, and allows speech-language pathologists (SLP) to monitor their clients’ fluency in everyday settings, Yair Shapira, founder & CEO of NiNiSpeech, told ISRAEL21c. The mobile solution, which will cost $50 to $100 monthly, provides the stutterer with immediate feedback on speech fluency by means of a buzz or vibration. This gives the stutterer a chance to monitor performance, improve fluency, achieve speech goals and gain rewards. The second stage of the solution, which is unique in the field, measures stuttering.

“When you’re on a diet, you weigh yourself. The Chinese trials could be the most meaningful, said Shapira. Swipe right if you think it's property love: New app Knocker is being billed as Tinder for home-buyers. New App Allows Fans to Record With Taylor Hawkins. Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera and jam band Umphrey's McGee have all contributed music to an app called WholeWorldBand, which allows users to create their own music by building around song stems uploaded by the artists.

New App Allows Fans to Record With Taylor Hawkins

In Hawkins' case, the drummer provided a video session that enables fans to write their own songs with the Foo Fighter on drums. "I was kinda imagining some sort of song in there, but I want you guys to be creative and think of your own thing," Hawkins tells WholeWorldBand users. Manzanera, who previously contributed a session to WholeWorldBand, is back for his second foray on the app. This time, the guitarist brings his cover of Kanye West and Jay Z's Watch the Throne single "No Church in the Wild," a song that featured a sample of Manzanera's "K Scope. " "The whole process is about musical recycling," Manzanera said of the app.

WholeWorldBand is available on iPhone, iPad, and Windows and MacOS computers. Twitter’s live-streaming app Periscope released for Android. Periscope, the live-streaming app/service that was acquired by Twitter earlier this year, has finally debuted on Android with a new app on the Google Play Store.

Twitter’s live-streaming app Periscope released for Android

Today's release comes roughly two months after the iOS version, which has become very popular since then among Twitter users, celebrities, and as tool for citizen journalism. At its core, the Android app functions the same as it does in iOS, letting you both watch and record live broadcasts on your phone, but there a couple features exclusive to this new release. First up, Android users will have more control options over notifications from the app.

Twitter's Periscope live-streaming app launches on Android. It quickly became the talk of the technology world, attracting the attention of broadcasters and media companies, which have realised it offers a very cheap method of reaching new audiences.

Twitter's Periscope live-streaming app launches on Android

Kay Burley, the Sky News presenter, for instance, used it to show viewers behind the scenes of ITV’s Leader Debates in the build up to the general election, and David Cameron used Periscope to broadcast his first address from Number 10. Meanwhile, the Rolling Stones used Periscope to broadcast their secret show in LA last week, and more than 40 authors have done live broadcasts on Periscope, showing fans where they write their books and often reading from currently unpublished work. Periscope competes with another live-streaming app called Meerkat, which also launched in March. One of the key differences between the two is that Periscope saves the video streams for 24 hours, whereas Meerkat's live video disappears once you end the broadcast. MyAirtel: Shake this app to save more. Who minds savings?

myAirtel: Shake this app to save more

No one right! And if we tell you that there is an app that can help you save every penny that you spend on your mobile, would you believe us. You should—especially if you are an myAirtel app user. Bharti Airtel has just kicked off a season of savings on its myirtel' mobile application for all its prepaid customers across India. An app to help you think straight - Times LIVE. The app rates the different solutions at your disposal.

An app to help you think straight - Times LIVE

It does not need details of the problem but asks the user to consider each "solution" and rate it on five criteria: utility, virtue, rights, justice and the common good. Users then assign a weighting to each criterion. According to The New Scientist magazine, the categories are simplified versions of five different frameworks developed by moral philosophers over the centuries. The app, however, works based on the customised moral framework of your choice, so if you give justice more emphasis than the others it will score the solutions based on that.

But this is not the only tech innovation that could take over from brains when it comes to how we behave and the decisions we make. New Apple Watch App Allows Users To Order Pizza Right From Their Wrist. The Apple Watch may have been followed by a lot of negative critique since it officially launched into the market, but more and more app developers have somehow gotten on its bandwagon to start a potentially lucrative business.

New Apple Watch App Allows Users To Order Pizza Right From Their Wrist

One of the latest apps to become part of the App Store for the American tech giant’s wearable tech is Pizza Pizza. Pizza Pizza is actually a famous pizza chain in Canada, and it has collaborated with Plastic Mobile, a noted mobile development app, to come up with its own app for Apple Watch users. Now, with this new app, users can order their favorite pizza directly from their wrist, according to Tech Times.

The app is also reportedly very easy to use, especially with its user-friendly user interface. Plus, the app also comes with a 40-minute timer. Sadly, the Pizza Pizza app is only available for Apple Watch owners in Canada, where the pizza chain has over 170 branches. New adviser app redefines the client experience. New Zealand technology company SuiteBox has launched its new cloud-­‐based videoconferencing and live document collaboration app into the Australian financial services market, due to increasing adviser demand for a more effective way to deliver services to clients in real time.

SuiteBox, which recently received a significant R&D grant from the New Zealand Government’s Callaghan Innovation, is a videoconferencing and recording solution with the ability for advisers to share documents on-­‐screen and immediately gain electronic signatures. The solution, which allows you to video-­‐enable your business processes, is designed to seamlessly integrate with CRM and financial planning software like Salesforce, SugarCRM, Xplan and Coin, allows advisers and their clients to accelerate the advice process by collectively reviewing, amending and signing off on advice documents; superannuation, investment and insurance applications; and records of advice.

Openbay’s New Service App Could Make Car Repair Less Horrible. Source: Openbay For drivers, one of the worst parts of owning a car is having to repair it. Most people don’t have the time or the experience to work on their own cars, so they’re forced to use a mechanic. Finding one who is honest, reliable, and who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg is difficult. Luckily, technology isn’t just changing the car buying process. It’s also changing the car repair business. Residents can report pothole problems access other services with new Staffordshire app.

New app to access Staffordshire County Council services. Comments (0) RESIDENTS can report pothole problems and fly-tipping as part of a new app to access council services. Finding out about school closures, reporting highways issues, ordering an extra bin and managing council tax payments are some of the things people can now do with a swipe of their finger. App gives users free gifts just for watching ads. Three business bigwigs from Blackstone, Saks Fifth Avenue and Goldman Sachs are backing a new app that offers free swag to users in exchange for watching 15-second video ads. Claim It! — which has attracted 42,000 users and shown 227,000 ads since its New York launch four months ago — has raised seed money from Blackstone Senior Managing Director David Blitzer, a partial owner of the New Jersey Devils; former Saks CEO Steve Sadove; and former Goldman Sachs Managing Director Dan Petrozzo. The trio kicked in a combined $700,000 to help Claim It!

Today’s apps gone free: Gesundheit!, Carmageddon, Gin Rummy and more. Use your mucus to fight menacing monsters, unleash vehicular carnage, and play a hand of Gin Rummy with today’s collection of apps and games. All app prices are subject to change at any time and without notice regardless of stated free duration. Price changes are solely under the control of the developers. Staying app-dated with your kids, AsiaOne Digital News. PET cat Ciku making a funny face; having chocolate cake with mummy... Winners announced in app-making competition. Aimed to connect and engage citizens with government and demonstrate how mobile technologies can lead to the next generation of tech jobs and investment, the 2015 AT&T Tech Valley Civic App Challenge was a partnership between AT&T and area universities, businesses and technology organizations.

Only an App For That. If you are in the mood to buy some trendy jeans and navigate to the website of the online fashion retailer Myntra, you will be greeted with this message: ‘Myntra is app only’. It means that you can only buy those jeans by logging onto the service’s app available on iOS, Android or Windows Phone. New app for family violence intervention orders. Best new apps for tablets and smartphones: Layout, Fruit Ninja, and more - Tech Feature. New app aims to create gender-inclusive online community.

Stop dumbing down digital health: There's no killer app for healthcare and that's a good thing - MedCity NewsMedCity News. It’s one of the most commonly uttered phrases I hear from investors, analysts and reporters: what will be the next killer app? It’s really an issue for the consumer wellness market which apps tend not to be encumbered by FDA regulations as long as they stay well away from the realm of diagnostics. Drunk Shopping App. Photo: Courtesy of Drrrunk Shopping. If you've ever found yourself sitting at your computer after a big night out, one too many vodka sodas deep, and ready to click "buy" on that (probably ridiculous) item you think you absolutely need , you're definitely not alone.

Growing fertility app-maker Ovuline raises new investment. An App for Single Soccer Players. Photo If you are looking forward to the Women’s World Cup this summer, you may find yourself motivated to take to the pitch yourself. If so, you might consider using an app called Jogabo. It’s a service that allows users to schedule soccer games, invite friends or strangers to play, and keep track of goals, assists and other statistics. The original concept behind Jogabo (the name comes from the Portuguese phrase “Joga bonito,” or “Play beautiful”) was to help local soccer enthusiasts find substitutes when their flaky co-worker dropped out of a game and they were looking for another player to even the sides at the last minute. Gay Dating App’s New Alert: Hooking Up Is Illegal Here. Fixed’s App Can Now Fix Your New York Parking Tickets. Fixed, a mobile app that fights parking tickets on your behalf, has now arrived in New York City – its first new market outside of California, where the company already operates.

New York is one of the biggest markets for parking tickets in the U.S., Fixed founder David Hegarty notes, as it issues 10 million parking tickets per year. Supermarket LED lights talk to smartphone app - BBC News. French shoppers have become the first to experience a new LED lighting system that sends special offers and location data to their smartphones. The technology was designed by Philips and has been installed at a Carrefour supermarket in Lille.

It transmits codes via light waves, which are undetectable to the eye but can be picked up by a phone camera. Artist adds poop emoji to selfie sticks to remind us of mortality. Doobster: New App for On-Demand Marijuana Delivery. New mobile app Finding Rover could make finding lost pets easier. The Perfect Tool Set for Web Development: From Mockup to App in 7 Easy Steps - Usersnap Blog. CamFind App - Visual Search & Image Recognition API powered by CloudSight. Wiith App - The Tinder for Friends - Social Songbird. Research and Markets: Mobile Augmented Reality Market in China 2015-2019 - Market in China to grow at a CAGR of 109.74% New app calculates what salary you should be on by looking at your CV. Everything you need to know about new app SleepHero. Fredericton company's new app helps parents monitor kids' driving. Automatic smart driving monitor now connects your car to over 20 apps - CNET.

You Can Now Have Your Groceries Delivered To Your Door With Instacart. Samsung's Flow app lets you transfer what you’re doing across devices. Employee fired for deleting iPhone tracking app : News, News. Error Page. The new era of app development – mobile vs. legacy. ‘Foursquare for stoners’ app connects marijuana smokers - NY Daily News. Emiratis select new homes using smart app.

News - New app for mental health patients in West Norfolk. Wish, a Direct-From-China Shopping App, Lures Bargain Hunters. DressAppFolks (DAF): DressAppFolks - The Benefits of the App. App to help you find sub-tenants. The Internet of Things Can Automate Romance. Is That Bad? About IFTTT. Here's An App That Encourages You To Shop Online While Drunk - BuzzFeed News.

New App To Attract Gen Z To Banking. Want to know where to get high? This app can help you. New App Allows Beijing Customers to Take A Helicopter. Caring for aging parents? There's an app for that. Read and share content as a summary with the new Points app. New app chastises you for picking up your phone during dinner. New Flip App Could Simplify the Hassle and Cost of Breaking Your Lease. YouNow profile - Business Insider.

Untitled. Starbucks app used to hack into bank accounts, credit cards. "Creepy" app helps you write perfect emails to anyone. New Apps Help Track and Treat Mental Disorders. New app helps owners find lost dogs. Is this the new Tinder? Dating app Had Me At Hello launched by Bristol man. New app locates Hawaii accessible parking spaces. New App Lets You Skip the Line At Your Favorite Bar. Google's First Apple Watch App Isn't the One We Wanted. In arrivo le transazioni formato WhatsApp. On-demand apps are riding a huge wave of investments - CNET. Mobile-only ticket app Gametime to receive $13.3M in funding. Hackers are draining bank accounts via the Starbucks app - May. 13, 2015.

Comedian-entrepreneur Damon Wayans demos his new app. New App Helps Tackle Hangover Pains. New app provides medium for community conversation. 5 people you need to follow on live-streaming app Periscope. Staff-tracking app faces legal scrutiny in US - BBC News. New app Vervid wants to be the 'YouTube of vertical videos' Booze delivery app Drizly hires Wayfair spokeswoman, eyes new funding. The Paper app can now transform my terrible drawings into slick presentations. Best new apps of the week: Flickr 4.0 and Streamline Calendar. Zomato Order: Here a new app just for online ordering. New app lets you share photos with friends for a day. New app draws walking routes. The 5 Best iPhone Apps to Download This Week. New app links television networks to out-of-home viewers.

Zomato Splits Deliveries Off Into New App Called 'Order' Muzmatch—A Matchmaking App For Muslims. Livingston Resident Launches Mobile App to End Wasteful Consumerism - Livingston NJ News - TAPinto. Facebook Mobile Premiers In-App Install Ads. DOTC to create category for app services like Uber. New app enhances the battlefield experience. New dating app seeks to connect Israelis and Palestinians - Israel Business, Ynetnews. An App That Helps Drivers Earn the Most From Their Trips. What’s app, Doc? Patients send their medical data via smartphone - Health News - Health & Families - The Independent.