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Line 6 Replacement/Service Parts. Top Selling Line 6 Products » Products Currently Filtered by: Replacement/Service Parts Showing Products 1 - 24 of 329 Our Price:$3.75 In Stock Our Price:$3.65 Expected to ship out: 7-14 business days.

Line 6 Replacement/Service Parts

Our Price:$1.75 Our Price:$14.00List Price: $14.99You save 7%! Our Price:$14.25 Our Price:$20.60List Price: $24.00You save 14%! Our Price:$115.50List Price: $140.00You save 18%! Filter Design and Analysis. This page is the index of web calculator that design and analysis analog filters.

Filter Design and Analysis

RC Filters LR Filter RLC Filter Sallen-Key Active Filter Multiple feedback Active Filter. Linear Technology - Design Simulation and Device Models. TODOPRODUCTIVIDAD: Calculadores de ingeniería electrónica. Cómo hacer tu propio cargador solar portátil en casa. ESP - Direct Injection Box for Recording and PA Systems. Direct Injection Box for Recording & PA SystemsRod Elliott (ESP) Updated 08 Jan 2005 Introduction A Direct Injection (or DI) box is a very handy piece of equipment for any public address rig or recording studio, whether for band or general use.

ESP - Direct Injection Box for Recording and PA Systems

It will allow you to connect the output from guitar amps, keyboard mixers, tape machines and just about anything else directly to the mixer, without using a microphone, and with no hum loops. The unit described will convert unbalanced inputs (such as from a guitar or bass amp) to balanced, allows the level to be set to something reasonable, and comes in two flavours. Ground loop (electricity) Ground loops are a major cause of noise, hum, and interference in audio, video, and computer systems.

Ground loop (electricity)

They can also create an electric shock hazard, since ostensibly "grounded" parts of the equipment, which are often accessible to users, are not at ground potential. Sound System Interconnection. Rane Technical Staff RaneNote 110 written 1985; last revised 7/11 Cause and prevention of ground loops Interfacing balanced and unbalanced Proper pin connections and wiring Chassis ground vs. signal ground Ground lift switches Introduction This note, originally written in 1985, continues to be one of our most useful references.

Sound System Interconnection

Fuente variable de 1.5-15v 15A. En esta comunidad podemos dialogar sobre la electrónica: Compartir circuitos para hacer en casa.

Fuente variable de 1.5-15v 15A

Preguntar dudas sobre algún calculo circuital, precios de los componentes... Facebook. Eddie Ciletti: From Digital Audio to Vacuum Tubes! 48V Phantom Feed Supply for Microphones. 48V Phantom Feed Supply for MicrophonesRod Elliott (ESP), Updated 13 June 2003 Please Note: PCBs are available for this project.

48V Phantom Feed Supply for Microphones

Click the image for details. Introduction. TA Speaker Topics - Neutralizing L(e) with a Zobel. A Zobel is a series resistor-capacitor (R-C) network that is connected in parallel with a loudspeaker driver in order to neutralize the effects of the driver’s voice coil inductance L(e).

TA Speaker Topics - Neutralizing L(e) with a Zobel

Figure 1 below shows a Zobel consisting of resistor R1 and capacitor C1. Figure 1: A Zobel Network Consisting of R1 and C1 Because a loudspeaker’s voice coil is itself an inductor, the impedance of the driver increases with frequency much like an inductor. When a woofer is used with a passive crossover the driver’s L(e) has the effect of spoiling the crossover filter action. A Zobel can be used to restore the impedance of the driver to the nominal value in the high frequency range. GM Arts - Guitar Amplifiers. The overdriven sound of a valve power amplifier is highly desirable, with many different output stage designs to produce the variety of trademark sounds heard on modern recordings.

GM Arts - Guitar Amplifiers

The only problem is that a valve power amplifier is only capable of producing this sound at one volume (usually, fairly loud!). Dummy speaker loads (the good ones are not just resistive, they need to simulate the reactive load of a speaker) allow a player to use one amplifier in a variety of playing situations and styles by running the amplifier at the desired level, and using the dummy load to regulate the volume level. DIY Microphones, Preamps, Compressors, etc. A Short History of DIY Effects. Greetings, fellow pedalphiles!

A Short History of DIY Effects

This month we’re going to discuss do-it-yourself effects and their influence on the current stomp scene. Pedals are more popular now than ever before, but this wasn’t always the case. There was a time when a stompbox was considered by most guitarists to be a novelty at best, or more likely, a crutch for players lacking in skill. Today, of course, we see amateur and pro alike using pedalboard setups that range from moderate to elaborate. INICIO      REPORTAJES      GALERIA      DEMOTICONOS      MP3      FORO. Estudio de la electrónica. UG Community @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com - The GB&C Pickup Buying Guide (aka the "Which pups?" thread) VI.II DiMarzio Air Classic: Vintage sounding. It’s relatively bassy. It’s great for blues, classic rock, and hard rock.

SPICE Simulation Models. PDF - english. Potencia. La potencia es un concepto de gran importancia cuando hablamos de la interconexión entre amplificadores y altavoces. El nivel de potencia de esta interconexión y por supuesto la eficiencia y directividad del altavoz, determinan el nivel de presión sonora (SPL) generado. Hay varias especificaciones de potencia comúnmente utilizadas, entre las que tenemos: ENCLOSURE FORMULAS. El Rincón del Guitarrista - Articulos. DIY AUDIO PROJECTS - Do-It-Yourself Hi-Fi for Audiophiles. Guitar Pedals: R-C Filter Calculator. Resistor Color Codes & Component Identification.

Resistor Color Code Bands& Other Component Identification Resistor Color Code Identification While these codes are most often associated with resistors, then can also apply to capacitors and other components. The standard color coding method for resistors uses a different color to represent each number 0 to 9: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, grey, white. On a 4 band resistor, the first two bands represent the significant digits. On a 5 and 6 band, the first three bands are the significant digits. Alpha-Numeric Code Identification With the sizes of resistors and other components shrinking or changing in shape, it is getting difficult to fit all of the color bands on a resistor. Naming Convention To simplify the writing of large resistor values, the abbreviations K and M are used for one thousand and one million.

The E12 Range. Bench PowerSupply - My Scratchpad. Ive increasingly found I need a better power supply while working on my Arduino projects. So here is my version of the standard ATX power supply conversion wrapped in a nice metal case I had laying around. Heres the finished product. Im quite pleased with how it turned out. How to Convert a Computer ATX Power Supply to a Lab Power Supply. Edit Article Edited by Abizarl, Krystle C., Jack Herrick, Vertent and 42 others Computer power supplies cost around US$30, but lab power supplies can run you $100 or more!

How to Convert a Computer ATX Power Supply to a Lab Power Supply. DIY Audio & Video - FAQs, Tutorials, and Calculators for Speaker Boxes, Crossovers, Filters, Wiring and more.