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LINK 17 septiembre

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Designer illustrates a song-a-day with logos. Inspiration for logo design can come from almost anywhere.

Designer illustrates a song-a-day with logos

Here, Mexican based designer Robba Saldaña has embarked on a daily logo design challenge. Taking inspiration from his favourite bands, Saldaña aims to create a new design for a new song every day for a year. Using only ink pens, Saldaña creates a badge or label for a song, which features the performer’s name, song title and lyrics. The results are an array of logo design inspired works, that effortlessly blend together artist, song title and more often than not, lyrical content too. Using only black ink allows the design's attention to detail to really shine. See more work over on Robba Saldaña's website. [via Design Taxi] Liked this? Free graffiti font selection Illustrator tutorials: amazing ideas to try today! Qué es logotipo. Logotipo. Un logotipo —coloquialmente también llamado logo— es un signo gráfico que identifica a una empresa, un producto comercial o, en general, cualquier entidad pública o privada.[1] El logotipo como elemento de comunicación[editar] Para que un logotipo resulte congruente y exitoso, debe ser conforme al principio fundamental del diseño donde «menos es más».


Dicha simplicidad permite que sea: Legible - hasta el tamaño más pequeño.Escalable - a cualquier tamaño requerido.Reproducible - sin restricciones materiales.Distinguible - tanto en positivo como en negativo.Memorable - que impacte y no se olvide.Adaptable - que funcione en diferentes medios de comunicación[2] . Las marcas construidas exclusivamente con letras llegan a tener tanta fuerza o más que aquellas que, si bien cuentan con un icono gráfico, requieren la asociación del texto para posicionarse desde el inicio; tal es el caso, por ejemplo, de las marcas de automóviles. Un logotipo se diferencia por: ¿Qué es una simbología? 11th Month - The Playlist Project on Behance. The 11th Month is UP!!!!!!

11th Month - The Playlist Project on Behance

Just one more month to go! Again a million thanks to all that have been following this project, some even from the very beginning! Special thanks to all that have published my collection in their blogs and to those that have invite me to feature in various magazines, HUGEEEE eternal thanks!! Im a person driven by inspiration and is great to give a little of that back :) Kinky - una linea de luz. 12th Month -The Playlist Project on Behance. The Final Month is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

12th Month -The Playlist Project on Behance

One whole year!!!!!! I cannot even belive so! , this is the final month of this collection, and when i concept it i never imagine the reach it was going to have, nor all the little things that now are part of this collection. I have drew at coffe shops, restaurants, bars, the office, at parties, family reunions and my room, i have drawn in diferent cities and even in diferent countries, from a simple flat in Madrid, stucked in a highway at italy, and in a cruise through the mediterranean sea to laying in my bed watching the simpsons. I have dedicate songs, some knew, some never will, but as i see all the different designs and all the stories the now tell i feel proud, i have met so many people beacuse of this, so many so much better that i am, so many that feel inspired by my work, it is simply a little piece of bliss...

This is the 12tm Month Playlist: Jan 21 - Sweet Child o Mine by Guns and Roses. The Bravery - An Honest Mistake. The Playlist Project / ROCK ME A SONG! - Month 1 on Behance. Im really glad to present here the first month of The Playlist Project V2 - Rock Me a Song!

The Playlist Project / ROCK ME A SONG! - Month 1 on Behance

This time around all the songs are request from other people, from all around the world :) Hopefully i will complete a sencod year with this project and will continue to make music related designs that i love. If you want to participare just leave a comment with your song, name and nationality and if i havent drawn that song yet you are into the collection and i will draw it for you ;) Depeche Mode - Stripped (Remastered Video) The Playlist Project- ROCK ME A SONG- Month 7th!! on Behance. FInally got time to post the seventh month of this phase of The Playlist Project!

The Playlist Project- ROCK ME A SONG- Month 7th!! on Behance

Again feel free to suggest your favorite song ad i will draw it! Just need your name and nationality and if i have already draw that song just pick another :) Bring Me The Horizon - "Sleepwalking" (Full Album Stream) The Playlist Project - ROCK ME A SONG- Month 8 on Behance. Hello Again!

The Playlist Project - ROCK ME A SONG- Month 8 on Behance

Once more im totally grateful for all the people that have cared to suggest a song for this project and ultimatelly give it the shape it have now and for all the past months. Truly thank you so much!!! The Cure - The Lovecats. 10th Month - The Playlist Project on Behance. 10 Months are UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10th Month - The Playlist Project on Behance

Wow i never imagine i could keep up like this hahaha, i got some days of delay due vacations and holidays but to de hundred of desings done are definetly satisfactory! HUGE thanks to all that have supported this project so far! And well 2 months to go!!! Cheers!! The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It.