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Fine arts. Graphic D e s i g n <3. Work Pro. <3. Geometry Study. Lettering, Calligraphy, and Typography ♡ M u s i k. A r q. Adobe Illustrator (tools & tutorials & tricks) Adobe Photoshop (tools & tutorials & tricks) Literatura- Writing... Sci-Tech. C o m p u t e r s 1, ツキハナ. Spirit Science and Metaphysics. Meditation ॐ + ✞ Health & Fitness. Alternative Healing. Relax ✌️ Languagues. College . Photography. GIFS. Fshn Killa. Wishlist. Mis Documentos. Referencia/investigación. F I L M S. Series. Contactos. Cooking. Richard Prince Sucks. 20 cosas que las parejas que tienen una relación sólida hacen de manera diferente.

Ser parte de una unidad puede ser diferente: Tomas decisiones pensando en alguien más, Tienes que tener cuidado con los sentimientos de otra persona, Y al mismo tiempo, debes hacerte feliz a ti mismo.

20 cosas que las parejas que tienen una relación sólida hacen de manera diferente

Cuando finalmente encuentras a esa persona que hace que todo parezca sencillo, sabes que tienes la base para crear algo bueno. Las parejas sólidas son, antes que todo, individuos sólidos.


Jornada de solidaridad #Ayotzinapa. Send Your Name to Mars - Mars Exploration Program. Mars Home Share16 Share19.

Send Your Name to Mars - Mars Exploration Program

Alien (1) DrossRotzank. Ebola – What You’re Not Being Told. By: SCGNEWS: (This article has been updated Sept 30th) There is something very, very important that the corporate media and public health officials are not telling you regarding the Ebola outbreak in west Africa.

Ebola – What You’re Not Being Told

The information I’m about to present here is frightening. There’s really no way around that. However, I request that you do your very best to maintain a calm state of mind. Right now in West Africa the worst Ebola outbreak in history is in full swing and is jumping borders at an alarming rate. 26 Modern Living Room Ideas All In The Detail. 58 Flares Twitter 19 Facebook 0 Google+ 5 Pin It Share 34 Email -- 58 Flares × The design period between 1920-1950 is typically referred to as Modern (or Mid-Century Modern).

26 Modern Living Room Ideas All In The Detail

It’s a classic style that never goes out of fashion and it can be a nice change from contemporary design. Let’s look at some interior decorating ideas that best exemplify the modern period. White walls. GIFs que te harán creer que estás loco. El artista de Portland, Oregon, Zach Dougherty, ha puesto esculturas en un loop permanente usando como telón de fondo escenas de la ciudad, para así crear imágenes que parecen salidas de una pesadilla.

GIFs que te harán creer que estás loco

108 Movements to a Meditative Mind State: The 5 Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation. By Ethan Indigo Smith Contributing writer for Wake Up World It just so happens that one of the quickest and simplest sets of meditative movements and one of the easiest to integrate as your own, is also one of the most powerful.

108 Movements to a Meditative Mind State: The 5 Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation

It Took Him 30 Years… But What This Man Can Do Will Blow You Away. Just WOW. Wu: female shamans in ancient China. Excerpted from article © 2011 Max Dashú Download pdf of full article ‘We rise to heaven and brush away the comets,’ said a shamaness in her song.

Wu: female shamans in ancient China

The strong pattern of female shamans in eastern Asia has been erased from the history that most people know. Yet women predominated in shamanism of ancient China, Japan, and Korea, and have persisted into modern times in eastern Siberia, Korea, Manchuria, Okinawa, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Here I’ll survey female shamans in China’s earliest written records, its ancient art and ritual culture, classical literature, historical records, legends, and temple practices. Drowned Towns: 10 Underwater Ghost Cities & Buildings. La Palabra “Perfección” No Alcanza Para Describir Lo Que Esta Mujer Hace. Toda La Audiencia Quedó Sin Palabras. 'Dripped', un tributo a Jackson Pollok. 1950 Time Capsule Opened to Reveal Garbage Water. Apologies to the childlike spirit residing deep within your hardened New Yorker exterior, but we’re about to ruin the whimsy of time capsules for you.

1950 Time Capsule Opened to Reveal Garbage Water

At least it’s Friday! (Oh.) On Wednesday, the NYC transit authority dug deep beneath the MTA headquarters in downtown Brooklyn to unveil a time capsule that had been buried there back in 1950 B.S. (Before Sexting). Here's a Way to Fight Fashion Appropriation and Support Guatemalan Artisans. [REMEZCLA]Andrea Gompf.

Here's a Way to Fight Fashion Appropriation and Support Guatemalan Artisans

Seis cosas que solo pasan en una protesta en Hong Kong. Foto: AP Gas lacrimógeno, gas pimienta, enojo, multitudes obligadas a escapar de la policía antimotines; y, sin embargo, las protestas en Hong Kong son únicas, como lo revela la información que comparten reporteros y residentes del lugar.

Seis cosas que solo pasan en una protesta en Hong Kong

11:11 – The Numbers For Planetary Shift. 5 Clever Ways To Handle Small Interiors. Advertisement No space? No problem! Independiente - Revista digital sobre diseño, emprendimiento y tecnología. How Did I Clean Before Learning These 10 Hacks? #10 Alone Is Genius!! Most of us hate cleaning. It’s time consuming, boring, and we’d rather be doing almostANYTHING else. Just think about all of the wasted time in your life spent on making sure the coffee pot is cleaned out, or getting the water ring off the table. It’s really insane when you add it up. Well, no more. Top 5 Most Ridiculous Comments: Reality-Challenged. I have a term for people who are incapable or unwilling to account for science, evidence, and logic when making extraordinary claims; reality-challenged. For whatever reason, they ignore the best evidence at hand, they fail to utilize the scientific method, and their arguments are rife with logical fallacies.

And as such, the reality-challenged wind up making some of the more ridiculous comments on any given week. Here are the top ones for this past week, courtesy of the reality-challenged among us all. The 40 Most Breathtaking Abandoned Places In The World. Popular Canvas Prints. 26 Awesome & Crazy Inventions. 18 Flares Twitter 9 Facebook 0 Google+ 5 Pin It Share 4 Email -- 18 Flares × The holidays are just around the corner and here’s a collection of cool inventions to help you find the perfect gift for that special someone.

Advertisement. 26 Awesome & Crazy Inventions. 2014-09-30 Studio.jpg. Popular Art Prints. Mexican Zapatistas Chiapas Mexico. Man Lives in a Plane in the Middle of the Woods. Invisibility Crystals: More Than Mere Fantasy. Since the age of antiquity, many of us have had our minds fascinated by the Dream of Invisibility. Our imaginations have often marvelled about this otherwordly potential, and the endowment of all possibilities that may be attained through use of its extraordinary magic. In the recent past, there has been new surprises in the fields of science furthering our skills to tap into the wonders of this mystical power.

Long has it been thought among many researchers, that this ability may only be employed through the utilization of artificially designed metamaterials. However, researchers within the lab of Birmingham University have shown that this is not always the case. It has now been demonstrated that organic crystalline matter can remarkably activate this abilty, and to a significantly great extent. Esta historia sin palabras de sólo un minuto nos enseña de que se trata la vida. ¿Qué fragancia deberías usar? Lo sabemos, una de las decisiones más difíciles para todo hombre se presenta al momento de elegir una fragancia.

Y es que, además de buscar aquella que se adecue perfectamente al PH de tu piel, también es vital que tomes en cuenta la ocasión que tienes en puerta para llegar a cabo tu selección. Graffito Books Ltd. An ‘Elixer of Long Life’ was dug up, and you’ll never guess what the main ingredients are! When someone lives long enough to receive the title ”World’s Oldest Person,” they’re usually asked what their secret is. You hear a lot of answers, although inevitably many of those answers include some form of alcohol. A recent discovery in New York City of a 200-year-old bottle labeled “Elixir of Long Life” led researchers to this new recipe and… Sure enough, the main ingredient was alcohol. According to DNAinfo, the bottle was discovered during an excavation for a hotel at 50 Bowery by Chrysalis Archeology, a company that provides cultural resource management at dig sites.

25 Ridiculous Inventions From The Past. La hermosa amistad entre una niña, un ojo, un brazo y un pie. Anatomical Venus: The gory idealized beauty of wax medical models. From the “Josephinum Museum” of the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. Late 18th century The importance of anatomical models cannot be overstated in the education of medical professionals, but these learning tools have not always been so… clinical. 法轮功 - Mr. Rogers Jams to a Song about how to Turn On Your Brain. Al comienzo me encantaron, pero después vi de donde venían. Cómo me aseguré de que mis 12 hijos pudieran pagar por su Universidad ellos mismos.

A Visionary Art Explosion at Sonic Bloom 2014! El fracaso del indigenismo autonomista. La crisis del Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN) Si #Ello no tiene publicidad, ¿cómo harán para mantenerse?