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Robotics Robotics Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots,[1] as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. These technologies deal with automated machines that can take the place of humans in dangerous environments or manufacturing processes, or resemble humans in appearance, behavior, and/or cognition. Many of today's robots are inspired by nature contributing to the field of bio-inspired robotics. The concept of creating machines that can operate autonomously dates back to classical times, but research into the functionality and potential uses of robots did not grow substantially until the 20th century.[2] Throughout history, robotics has been often seen to mimic human behavior, and often manage tasks in a similar fashion.
ROCKFORD, MI -- An athlete who was paralyzed in an accident was able to walk again Monday morning during a demonstration of Ekso, a wearable exoskeleton robot, at DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan's Center for Spinal Cord Injury Recovery. The Ekso technology, named for its exoskeleton-like properties, was developed by California-based Ekso Bionics and aims to help those with lower extremity paralysis or weakness to stand and walk. The wearable bionic robot technology is a battery-powered, bionic device and uses motors to help users walk, said Beverly Millson with Missing Sock Public Relations. Video: See how new wearable robot technology helps paralyzed patients walk Video: See how new wearable robot technology helps paralyzed patients walk
It sounds like a sci-fi movie – doctors growing body parts to cure our ills. But thanks to incredible breakthroughs, bionic repairs for humans are fast becoming a reality. Experts yesterday revealed they are perfecting “off the shelf” blood vessels, which could revolutionise treatment of heart attacks and strokes. If the Cambridge University blood vessel team is successful, patients could be spared major operations. The test tube vessels may also treat kidney dialysis patients and repair injuries. Dream of making artificial body parts becoming a reality Dream of making artificial body parts becoming a reality
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03/24/2014, The uncanny valley is not a physical place, but rather, it is the idea of a robot being so human-like in behavior, that it can get rather creepy to boot. Artist Jordan Wolfson has crossed into such a territory as you can see from the video above, where... 01/06/2014, [CES 2014] KEECKER happens to be a Paris-based company that intends to bring the future forward, by introducing a new connected robot (which will hopefully be smart, too) at CES 2014. Boasting of a unique functionality that will hopefully alter the way we... 12/12/2013, Last week I was invited to Polycom’s annual Holiday event where the Anybots Q(X) Virtual Presence was shown for the first time. robot robot
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AR.Drone France - Le 1er quadricoptère Wi-Fi piloté par un iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad et Android “Create high-quality and stable movie shots” The Director mode lets you program automaticmovements so that you can shoot great videos justlike a movie director. Choose your movement: traveling, pan, crane… Adjust speed and moves in real time to compose your video sequence Stabilization system and video post-processing to get clean smooth shots Tune camera settings such as white balance, exposure and luminosity Selection of key sequences in the video Video sharing on YouTube and AR.Drone Academy *In-app purchase on ar.freeflight Learn more AR.Drone France - Le 1er quadricoptère Wi-Fi piloté par un iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad et Android
Martin Jetpack : Envolez-vous dans les airs pour échapper aux bouchons Vous en avez assez des bouchons et vous vous dîtes qu’il serait temps qu’un inventeur se penche sur une technologie de mobilité personnelle permettant de voler ? Et bien cela existe déjà ! Le Jetpack est un concept de réacteur dorsal déjà vu dans les films de science-fiction, mais il existe déjà dans la réalité ! La société néo-zélandaise Martin Aircraft Company de Glenn Martin a commencé le développement d’un véritable Jetpack dès 1988. Martin Jetpack : Envolez-vous dans les airs pour échapper aux bouchons - Robot news and Robotics Info In Robots Podcast #147, Per Sjöborg speaks with Giulio Sandini, director of Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Sciences (RBCS) at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), about how, having begun his career as a bioengineer working on how the brain controls the muscles which aim and focus the eye, he eventually came to work in robotics, about why interdisciplinary work is important to robotics, and about how diverse teams of engineers, biologists, psychologists, mathematicians, physicists, and medical doctors can learn from each other. Sandini illustrates the point using examples of successful interdisciplinary efforts at IIT, including the iCub and COMAN humanoid platforms, the HyQ quadruped, and their work in rehabilitation robotics. Read On | Tune In - Robot news and Robotics Info
INSPIRED by the biology of a bee and the insect’s hive behavior ... we aim to push advances in miniature robotics and the design of compact high-energy power sources; spur innovations in ultra-low-power computing and electronic “smart” sensors; and refine coordination algorithms to manage multiple, independent machines. Practical Applications Coordinated agile robotic insects can be used for a variety of purposes including: autonomously pollinating a field of crops;search and rescue (e.g., in the aftermath of a natural disaster);hazardous environment exploration;military surveillance;high resolution weather and climate mapping; andtraffic monitoring. Home — Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Home — Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
FastRunner FastRunner is a new bipedal platform inspired from the fastest biped animals, and developed at IHMC. A novel leg design is being developed to enable FastRunner to achieve unprecedented efficiency and speed while being self-stabilizing. The FastRunner project is funded by the DARPA agency through the Maximum Mobility and Manipulation (M3) program. The Team: FastRunner
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Simulation informatique de la marche du robot humanoïde dans le sable, au laboratoire de l’université de Tohoku. © Tohoku University Les robots humanoïdes apprennent à se promener sur la plage - 2 Photos Découvrez HRP-2, le robot humanoïde franco-japonais Si dans Star Wars, les grains de sable ont tendance à gripper les mécaniques de C3PO, il parvient tout de même à se déplacer, quoique péniblement, dans les dunes de sable de la planète Tatooine. Voilà pour la science-fiction.... Les robots humanoïdes apprennent à se promener sur la plage
Pour son magazine de nouvelles technologies n°1 en France "Planète Robots", les Editions d'Acamar recrutent un(e) chef de publicité. Rattaché(e) au service commercial, vous aurez en charge :- Vent... Lire la suite... Les robots Wu et Kong sont les derniers ajouts à un panthéon de robots athlètes. Certes, le Ping-Pong n'est pas le sport le plus impressionnant qu'un humain peut montrer mais il est le résultat de... Le Neato XV-15 de Neato Robotics est un robot aspirateur redoutablement efficace.Certes il est bruyant et a un peu de mal avec les bords des pièces mais sa puissance d'aspiration et son intelligence ... toute l'actualité de la robotique
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Domotica.Net MURPROTEC, el mayor grupo europeo dedicado a tratamientos contra la humedad, está colaborando con el Colegio de Aparejadores, Arquitectos Técnicos e Ingenieros de Edificación de Barcelona (CAATEEB), en un programa de actualización profesional en materia de diagnosis de humedades estructurales y tratamientos avanzados. Bajo el titulo “Humedades estructurales, diagnósticos y soluciones”, las jornadas de actualización organizadas [...]
Microbial fuel cell A microbial fuel cell (MFC) or biological fuel cell is a bio-electrochemical system that drives a current by using bacteria and mimicking bacterial interactions found in nature. MFCs can be grouped into two general categories, those that use a mediator and those that are mediator-less. The first MFCs, demonstrated in the early 20th century, used a mediator: a chemical that transfers electrons from the bacteria in the cell to the anode. Mediator-less MFCs are a more recent development dating to the 1970s; in this type of MFC the bacteria typically have electrochemically active redox proteins such as cytochromes on their outer membrane that can transfer electrons directly to the anode.[1] Since the turn of the 21st century MFCs have started to find a commercial use in the treatment of wastewater.[2] History[edit]
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