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Libraries - The Open Source Discovery Service. GetaLink - Send Large Files Online to Anyone. ShellCheck – Online shell script analyzer. MobaXterm free Xserver and SSH client - Download. Download - mRemoteNG. Octotree. Vdirsyncer - Synchroniser des serveurs CardDAV et CalDAV. IE User Agent Strings. Harelba/q. Introducing Gargl: Create an API for any website, in any programming language, without writing a line of code.

Warning:Integrating into a website / service without permission is a legally grey area.

Introducing Gargl: Create an API for any website, in any programming language, without writing a line of code

If a site does not have a documented API, its owners may be unhappy with you reverse-engineering their unofficial API and using it as part of an application, service, or other purpose. Legal cases have previously been fought and both won and lost by developers “misusing” an unofficial API for their own purposes. Use caution and seek legal counsel before integrating another party’s unofficial API into any product, service, or tool you plan to expose to yourself or others.

Things to worry about include Copyright Infringement, Trespass to Chattels, and The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. See Web Scraping – Legal Issues for more details. What is Gargl? Ever been unhappy to find that a website has no API, or makes you pay to use their API, even though the information you want access to is easily accessible manually use their website? Using Fiddler to sniff But why should it be this way? GoAccess - Visual Web Log Analyzer. Google Analytics Academy : des cours pour les amateurs de statistiques. Vendredi 4 octobre Web - 4 octobre 2013 :: 10:00 :: Par Fredzone Envie d’apprendre à maitriser Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics Academy : des cours pour les amateurs de statistiques

C’est désormais possible avec Analytics Academy ! Lancer un site, c’est bien, suivre sa fréquentation, c’est mieux. En la matière, ce ne sont pas les solutions qui manquent mais Google Analytics est sans aucun doute la plus répandue de toutes. S’il fallait la décrire en quelques mots, on pourrait dire que cette plateforme fonctionne un peu comme une gigantesque classe virtuelle.

Très concrètement, les cours dispensés par Analytics Academy se découperont en plusieurs unités, constituées à chaque fois de plusieurs leçons. Inutile de préciser que la difficulté des cours sera progressive. Google a toujours versé dans le collaboratif et Analytics Academy ne déroge pas à la règle. Notez pour finir que Analytics Academy ouvrira officiellement ses portes le 8 octobre prochain, et c’est donc à partir de cette date que nous pourrons accéder à son contenu, et à ses unités.

UnityPDF - The ultimate free PDF software. Linux - Convert UTF8 to UTF16 using iconv. Converting files to UTF-8. Some files, like Moodle import and export files and custom language packs or language files from third party modules need to be converted or treated as UTF-8 before they may be used with Moodle 1.6 and later.

Converting files to UTF-8

*nix like computers (including Mac OS X) Generally, this may be done with the iconv command on Unix, Linux or a Mac. iconv -f original_charset -t utf-8 originalfile > newfile see also the windows explanation - the script there is one for *nix computers, but used in a cygwin environment Windows computers For Windows, there are four methods of performing the conversion. Method 1 Open the flat file in PSPad (a freeware editor) : (some other editors people use: TextPad or NotePad++ or Crimson Editor, but there are many others. Method 2 Download the Windows version of the iconv program. Method 3 The conversion may also be done by using Cygwin, a Linux-like environment for Windows, and excecuting the iconv command in that environment.

Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc. Breeezy Photoshop Extension. Web Designer. Colourcode - find your colour scheme. Infinit - The easiest way to send files.

HashTag - Password Hash Type Identification (Identify Hashes) is a Python script written to parse and identify the password hash type used.

HashTag - Password Hash Type Identification (Identify Hashes)

HashTag supports the identification of over 250 hash types along with matching them to over 110 hashcat modes (use the command line switch -hc to output the hashcat modes). It is also able to identify a single hash, parse a single file and identify the hashes within it, or traverse a root directory and all subdirectories for potential hash files and identify any hashes found. One of the biggest aspects of this tool is the identification of password hashes. The main attributes used to distinguish between hash types are character set (hexadecimal, alphanumeric, etc.), hash length, hash format (e.g. 32 character hash followed by a colon and a salt), and any specific substrings (e.g. ‘$1$’). A lot of password hash strings can’t be identified as one specific hash type based on these attributes.

It has three main arguments: Usage: Discover Everything through Code. Glogg — glogg - the fast, smart log explorer. Prerender - AngularJS SEO, BackboneJS SEO, or EmberJS SEO. Picksum Ipsum - Movie Lorem Ipsum Text Generator Alternative. Real-time HTML Editor. JSONMate - JSON editor, inspector and beautifier. Image Editor. Create a new Fiddle - jsFiddle. Free Online Tools For Developers - Code Snippets - Snipplr Social Snippet Repository.