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Teyana Taylor and Seyi Shay give Africa some love - AFRK LIFE. The very best of the rising Afrobeats Stars straight from Africa. Due to the immense popularity and wide acceptance, Afrobeats is a genre that has come to stay.

The very best of the rising Afrobeats Stars straight from Africa

Originating from West Africa and coined by the great Fela Kuti, It is safe to say that the past few years have been very remarkable in this industry and the rise of new talent is hard to miss plus their undeniable journey to global recognition which is currently dominated by leading Afrobeats artists such as Burna Boy, Wizkid, Sauti Sol, Patoranking amongst others. Although the OG’s have been thriving and leaving their mark in their art, what about the new voices that are getting out attention recently?

These artists have their special uniqueness they bring to the table and have come to garner quite a large fanbase on social media and all over the globe. Let’s look at the top 10 rising Afrobeats Stars out here; Top 10 Rising Afrobeats Stars 1. Peruzzi makes the list of one of the fast-rising Afrobeats artists and his hit song in the year 2019 titled “Majesty” solidifies that. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. The Gift Album and What it means to Beyonce as she releases new album. It is safe to say that no American artist brings about an amazing blend of culture, history, and art as well as Beyoncé.

The Gift Album and What it means to Beyonce as she releases new album

She didn’t disappoint either as fans and even non-fans were greatly impressed by her “The Gift” album. The Album came out and to top things up, she played a lead role in the live-action remake of one of Disney’s most popular animation to date. That is none other than The Lion King. Beyoncé was also allowed to produce the album for this live-action remake which features a lot of African artists.

She has two music video releases from the album so far which are “spirit” and “Bigger”. One very interesting thing about these music videos is the display of colors and the tribute it has to Africa as a continent. Inclusion of stars from Africa in the gift album One of the reasons why this album is great is because of the artists involved. Home décor and evironmentally friendly products- Ranking the top 5. Handmade bead jewelry for your wardrobe - AFRK LIFE.

Accessorizing with handmade bead jewelry is a great way to express yourself through jewelry.

Handmade bead jewelry for your wardrobe - AFRK LIFE

Handmade bead jewelry comes in so many colors, stones, shapes, and configurations that it is easy to find something that speaks to your spirit. Simply mix and match your favorite pieces to create a style that’s all your own. Elite Secrets Bridal - AFRK LIFE. Apparel-for-the-self-aware-know-your-worth. Even apparel these days, reflects the prevailing norms of our times.


They focus on selling you a feeling of accomplishment to go with your deflated sense of self. Even if you’re not rich and famous, you can wear the brands that celebrities wear. These celebrities are successful because they are more productive than you. They do bigger and better things and therefore make more money. They play in the NBA, are in major Hollywood movies, and are signed to major record labels. Well, here’s a newsflash: you’re worth more than your contribution to G.D.P.! Western thought values YOU, based on your contribution to society, by how many widgets you manufacture. While western thought focuses on individual economic value, eastern thought values YOU based on your social contributions the collective good: family, village, community, country.

“You’re just a widget maker, a ‘Widgeter’. Why all of this focus on DOING? AFRK LIFE Apparel sells clothing that embodies that message. Related. 5 Reasons You Need a Handmade Leather Tote Bag - AFRK LIFE. If you don’t have a handmade leather tote, then your handbag game is incomplete.

5 Reasons You Need a Handmade Leather Tote Bag - AFRK LIFE

If you love handbags then chances are you already have many different kinds in your closet – the more the merrier! However, if you get more than a little tired of switching from handbag to handbag, what you need is a good crossover handbag. One that is comfortable and classy. The right crossover handbag will have the following characteristics: 5 Reasons You Need a Handmade Leather Tote Bag - AFRK LIFE. Gift Giving Just Got Easier - AFRK LIFE Super Gifts. Tis the Gift Giving season again where you get to go on a break, take some time to go on holiday, visit family and in general enjoy some time off from the rather busy year you have had.

Gift Giving Just Got Easier - AFRK LIFE Super Gifts

The Christmas season that is filled with joy and laughter all day long. What is a Christmas holiday without gift giving? What Exactly is Maida or Refined Wheat/White Flour? - Mariya'z Kitchen. Daily News Update for 24 March 2020 10Tips. 10 Recipes to cook during Lockdown Easy To Cook Recipe. 10 Recipes to cook during Lockdown Easy To Cook Recipe. Top 5 Things to Do At Home While Social Distancing - Dibbendu Sarkar - Medium. Shut down all the negative news that is spreading rumours all across the world and try to find positivity.Find some time for yourself.

Top 5 Things to Do At Home While Social Distancing - Dibbendu Sarkar - Medium

Knock out some to-dos on your list A lot of us have probably said for years, ‘I’ll do that when I have time.’ Well, now you have time,” says Lombardo. “When we procrastinate on projects, that causes stress. Top 5 Things to Do At Home While Social Distancing (1) Top 10 Indore Activities To Do While Staying At Home. Best Tiffin Delivery Service In Kolkata .pdf. Office Lunch - Mariya'z Kitchen. Why You Should Remove Butter From Your Daily Diet. Daily News Update for 12 March 2020. Daily News Update for 12 March 2020.

10 Best Party Places In Kolkata I 10 Tips - The nightlife in Kolkata can be rightfully described as lively, welcoming and diverse.

10 Best Party Places In Kolkata I 10 Tips -

The city of joy hosts a thriving party scene. The city also offers art performances along with stunning bars, lounges, pubs and clubs. Many people have a misconception that the nightlife in Kolkata is not as happening as that of Delhi or Mumbai. Kolkata is just as hippy as any other metropolitan. Drinking and dancing make a perfect combination, when done sensibly and within limits. Daily News Update for 10 March 2020. Breaking News: Scindia has resigned from Congress after meeting Narendra Modi.

Daily News Update for 10 March 2020

National News Update for 10 March: Delhi Metro to start after 2:30 PM due to Holi celebrations all round. Several Holi parties got canceled around the country to avoid huge public gatherings | Corona Virus Effect The total number of coronavirus cases in India raised to 44, New cases from Punjab and J&K. 10 Tips - Reduce Acne and Pimples. Acne is a chronic skin condition which causes inflammation, spots, and pimples.

10 Tips - Reduce Acne and Pimples

Acne breakouts are one of the reasons why most people cancel their plans. No matter how hard you try to prevent acne from appearing, they keep showing up like unwanted guests. About 90% of the people in India are affected by acne. One of the triggers of pimples is hormones. Hormones are the reason why it is common among teenagers due to puberty. Holi celebration in Kolkata. Daily News Update for 6 March 2020. National News Update for 6 March: Delhi wakes up to heavy shower, thunderstorms to continue till Saturday. The Tamil Nadu Police has arrested two men from Sivakasi who are allegedly AIADMK workers in connection with the attack on Kumudam reporter M Karthi. Ram Mandir trust opens a new bank account, an old account to be merged with it. Daily News Update for 5 March 2020. National News Update for 5 March: Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Thursday said there is no need to panic as coronavirus cases in India, On the other hand the number reaches to 29.

No coronavirus case in Sikkim found yet, 4.06 lakh passengers screened till now. A fire broke out at a godown in Mumbai’s Jogeshwari area on Thursday morning. International News Update for 5 March: Australia has reported its second death from Covid-19 and banned the arrival of foreigners from South Korea. The Korea Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention also said three more deaths from the virus were reported, bringing the total to 35. 10 Things You Must know - Daily News Update for 4 March 2020. National News Update for 4 March: Congress MLAs in Haryana raised concerns over the use of China-made tablets in the assembly. 10 Richest Player in the World. Have you ever wondered how much your favourite athlete earns?

Even though Indian cricketers earn the most, things are different at the world stage. None of those cricketers makes it to the list of the top 10 richest player. Top Must Have Accessories For Women .pdf. Daily News Update for 2 March 2020. National News Update for 2 March: Woman IAS officer from Jharkhand was praised for giving birth in govt hospital.

Historic chowk in Jammu “City Chowk” was renamed as ‘Bharat Mata Chowk’, Gets mixed reactions from the public. Leap year and its Significance in our Life. Top ten rich actors in the world. How To Travel Nepal In Only 3 days. Foreign Packs - Mariya'z Kitchen. 10 delicious and Instant Grubs of India. Home - Mariya'z Kitchen. Ten Most Expensive Sneakers in the Indian Market. 10 Mouth Watering Dishes from North India 10Tips. 10 Distinct Painting Styles in India. “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary”- Pablo Picasso. The Spanish painter very rightly described “painting” in these words. Painting is one of the oldest forms of art in history. The different types of paintings in India are integral to the culture of the various regions. Let’s browse through the 10 distinct painting styles in India.

Kalamkari – From temple scrolls to sarees One of the figurative art painting styles that emerged from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is Kalamkari. Menu - Mariya'z Kitchen. Blogs - Mariya'z Kitchen. 10 Tips For Parents To Reduce Teenage Suicide Rates. 10 Famous Facts about Kolkata. Nepal Things To Know. 10 Hair Tips You Should Know. INVESTMENT OPTIONS IN ONTARIO. Affordable Property In Canada 3305 Concession 8 Rd, Clarington. 10 Best Ways to Reduce Anger 10 Tips. 5 Best Places To Visit In India 10 Tips. HOP ON HOP OFF MADRID. HOP ON HOP OFF VIENNA. Affordable Property In Canada 124 Riverwood Terr, Caledon. Beautiful Property In Canada 2452 Steeplechase St, Oshawa. Beautiful Property In Canada 2452 Steeplechase St, Oshawa. HOP ON HOP OFF BERLIN. 5 Best Places To Visit In Kolkata. Private 82ft Yacht Cruise for up to 35 people. Yacht cruise on private 82ft yacht for up to 35 people. Are you planning a party in the floating space of Arabian Sea with a view of the Dubai Skyline?

Well! You are in the right place. Luxury Yachts Rental’s 82 ft yacht offers you an all-in-one solution for your party. No matter how large your event, this 82 Ft Luxury Yacht has everything that the crowd could want in an eye-catching, deluxe yacht. With a length of the 82-feet area, Cabin, 4 bedrooms, Speakers, and Television. THAMES RIVER CRUISE LUNCH, DINNER. 10 Easy Ways To Get Healthy Hairs. Real Estate Investing in Durham Region. 5 Interesting Facts about the Monsoon in India. Few Things You Need To Know About. Few Things You Need To Know About. Best Sydney Hop on Hop off Bus tours. Find Great Brunch Deals in Dubai. BEST OF FLORENCE WALKING TOUR You Must Visit. PlanOut Dubai.